Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I shot homeboy but the bullet was a dud. So I reached in the Miller cooler - grabbed a cool Bud.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Remember when Arian Foster burst onto the scene with 231 rushing yards against the Colts in Week 1? Yeah, that was fun. It’s a shame we only play the Colts once a year. What’s that you say?
On the plus side Houston is the first team since the ’89 Cowboys to allow at least 24 points in each of its first 7 games of the season.

--You may have heard the story before, but E:60 visited Andre Johnson and if you thought you couldn’t like Andre more, you were wrong.

--It’s rare when the anticipation lives up to the hype, but The Walking Dead lived up to the hype in a big way. Everything about that premiere was strong, from the pacing to the characters to the zombie world and its inhabitants/survivors. It didn’t give us 90 minutes of zombie chases and kills, but took its time to convey this brave, new zombie world. And if you’re in it for the gore I believe that’s on the docket for this week’s episode. I have a feeling these six episodes are going to fly by.

Lennie James was great in The Prisoner so I was happy to see him in this and hope he maintains a presence on the show. Those scenes between himself, his son and zombie mom were crushing.
In case you missed it the first time around AMC replays it Friday and Saturday nights. 5.3 million people didn’t miss it and that’s more eyeballs than AMC has ever attracted despite its run of fantastical original television.

--The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear had a helluva lot more people show up than I expected would. Jon Stewart’s speech at the end was money.
Stewart on the news media – “If we amplify everything, we hear nothing. The press is our immune system. If it overreacts to everything, we eventually get sicker.”
The signs in the crowd surpassed College Gameday’s usual. Funny or Die with the best it saw.
“Make awkward sexual advances, not war!”
“I masturbate to Christine O’Donnell.”
“I hope this isn’t a trap.”
“Communism was a red herring.”
And it’s nice to know Father Guido Sarducci is still alive. has it all up for your viewing pleasure.

--Parker Posey to Parks and Rec?! Nice.

Where's busy bee?

--So Richard Harrow is the name of the man who will be in my nightmares? Thanks Boardwalk Empire. That was a helluva scene with Jimmy setting up the sniper shot from Mr. Harrow. If Jimmy is going to see the second season he’s going to need some help from the half-masked boogeyman.

Another familiar name in Meyer Lansky now in the fold with the NYC and Philly crew should pick up the action on the Boardwalk. And c’mon Nucky, Chalky tells you he got that offer and you don’t investigate a little further? No half-gangstering, remember?
The show is so expansive already that I’m not sure a drawn out lesbian scene with Jimmy’s wife is the best use of its screen time. Bad scene, although I’m sure something will come of it when Jimmy goes back to Atlantic City.

Van Alden and Richard Harrow 1 and 1A on creepy scale.

--Love me some Robert Evans. They don’t get any cooler. New York Times visits with one of the coolest men on earth who has the coolest voice…

I really need to watch The Kid Stays in the Picture again.

--Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus’ mom?! Yeah, sounds about right.

--Maybe it was my level of intoxication, but Saturday Night Live made me laugh with the Back to the Future auditions…

--Phillip Rivers has thrown for more yards than any other QB through 8 games of the regular season. No Vincent Jackson. No problem. Lose starters Malcom Floyd and Legedu Naanee for two weeks. No problem. 2,649 yards. Sick. Not looking forward to Rivers at Reliant.

--At least SAMCRO in Charming figured out Salazar and Hale’s game without anything stupid happening. Anything stupid like, oh, I don’t know, the hospital administrator having ink all over her back when Salazar kidnapped Tara. At least they’re combining characters I don’t care for into one arc.
Things got fun in Belfast and we haven’t had any incestuous moments yet so that’s nice. Best part of these Belfast episodes has been the music.
Titus Welliver is probably my favorite actor on current television now that Arliss Howard and Rubicon are finished up. Still no definitive word on if Rubicon is going to get a second season.

--Timothy Dalton on Chuck was outstanding.

--In “I Remember You” news…
Matt Jones is retiring from football…and doing coke in a parking lot?
Former Ray Elijah Dukes was arrested with his “E.D.” monogrammed hand cuffs that all Tampa police are required to carry. Seems Mr. Dukes has a problem paying child support to a couple of ladies.

--Ready for Pacquiao/Margarito?

How about now?

--Wait, Mike freakin’ Conley got a 5-year, $40 million dollar extension?! What am I missing?

