Saturday, October 02, 2010

Read me my rights as if I didn't know this. Threw me in the tank with the drunk called Otis.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Leave it to the Texans to overreact to one game and cause an uproar with a fan base that is already day-to-day. There was a mass of humanity and cars last week that I think will only happen for a Cowboys game or maybe a playoff game and even that wouldn’t be as many opposing fans. I’m all for people enjoying the tailgating experience whether they have a ticket or not. One problem is obviously not everyone tailgates and those ticket holders who drive in at 10:30 on should be able to park in a spot that they’ve paid for and Sunday that process took far longer than it should have. I think it’s more the early tailgaters unnecessarily taking up 2 or more parking spaces. As for the fighting and escalated heckling that many witnessed Sunday, I was fortunate because I really didn’t see it though I also got there at 11 and walked straight to the stadium. In my walks through the parking lot and seats in the bullpen area everything was verbal jousting but never escalated to the point of physical contact. My experience seemed to be an anomaly I guess. I’ve certainly seen my share of people acting a fool at tailgates towards other fans and pretty much any woman not 300 pounds who happens to walk by. This behavior comes from ticketed and non-ticketed fans so a presumption that kicking out non-ticketed fans will curb rowdy behavior seems misguided. There definitely needs to be more security and more authority figures in the lots. If a little Honda Civic brings in 4 people and takes up 3 parking lot spaces then an adult attendant needs to come over and say slow your roll instead of some teenager who no one will listen to. And this whole charging $10 is ridiculous and smacks of the Texans trying to have it both ways. Not to mention the fact that those tickets will be dominated by the ticket agencies and sold for who knows how much. Logistically, checking every ticket of every person should also increase wait time to park so that’s lovely. On the plus side I’m looking forward to watching people jump in and out of car trunks once they pass the gate. You need to do something Texans, but this knee jerk reaction isn’t it.

--Into the Wind was the Terry Fox entry into the 30 for 30 that Steve Nash was a major part of putting together. It was funny that Alan Sepinwall’s review of it mentioned the Value Tales series of books and that was his introduction to Terry and that’s the same way it was for me. I had those books as a kid and I remembered the name and how inspirational his run was, but Into the Wind filled out Terry Fox in a wonderful, honest way. It’s a extraordinary story of hope, will and courage that ends far too soon. You’re not human if you didn’t have to wipe your eyes when Terry was meeting with that 10-year-old boy who also lost a leg due to cancer. I liked the end when a few people tried to put Terry Fox’s position among Canadians in perspective. It’s remarkable the type of everlasting impact he has on our neighbors up north.

--Damn it was hard seeing Gemma put her father in that home. I can’t imagine ever having to leave someone in a home or ever being left in one. And of course Gemma falls to a heart attack before she can tell the boys where Abel is. Apparently that was Katey Sagal at the end singing “Bird on a Wire” with The Forest Rangers. Hearing that was a nice reminder that I needed to revisit some Leonard Cohen. Anyway, now we finally got to see what Abel means to Jimmy and Father Ashby. Now it’s just a question of how long until Jax and Co. tear up Belfast and find Abel. My guess is close to the end of the season when hopefully Tara and Agent Stahl shoot each other to death.

--Heather Morris/Brittany was just a little hot in this week’s Glee.

--You’d think a Community with Pop-and-Locktoberfest, Rob Corddry and a focus on Alison’s Bries would be a home run, but I think it was just a strong double. Though the final 30 seconds were as reliable as ever with Abed “breaking through” and asking Troy to join him before realizing he might have done some permanent damage.
And please someone feed Drew Carey, he looks sick. Loved the pop from the hole in his hand when he shook Jeff’s hand.

--Now that’s the Sunny I’ve been missing! The first two episodes didn’t work for me at all, but “The Gang Buys a Boat” looked promising and delivered. Anytime you get a horse massacre, barnacle recipes, Dee dancing, a fire and Don Swayze, well it was hard to screw up. Among the gems…
Charlie: “You’re a really good listener. I didn’t peg you for one when I walked in here because of the pinky ring…but that’s great.”
Mac: “You can’t patronize the captain! That’s sea law!”

--Just because you can get NFL players on The League doesn’t mean you have to. Although you do have to keep Taco singing…Negenta please.

