Saturday, November 13, 2010

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I knew the name Marcus Dupree, but I didn’t know the story Marcus Dupree until the latest edition of 30 for 30 aired and what a story it was and is still is for the big man from Philadephia, Mississippi. The best part about a lot of the 30 for 30s is all the old footage they show. Watching Marcus run the ball back in high school it did “look like Jim Brown playing with high schoolers.” My favorite quote might be when one of his friends simply said, “He was it.” I thought the recruiting was going to be more of the story, but then I wasn’t aware until it started it was going to be two hours long. And there was certainly plenty to delve into in those two hours. Philadelphia, Mississippi obviously has a sordid history with the civil rights workers murders and the way at the time deputy Cecil Price ended up being involved at different points in Marcus Dupree’s story was surreal.

The recruiting aspect was great because the coaches couldn’t help but smile because talking about it seemed to conjure up old feelings of excitement about the possibility of landing the next college football legend. Hearing Fred Akers answering a question about if he remembered Uncle Curlee, “There’s always an uncle isn’t there? Gotta watch out for the uncles.” Turned out everyone needed to watch out for the Reverend Ken Fairley. Credit to Barry Switzer for admitting to some mistakes in his handling of Marcus and credit to Marcus talking about his regrets about the way things ended at OU. The only interview subject who showed no remorse or acted like he had never done anything wrong was Ken Fairley. The smug sonuvabitch who was the agent for Marcus when he wanted to be, but moreso than agent or “friend” proved to be just a manipulating leech. Dupree’s comeback was inspirational and it set the viewer at ease to see Dupree at ease with himself after his all-too brief time in the NFL. And I'm guessing he's the only player to ever get cut after rushing for 200 yards in the preceding preseason game.

Marcus Dupree – the myth, the legend, the man.

My personal top five 30 for 30s….
1. Two Escobars
2. The Best That Never Was – Marcus Dupree
3. The U
4. Once Brothers
5. Run Ricky Run
Numbers 3 and 5 are part of the first volume of the DVDs set for release on December 7th.

--From Dee wanting to take the kids she’s subbing for to Broadway to Charlie the professorial janitor to a juggalo to Danny Murtaugh in whiteface to Mac in blackface in Lethal Weapon 5 there was not one second of Sunny this week that didn’t crush the ball out of the park. Now let’s all share this delicious orange.

--A new Jane’s Addiction album?! I'm in.

--There are things known and unknown and in between are posthumous pardons? Jim Morrison needs a posthumous pardon from the indecent exposure charge over 40 years ago because????

--Maybe it’s because I think he was awful in the Star Wars movies, but I’m not a big Hayden Christensen guy and why Rachel Bilson would go back to him is beyond me.

--Two captains choosing the NHL All-Star teams regardless of conference affiliation seems like a pretty cool idea.

--Probably not a good sign for a new show if it gets pulled because of November sweeps. Fox has pulled a couple of Running Wilde episodes because of its crap ratings. I gave it a shot, but didn’t make it to the third episode.

--LeBron picked up his 29th career triple-double in that crazy Heat loss to the Jazz last Tuesday. Among active players that’s tied for the second most triple-doubles. Who is he tied with and who is first? First is easy to get. That would be one Jason Kidd. I couldn’t guess who he was tied with and that would be Grant Hill. John Wall now just 28 behind. Really Rockets, the f’n Wizards?!
By the way, the only players to record triple-doubles younger than the 20 years + 2 months John Wall are LeBron and Lamar Odom.

--McNulty/Dominic West as the Don Draper in a British Mad Men concept?!

--Courtney Ford who was an odd yet nude character on Dexter last season is going to True Blood next season.

Yeah, she's with Superman or the former Superman.

--Houston Press reviewed the best of the best in jalapeno chips and not surprisingly Bob’s Texas Style was named the best. No doubt.
Slashfood ran through the sour cream and onion potato chips. Hard to argue with #1. I love Pop Chips, but their sour cream and onion is my least favorite flavor.
Slashfood also rated salt and vinegar chips, but not a fan of Lay’s in that category, but am a fan of just about every other salt and vinegar chip. Hard to go wrong with that flavor profile.

