Friday, October 29, 2010

Because being bad news is what we're all about. We went to White Castle and we got thrown out.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Two games. Two losses. But this captured by @jose3030

--Team Frog vs. Team Ghost Monkey. The League wins Thursday…again. I pray that The League gets Pandora to come up with an Andre station or a Mrs. October one or just a station that “sounds like The Pet Shop Boys are raping Erasure.”
Andre – “What you guys don’t like Reggaeton?”
Taco - “You told me your favorite singer is Will Smith. So yes, it is your fault.”
If someone did to me what Pete did to Ruxin I would totally end up like Ruxin. Hearing ghost monkey sounds and asking, “Is that Pete? Is that Percy Harvin?”

--This. Is. Awesome. Roger Sterling, you magnificent sonuvabitch…

--Aw yeah, Boardwalk Empire worried me a little earlier this season, but no more. Everything is starting to come together even if we’re supposed to believe Margaret Schroeder is suddenly the hottest woman in Atlantic City worthy of self-flagellation from Van Alden in one particularly creepy scene from this television season’s king of creepy scenes. Between Van Alden and Ian McShane in Pillars of Earth I think I’ve seen enough bloody, scarred backs this year. I liked that Lucy told Margaret off even if Margaret got the best and last word.
Lysol, huh? It’s got a helluva lot of uses apparently.

The Boardwalk is finally starting to become as interesting to me as the Chicago and New York scenes though even if this week’s NY scene was just Arnold Rothstein checking in with Lucky. The Chicago hit was classic even if we could all see it coming a mile away. Stephen Graham as Capone and Michael Pitt as Jimmy are killing it.

--Basically my entire weekend is centered around Sunday at 9 when The Walking Dead premieres. I can never get enough zombies. My fiancée laughed when we were looking at a new place and the first thing I pointed out were places to hole up or escape when the zombie revolution begins. It’s good that she laughed and doesn’t think about those things. It’ll be easier to give her to the zombies to buy myself time this way.
Zombies was an easy Halloween for Community. Once Troy said, “Prepare to meet the power of my imagination” I thought everything was going to be fine…and then he got bit. Uhh, Annie/Alison Brie dressed as Little Red Riding Hood? Yes, please. Every show maybe. 2nd place for Best Costume went to Peggy Fleming Yamaguchi Chang – Racist Prover.

--The McPoyles are so freakin’ money every time on Sunny. “CALL HER!”
Though easily the best part was Mac giving us “brown out” that I will now use indiscriminately. Dee pregnant the rest of the season opens up a whole new Sunny world and I look forward to all of its glorious rays.

The A.V. Club talks with a feller by the name of Charlie Day about his tastes in music.

--"Pretty Hate Machine" is easily on my personal list of Top 10 Albums of All-Time so I’m definitely down for it being reissued next month. I’m pretty sure I’ll forget my name before I forget the words to “Down In It.”

--I cannot come up with one good reason why I continue to watch Weeds. It’s only 25 minutes is the best I can come up with. This is one incredibly aimless season.

--Blake Lively is single. Adjust your weekend accordingly.

--First CBS starts on something with Demetri Martin and now Martin Starr. Will I actually watch something on CBS?! I can’t remember the last CBS show I watched.

--UFC and WEC merging is a great thing. Maybe even better than the luchadore explosion in WCW in the mid-90s. Maybe.

--For those who watch, which doesn’t include me, No Ordinary Family had its full season picked up. Never thought I wouldn’t be able to find time for a Michael Chiklis/Julie Benz/Romany Malco show.

--Justin Timberlake and Olivia Munn while he’s still dating Jessica Biel. Your move Derek Jeter...

--If you have not heard SEC Guy calling into an Oregon station, well your life is incomplete. Love that The Big Lead picked this up.

