Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I got rhythms, I got rhymes. I got the girlies with the Def behinds.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Bernard Pollard may suck in coverage, but he’s excellent in quotes: "Games like this, it's what defenses want to be in. You want this on your back. You want your teammates to say, 'Go out there and bring this thing home.' But I wouldn't be surprised if our offense looked at us and said, 'Oh, Lord, our defense is on the field.'"

Oh Lord, I'd take the guys in red for this Sunday. It could not get any worse.

--How do you go from up 21 to losing by 18 and to Buffalo no less?! Looking at you Bengals.

--Usually the more zombies the better as far as I’m concerned, but that’s part of why The Walking Dead is so great. It didn’t have much in the way of zombie action for most of the episode this week, but the threat was there and the stories compelling and filled with tension. The trip to find Merle and meeting the Vatos was all hold your breath stuff until you saw the Vatos were just cuddly little teddy bears. So you finally exhale around a campfire and boom, one of the most memorable scenes of television this year. F’n crazy. This week’s episode was every bit as good as the pilot and I hope these final two first season episodes can come close to those levels.

--My only extremely minor complaint about Boardwalk Empire was we hadn’t gotten enough Chalky White. We got plenty this week and plenty of everything else including a Van Alden sex scene which out-creeped any Steve Buscemi sex scene we’ve seen to this point. I’m not sure who in this show doesn’t deserve an Emmy nod. I mean she may not be a great actress, but Paz de la Huerta has to pretend to enjoy sex with Buscemi and a psychotic religious nut who lashes himself? And she pulls it off! Michael Pitt as Jimmy is crushing it like “mommy’s kissing friend” was. Wrong “kissing friend” Jimmy, but don’t let that stop you. Oh and don’t be a wise ass around Jimmy.
“Oh f’n tough guy. You going to shoot me for mouthing off?”
Jimmy: “Well, I wasn’t going to, but you kind of talked me into it.” Blast.
Great stuff, once again, from Jack Huston as Richard Harrow. I hope we don’t say goodbye to him for a while.
Anyone else wishing it was Marlo who Chalky was choking the sh** out of?

You don't want to see Chalky White's tools.

--As I’m typing this “Lay Your Hands on Me” just popped up on shuffle. In honor of the band people as far away as exit 12 go to see let’s revisit the classic Triumph with Bon Jovi. Damn I loved me some of the New Jersey album back in the day.

Triumph the insult comic dog - bon jovi

--Like I tweeted over the weekend if you want to feel better about where you’re at in your life I suggest checking out Winter’s Bone. Really good, gritty, depressing, crazy movie with an outstanding performance by Jennifer Lawrence as a teenager trying to hunt down her father in the Ozarks so she and the family don’t lose their house. Some familiar faces in it like white trash chick extraordinaire Dale Dickey. John Hawkes who was Sol Star in Deadwood and to a lesser extent Lennon in Lost. Garret Dillahunt always delivers whether it’s in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles or as the cowardly lion bastard who shot Wild Bill in Deadwood.

--Big surprise…last week was the second time this season everyone in the NFC West lost. The Seahawks your NFC West division leader at a robust 5-5. The best part? Next Monday night we get the Niners and Cardinals.

--Blake Griffin is a bad man.

--Knockout of the Weekend went to Sergio Martinez with a counter left hook that literally knocked Paul Williams the f out. Scary.
UFC 123 had some knockouts of its own with the biggest one belonging to BJ Penn who crushed Matt Hughes. Rampage decisioned Lyoto Machida, but I certainly didn’t have it that way, but Machida can’t really bitch about bad decisions can he?

--There’s already a Paranormal Activity 3 planned to release next October?!

--Sporting Kansas City?! Nice try Kansas City, but you’ll always be the Wizards to me.
#MLS #whyisthereahashtaginmyblog

--If you have DirecTV then you can start with season one of Damages on January 5th as it runs through all three seasons every Wednesday until the 4th season premieres next summer. Season one was outstanding. Season two was good. Season three was really good with Martin Short and Lily Tomlin added to the cast, oh and Brother Mouzone/Michael Potts. Hard to take him seriously without a bow tie.

--Orange Slice co-host Brian Zygo (@byzygo) tweeted this to me last week. It’s the early days of Sofia Vergara.

Understatement = she ages well.
Warming Glow has all your Sofia Vergara GIFs needs covered.

Loved Phil and Hailey’s exchange last week:
Phil: “You know I love your mom. But you also know a certain look she gets that says ‘just listen to me I’m always right.’”
Hailey: “You mean her face?”

--If you were wondering if Louis C.K. was funny in concert. The answer is yes. Yes he is. But you knew that already. He hit on a wide range of topics at his show here last week including his near-death experiences, how many times he’s flipped off the back of his kids’ heads, his chiseled physique, why 20-year-olds sucks and a little girl’s line from Schindler’s List.

--The next season of Ace of Cakes will be its last, but you’ll still see Duff on Food Network in new shows. There might as well be an entire network dedicated to cakes at this point.

Questions, comments or if you took to deception like Abed took to Cougartown


  1. If you want to see a pretty good movie with Van Alden check out Shotgun Stories.

    I can't believe I forgot about Louis CK coming to town. Kids will ruin your life.

  2. I'll check out Shotgun Stories. Have Mystery Team teed up for the weekend.

    Louie was great. I always envision I will sound like Louie when I eventually get to the kids part of life.

  3. I wonder how Van Alden's back will look after what he did with Paz De La Huerta but i bet it was well worth it.

  4. I don't know but I hope they don't show it. Good news Paz! You got the part!
    But, uhh, there are graphic sex scenes with Steve Buscemi and creepy Michael Shannon, so there's that.

  5. I attempted to watch Winters Bone but i then fell asleep.. Im not sure if you are part of the cult that follows the movie (The Room)they have midnight showings at River Oaks. It's a hilarious experience attending that, if you have not i recommend giving it a shot.

  6. Winter's Bone sets such a dark, depressing tone I can see passing out during it.

    I'm not in The Room cult, but I do love watching me some Tommy Wiseau football highlights.

  7. Oh you mean these sweet highlights


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