--If you were wondering, like I was, we’re down to the final four episodes in the first season of Boardwalk Empire.

--Malcolm-Jamal Warner to Community?!

--There’s going to be a The White Stripes Merchandise Collection that includes a record player, the band’s albums on vinyl and more?! That’s cool, but $500 uhhh, I’m out. But I’m definitely in for a new White Stripes album.

--A real case of too much government in our lives. The mayor in Oklahoma City isn’t going to approve the expansion team the Lingerie Football League wants to put in OKC. All the ladies do is wanna play football in skimpy outfits and they’re being denied those basic rights. For shame. For shame.

--Damn you Joe Morgan for taking Jon Miller out with you.

--AMC finally made it official, Rubicon will not be renewed for a second season. Damn. It was a damn fine piece of television that was worthy of AMC, finale misfire notwithstanding. Rubicon created two very memorable characters in Truxton Spangler and Kale Graham and I wanted to see where their relationship was going next. And hell where Truxton was going next after getting the four-leaf clover.

Will and his team had their moments and maybe if Will had sung just one song ("Bust A Move"?) then it would fooled people into watching fake Mr. Schu and had higher ratings. Another entry into the list of best TV shows never to see a season two.

--Gotta love the way this NY Post article employs the word “hipster” and who doesn’t like knowing the brand names of heroin:
Undercover cops dressed as hipsters made 20 drug buys, purchasing $10 envelopes of heroin stamped with brand names such as “Fed Ex,” “KFC,” “Powerful Impact,” “Magik,” and “Crossbones,” the sources said.
Loved trying to catch all the names being called out by the corner boys on The Wire.

--All it takes is one 15-year-old passed out in a port-a-potty to ruin it for everybody. Kid is fine except no one knows how long he was passed out and inhaling those toxic port-a-pottty odors. The “everybody” in this case is the students who attended “Tailgate” at Duke which was created to be a safer alternative to free-for-all tailgating. Whoops.

Questions, comments or if you wish that for just one day Today would replace Hoda and Kathie Lee with Troy and Abed in the Morning…


  1. Danny,

    It is 6:00 O'clock Houston time 11/13/2010 and i wasnt planning on ordering this Boxing card for $65.95 but i just clicked on order now, due to the hype of HBO 24/7 Please dear lord let me get my moneys worth!Quick note on the Texans, They are swinging their sword low like this.. They need to swing it high like this... Swing high secondary and Defense swing hi!

  2. 24/7 works almost every time.

    Swing it high indeed.

  3. Yo-

    Okay...quick observations...Boardwalk Empire...while I get that they are just depicting the times in the 1920's...but does every scene have someone lighting up a cigarette?? Seriously...they cant talk, eat, drink, have sex without lighting up...what the hell.
    Walking Dead...great episode...but they have some explaining to do in the last scene. Let's see how they clean that up because something is suspect about that whole handcuff thing.
    I'm thinkin if the guy whipping your ass in the ring is asking for the ref to stop the fight it has to be for a good reason....uhh note to Margarito's camp/corner...when your man can't see outta one of his might want to consider throwing in the towel...Mexican pride or not...I think he might want to see his kids outta that eye again one day....shame on his corner....

  4. Haven't seen Boardwalk or Dead this week because Uverse has been jacked for me.
    Margarito is surrounded by idiots who put the rest of his "career" in jeopardy

  5. Barry (bcstagg)12:16 PM

    Recent Boardwalk and Walking Dead are both solid. Plus my buddy Andy gets some good screen time Walking Dead. He's the guy in the blue jump suit at camp who works on the cars. His billed name is Andrew Rothenberg. Great guy. As for the passed out guy in the portapotty, he was probably just trying to get high on jankum and couldn't take the high. Crazy kids and their crazy jankum.

  6. Can't wait to catch up on Dead. Hopefully Andrew stays on Team Alive for awhile unless zombie death has always been a dream for him.
    A Dukie trying jankum does make sense.


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