--FX is trying for another extra-base hit with an original comedy called Wilfred. Apparently Wilfred appears as a normal dog to everyone but Elijah Wood’s character to whom he appears as a “alter ego/imaginary friend.” FX hasn’t dropped the ball in this department yet so we’ll see when it comes out next summer. Seeing Elijah’s name reminds me to check to see if Green Street Hooligans is on Watch Instantly.

--The boys finally made it to Belfast in case you couldn’t gather from all the kick ass Irish rock including a shamrock twist on the theme song. The 90 minutes gave us our fill of Belfast and a little Charming too. A little disappointed that Tig and Lem err…Kozik’s beef is about a woman. I’m a lot disappointed that Salazar is going to get the Sons and Mayans back at each other’s throats. Salazar should be dead, plain and simple. It is beyond anything we’ve learned about the Sons or the other MCs that the guy who gave the order for the kill doesn’t face any consequences beyond a demotion. That storyline is not going to stop bothering me.
Jax has had a lot of close calls, but none are going to be closer than when Gemma or Maureen steps in right before he starts making out with the sister he doesn’t know is his sister.
Is Darby going to possibly help the Sons down the road or was his good guy act with Lumpy the last we see of him?

--Caprica has been cancelled effective immediately which sounds about right and pisses me off since I invested hours waiting for the show to hit its stride which I think it might have started doing too little too late. Battlestar: Blood and Chrome is a much better basis for a BSG spin off though. Caprica had a variety of missteps from Esai Morales’ character to Paula Malcomsen’s to Polly Walker’s, but Eric Stoltz and Alessandra Torresani were great. So long Alessandra...

--If Kenny’s days in Mexico are done then that’s bueno by me.
Kenny to Steve: “Please don’t make me put a damn time limit on all this emotional discovery.”
Eastbound and Down/Bored to Death have been renewed. I need to carve out two hours to catch up on all the Bored to Deaths I’ve missed. The start of this season was very promising like the end of its first season was.

--As an Ahmad Bradshaw owner in every league I’m in I saw this Wall Street Journal story on Brandon Jacobs and was hoping it’d be about what a tool Jacobs is and how no one on the team likes him and if he’s not the starter he doesn’t want to play. No such luck, turns out Jacobs is good people. Damn, I mean, good. But geez do you have to go inviting Ahmad and his family over to carve pumpkins, Brandon? I’m trying to hate on you.

--Wait a minute, Oregon coach Chip Kelly showed his team a fight between Micky Ward and Arturo Gatti to get them ready for their trip to USC this weekend?! And then Micky Ward walked into the room?! Yes! Now I have a dog in this hunt. Go Ducks, I’ll temporarily forget the assault of Shasta.

--Jaemi Levine and David Thomas are running for a seat on the school board. After a debate they shook hands and now Ms. Levine is suing Thomas for shaking her hand too hard and injuring it. I bet you can’t guess which state this happened in? Wro…wait, you said Florida? Yeah, of course it’s Florida.

--Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register pointed this out and I hadn’t thought about. Kobe is entering his 15th season with the Lakers. Only five other players have ever spent more years with one team. The first two that come to your mind, I’m guessing, are John Stockton (19) and Karl Malone (18). You may have gotten Reggie Miller (18). Maybe because you remember so many other remarkable things about him you don’t think about Dream spending the third most seasons with one team, but he was here for 17. I would have been here for a while guessing the fifth guy – John Havlicek (16).

--If you’re keeping track Joey Dorsey is a Raptor.

--If you love the Rangers and you love Emergency Motions for Continuance then you’ll love this story. Even if you hate the above, it’s still pretty awesome.

--Does time travel exist? Yes. Yes it does.

--Laura Prepon joining Castle?!

Questions, comments or if your awesomely thoughtful fiancée gave you an early Christmas present of Louis CK tickets for his show here next month…


  1. I lasted 3 episodes of No Ordinary Family.

    Pretty weak show. Vic Mackey would have hated it.

  2. Sweet. In that I don't have to bother trying to watch. But if Walton Goggins ever guest stars I'm f'n in.


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