--Three more episodes of Rubicon left in this first season. Katherine and Will finally meet and the Atlas MacDowell ball is really rolling now. I’m even starting to immediately understand the team when it starts talking about Qateb and Yuri, etc. I’m anxious to see how this season wraps up and more anxious to know if it’s going to get a second season. It sure as hell deserves one.

--Not getting a second season is Lone Star. I liked the two episodes it did show, but it’s not a paint-by-numbers procedural so it’s not going to work on network television. It feels like a total FX series. Hopefully it gets a shot somewhere.

--The Brazilians laugh at our Tea Party and raise us a Clown Party. Tiririca (Grumpy) is a clown in Brazil who is running for Congress on the strength of slogans like, “It can’t get any worse.” So yeah, obviously people are going to vote for him, but apparently, like most clowns (I assume), he’s illiterate. The Brazilian Constitution (upset is that they have one) states you have to be literate to serve in Congress. This should be interesting as I would expect Tiririca to get support from The Runts and we know those boys don’t play.

--Congratulations to the Beastie Boys on their election to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I shudder to think of what the soundtrack to my life would have been without them. with an interesting look into The Social Network. It certainly made me want to see the movie even if I can’t see it at the Angelika away from the masses of punk teenagers.

--It’s been a slow week so the best news might just be that the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act has passed the Senate. Basically and hopefully soon all commercials will play at the same decibel levels of the programs they’re placed. And you thought there wasn’t going to be real change.

--Because Sunday night didn’t have enough must-see TV…Next Iron Chef begins on Food Network Sunday at 8 PM. Can’t wait to see how Bryan Caswell fares. My guess is well. Looking forward to watching Ming Tsai as well.

--You probably don’t know how to properly use the internet if you haven’t seen Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson do "Every Little Step" yet. In that case, I got your back…

--Except for the terribly sad Phil Harris episodes last season I haven’t watched Deadliest Catch in a few seasons. I don’t think I’ll be going back with Sig Hansen leaving the show as well as the Hillstrands.

--Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa, is going to be on Real Housewives of Miami?!

--Alberto Contador busted for performance-enhancing drugs? That’s more boring than cycling itself.

--Some British site did a survey and came up with the Top 10 songs that make men cry. At #1 is “Everybody Hurts.” “Tears in Heaven” and Leonard Cohen’s awesome “Hallelujah” round out the top three. I would’ve called it songs that men drink cheap, hard whiskey to, but that’s me.

--We had the Sugar Hooker a.k.a. Sugar_Fairy a.k.a. Rebecca Masson and Ryan Pera on Southbound Food with us. I asked noted Wire watcher Rebecca what honey nut cheerio inspired treat she’d make for Omar and she came up with honey nut cheerios in place of rice krispies in a marshmallow treat which I’d be down for. Ryan and Morgan Weber from Revival Meats are going to be opening up Revival Market in a few months. It basically sounds like they’re bringing all the local goodness you get at farmer’s markets together in one location with quality meat and charcuterie you’d expect from Ryan and Morgan, in other words, awesome. You’ll never guess what part of town it’s going to be in? Wrong, wait you said the Heights didn’t you? Okay, you’re right.

--I like Pushing Daisies (and love Kristen Chenoweth). But not sure I’m down with Daisies creator Bryan Fuller rebooting the Munsters. “Modern Family meets True Blood.” Uhhhh….

--On the plus side, an animated Black Dynamite coming to Adult Swim!

Pretty sure he shops at Top Brass.

--JetBlue Airways can charge me whatever amount for bags as long as it does cool stuff like show Sunday Ticket in-flight.

--Jose Aldo is a bad, bad man.

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  1. Rebecca's fluffernutters are available at the Grand Prize for $2. I know you probably won't eat the entrees at the Ghetto Dinners every other Monday, but still, beer and fluffernutter are 2 great tastes that go great together.

    Also, the only problem with the League is how bad the actual fantasy football content is. This week it was choosing between Toby Gerhart and Ricky Williams. They're in an 8 team league. Toby wasn't even drafted, and there's no way he'd ever be a sit/start. And, yes, I know that makes me the doctor who watches Scrubs and bitches about the X-ray being backwards.

  2. Beer and fluffernutters, duly noted.

    Yeah an 8-team league is ridiculous. No 8-team league has Gerhart rostered or is starting Josh Cribbs. But I can forgive as long as everything else works so well.


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