--Homeless people fighting doesn’t do anything for me. However, homeless people robbing banks? Yeah, I think I could watch that all day. Apparently that’s what happened in Capitola, California. The guy was described as, “unshaven, had yellow teeth and appeared to have bad hygiene.” So the unarmed guy demanded $20s and $100s from the bank teller before jumping on the counter and getting them himself. No word on how much he got, but it was enough to offer $1000 to multiple people to give him a ride. Maybe someone eventually did because the police couldn’t find him. Though the homeless guy did leave some clues behind at the bank – a Pacific Wave hat and a cell phone charger. Yep, he left behind a cell phone charger. Awesome.

--John Wall was a steal away from a triple-double in his home debut. He might be good. He's also only second player ever to have at least nine assists in his first three games in the NBA. The other person tried to smuggle marijuana through the airport. Yeah, maybe that didn't narrow it down enough. It was Damon Stoudamire back in '95 with Toronto.

--Because of such high demand Kim Kardashian is finally giving in and recording an album.

--Bethanny Frankel? Sean Young? Jonny Moseley? You’re shaping up nicely Skating with (ahem) Celebrities. I will grant you Rebecca Budig though because I’ve always been on Team Greenlee.

--Wondering what Tracy McGrady has(n’t) done in Detroit thus far. Well the good news is he’s made a bucket. A single bucket in 45 minutes on the floor in four games. He’s taken seven shots total. Sad.

--The more things change….the Clippers are winless and have the worst +/- at -13.3.

--Before Wednesday’s games Luis Scola is 3rd in the league in both scoring (27.3) and rebounding (14.0).

--Helped by that ridiculous triple-double in which he had 24 assists last Friday Rajon Rondo is averaging 16.8 assists through four games. That’s more than four teams average a game including Orlando and Oklahoma City. His 67 assists are more than any other player has ever had through a season's first four games.

Questions, comments or if you're in favor of a fall-back hour every weekend...


  1. Saw a tweet from AV Club that IFC was also showing Walking Dead.

    They can add all the new cast members to Parks and Rec they want but until NBC pulls their heads out an gets it back on the air it won't matter.

  2. True on NBC but to its credit it did give Community an order for 2 more episodes...which means it will likely cancel Parks and Rec for an Outsourced spin-off

  3. The Walking Dead was the sh@t!!! Did a great job in adapting the comic and showing the bleakness of it all. Don;t expect anything like the Dead movies, the story is more on the surviving and what people will do to insure it.
    I keep reading your updates in SoA and I am glad that I quit. First the useless tangent with the Dad and the nurse and now the hospital boss has ink? They are like the last seasons of Oz when they are throwing stuff against the wall.
    SNL always does a great job of the casting vids. Star Wars with Burt Reynolds is classic.

  4. I'm interested in seeing what the ratings are for the next few episodes compared to the premiere.
    I still like Sons, but this season hasn't compared to last.
    Anything Burt Reynolds-related kills.

  5. Yo-

    I still think Sons is good. The Supervisor having ink was an odd twist...but it explains her concerns over Tara a great deal. Obviously at some point she was involved with MC's..
    What I want to know is... how is someone not telling Jax he is getting ready to do somethings to his half sister???
    Boardwalk was good. The scene with Meyer Lansky
    and Chalky was classic. The creepy sniper guy was played so well. From the when he was trying to have a shot with Jimmy at the bar and needed a straw...very well done.
    Walking Dead was on point. I believe that there is genre of zombie fans that have longed for a weekly series and not just a 90 minute movie. Turning in to see who will survive and what sacrifices will be made is what will drive this show.
    Not sure if you have seen the previews for Lights Out...not sure what to make of it yet...
    FX is really trying to put on some quality television these days....Terriers, Archer, The League, Justified, SOA and Always Sunny are all having so good runs....

  6. Anonymous7:55 AM

    The Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear was great. It really showed just how ignorant and scary the fringe is on either side. Funny clip for you from the guys with Second City at the rally:

    Unfortunately I think Stewart's message was lost on the crowd amid a wash of partisan dooshery. This country is so f'd...........

  7. FX and AMC are pretty much batting 1.000. Boxing and FX, oh yeah, I'm in for Lights Out.
    Dead has created a world I can't wait to immerse myself in each week like Mad Men and the last few Boardwalks. Casting on Boardwalk has been perfect.

  8. Thanks for the clip. Hadn't seen it.


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