Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I got money, I got juice. I got to the party and I got loose.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Hail Mary loss? Check. I’m not sure how many more different ways the Texans can lose, but I have a feeling we’ll find out. Last play be damned this team has proven itself to be just a mediocre or average group from the front office to the coaching staff to the players. You are what you are. 4-5 with a win against the Colts that I keep expecting the league to rescind because surely that Houston victory couldn’t have really happened.
And bonus! When you take your kids to the Hall of Fame you can now see the jersey Mike Thomas wore when he made the catch and hopped into the end zone. Yay! It’ll live on forever!

--Sadly Freaks and Geeks reached its end on IFC, but at least IFC is now giving us Undeclared episodes every week. Out-standing. Like Freaks familiar faces are everywhere including some of the Freaks and Geeks crew like Jason Segel who basically plays the same character. I can’t believe Charlie Hunnam, Jax from Sons of Anarchy, is the English kid Lloyd in this. Jenna Fischer popped up in the first episode for a brief “I’m a senior. You’re a freshman.” moment.

--Bill Clinton and Paul Giammati in Hangover 2. Am I wrong in thinking this whole Hangover 2 is a bad idea?

--Love reading “Elias Says” on Mondays. Two items stuck out to me. Kyle Orton had three 1st quarter TD passes. The last four players to do that were guys by the names of Billy Volek, A.J. Feeley, J.P. Losman, and none other than Brady Quinn. Weird that there’s not like, you know, a good QB in that group. Weirder is that all four of those guys were on the losing end despite those 1st quarters.
Troy Smith went for 356 passing yards and a TD with zero interceptions on Sunday. Only three other Heisman winners in NFL history have had 350+ yards passing to go with zero picks. Carson Palmer, Vinny Testaverde and Doug Flutie.

--The Situation and Bristol Palin. Need I say more?

--Colin Cowherd is an idiot that makes it impossible to try and enjoy Michelle Beadle on that SportsNation show. So it makes perfect sense there should be a television show based on his life. The only surprise is it’s CBS and not NBC.

--After The Office on January 20th we finally get Parks and Recreation back! Cannot wait. Apparently NBC is looking at a block of six comedies for Thursdays, that is if we’re still including Outsourced as a “comedy.” 30 Rock is moving to 9. Loved John Slattery/Roger Sterling’s parts last week.

--Boardwalk Empire continues to raise the stakes. We finally got Jimmy back in Atlantic City and it looks like just in time considering the ending. Now Nucky finally knows sh** has hit the fan and the game has permanently changed. I was kind of hoping at that point that Richard Harrow was up in the ferris wheel and was going to drop the would-be assassin. Maybe next episode.
No way Van Alden doesn’t suspect Sepso as being dirty, right? Either way I have a feeling when he finds out Billy is dead it’s going to be a 40-last night for Van Alden.
This episode was so good I almost didn’t miss seeing Paz de la Huerta or Gretchen Mol nekkid.

--For any quarterback to go four straight games without throwing an interception is good. For a rookie quarterback like Sam Bradford to do that is great. Tough loss for the Rams against the 49ers considering the Niners committed 15 penalties and didn’t convert a single third down. Someone needs to take the NFC West out back and shoot it.

--Father of the Year candidate comes to us from western Pennsylvania. In the wee hours the other morning the Father of Year candidate’s wife gave birth. So the man did what a lot of fathers have done. He went into the area designated for smokers and lit up. What most fathers don’t do is light up a joint like our friend here did. Yeah, police had a problem with that and didn’t buy the guy’s explanation, “I’m having a baby and wanted to get a buzz.” Good luck kid.

--Your Highness had me at Natalie Portman in a thong so Danny McBride and James Franco is just overkill. I haven't watched the trailer because, well I don't know if you saw NATALIE PORTMAN IN A THONG!

--I’m behind a Walking Dead because my U-verse hates me. But everyone will have plenty of time to catch up before next season. That’s not expected to air until next October. Pretty much a year-long wait between seasons just like Breaking Bad.

--Scarlett Johansson is your GQ Babe of the Year.

--Coming down the home stretch for the lads and lasses on Sons of Anarchy. This week we put Belfast in the rearview or at least almost. I’m all for crazy Gemma, but really a gun to a baby’s head AND a nun’s? As for Jax, I guess maybe I can see him having to wrestle with the decision to let Abel live with his new mommy and daddy, but man did they pour the syrupy goodness on those parents. If they weren’t smiling, they were kissing. If they weren’t kissing, they were laughing. If they weren’t laughing, they were doting. If they weren’t doting, they were giving homeless people money? I get it already. The whole Belfast angle didn’t do much for me except make me appreciate Titus Welliver/Jimmy as an actor. I still don’t know what Father Ashby’s motivations were the entire time since they seemed to change with the wind. I wonder if those letters Maureen left will set up some season four goodness?
Back in Charming we had our usual stupid Tara moment. I mean Tara, you just sliced Salazar’s girl’s throat, you have a gun, Salazar has his back to you, and you don’t shoot?!
Crazy, if not frustrating episode that has been typical of this season.

--If you want to see the TwilTeen Wolf trailer, here ya go. But you have been warned. I didn’t see anyone named Stylez so obviously this will suck beyond my sucky expectations.

--Next season of Weeds will be its last? It got progressively worse after the first couple of fantastic seasons with the only rebounding this season coming from Andy or Doug.

--The most impressive things the Clippers might do all season is continue to do what they did the other night. Put together a starting five of players that all still have college eligibility. The five: Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon, Deandre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu. ‘Twas the youngest starting lineup in NBA history. Yeah, I thought they’d be okay this season. Uhhh, 1-10. I know my stuff.

--Apparently David Lee is engaged to Sabina Gadecki from the World Poker Tour. I don’t think I’ve watched since the days of Shana Hiatt.

--Interesting chart of the average age of NBA teams compared to the average age of the players weighted with minutes played. The Rockets sit right in the middle of both with an average age of 26.78 years that goes up slightly to 27.25 when weighted with minutes played. The youngest team in the league despite what I wrote earlier about the Clippers is still the Thunder. Gotta love the Thunder.

--Most positive sports news for Houston lately…Brett Myers got a 4th place vote for Cy Young and finished 10th overall in the National League. I mean did anyone think going into the season that he was going to finish tied with Tim Lincecum in Cy Young voting? Not to mention his run of 32 straight games going at least 6 innings. I wasn’t a fan of the signing, but you can’t argue those results.

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  1. Lyoto got screwed.... signed Rua..

  2. Yeah he did and yeah bad decision paybacks are a bitch.

  3. Paz De La Huerta had an awesome sex scene this week, i nearly started to play with my pecker..


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