Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outta the car longhair your goose is cooked. Read me my rights fingerprinted and booked.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Well shit. Somehow the Texans made Wade Phillips look like a competent NFL head coach and Roy Williams a relevant wide receiver. That takes something special.
We had our Gary Kubiak WTF moment as usual in the late stages of the 2nd quarter. It’s 2nd and 7 at your own 37-yard line and each team has two timeouts remaining. After the 1st down play there was zero, zero reason to snap the ball before the two-minute warning. The Texans do at about 2:02 or 2:01, throw an incomplete pass and then a sack on 3rd down, Cowboys timeout and eventually with 1 second on the clock they get a FG. One second that should not have been on that clock. And Look Gary when you bring in Steve Slaton or Derrick Ward you’re not forced to immediately give them the ball. You do know that, right?
Not a lot to feel good about, but at least we’re not Cowboys fans. They were their typical douchey selves once the game’s fate was sealed. All you guys who were in Texans gear and cheering for Houston, why the fu** are you dating girls who wear Romo shirts and act a fool for Dallas when they couldn’t name two other players? How is being a Cowboys fan not a deal breaker?
Anyway, yeah 2-1 and the team you came back from 17 against to beat just lost to the freakin’ Rams who played half the game without Steven Jackson.

--Dexter is back and unfortunately so are storylines that are recycled or I could give two craps about. I know they’re not going big villain for Dex and this is going to be an almost introspective season for our favorite serial killer so I’m interested to see how that plays out. Bottom line is I’m interested in it. I have zero interest in Batista/La Guerta’s marriage or whatever. I have less than zero interest in Debra taking a whole 20 minutes into the show before she gets in her traditional doomed, annoying relationship. And I know Dex is the one who is unemotional, but why do they make us watch Debra attempt to cry? When a robot is taught to cry for the first time I imagine it’ll look a lot like Debra “crying.” It’s a lock that Quinn is a Cowboys fan. I hope he ends up on Dexter’s table or I wish Doaks would somehow come back from the dead and kill Quinn for biting his storyline.

--Calvin Murphy and Antonio Cromartie now have something higher to aspire to. Howard Veal of Michigan was sent to jail for not paying child support. A total of 23 children by 14 women who apparently tried the Veal.

--Ask and ye shall receive. Thanks to Jeremy Botter who you can check out on Heavy.com and the Chron’s Brawl Sports Blog.

It’s a bouncy GIF kind of day…

--It’s nice to have Kenny Powers back although I can’t imagine this season coming close to last season. However, Aaron and Hector are keepers and I assume aren’t going away despite the break-up at Big Red’s funeral. I just hope Aaron doesn't go "titty titty bang bang" on Kenny.
I wouldn’t mind one bit a spin-off with Stevie working as a barrista.

--Kristen Bell would finance a Veronica Mars movie?! How rich is Kristen Bell?! I’m down to the last few episodes of season one and I like it a lot more than I expected to.

--Jeffster is back on Chuck and all is right with the world.
Lester: “Do you ever miss Ace of Base?”
Jeff: “Always.”
Helluva fight scene with Carolina Kurkova and Yvonne Strahovski.
Chuck always is heavy on the strong guest stars, but later this season we get Rob Riggle and Summer Glau. Nice.

--I’ve only seen Linda Cardellini in Freaks and Geeks so didn’t even recognize her in this Maxim spread from a while back.

--We’re number 1! We’re number 1! U-S and A! U-S and A! Sure it’s #1 in the world in obesity rate, but hey, it’s still #1! What delicious country is #2? Mexico.

--These aren’t the official opening credits of the upcoming The Walking Dead, but those can’t be any better than these…

THE WALKING DEAD "Opening Titles" from Daniel Kanemoto on Vimeo.

--Man the Niners are a special kind of suck right now. Mike Singletary doesn’t have a f’n clue does he?
We did get an awesome quote from San Fran tackle Anthony Davis though regarding KC DT Shaun Smith who is garnering a reputation that Davis explains, “He tried to feel me…That’s weird, right?”

--You call that an awkward naming of a Next Top Model winner?.....Now this an awkward naming of a Next Top Model.

--A sequel to The Professional with Natalie Portman back? Make it happen.

--Matt Schaub and Michael Vick are leading the league in getting sacked (11). Vick’s QB rating, as we expected, is currently above that of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Watch your back Peyton.

--One out of every three catches Randy Moss is making is going for a TD…of course he only has 9 catches total. I think most people predicted Austin Collie to have three times as many catches (27) as Randy come Week 4.

--The more and more I watch Tony Dungy the less and less I like him.

--You just know Raffi is the type of fantasy owner who drafted Arian Foster, Austin Collie and Brandon Lloyd in the first three rounds. Seriously, Collie and Lloyd 1-2 in receiving yards?!

--True Grit, Coen brothers, The Dude. Sold. Looks like it’s going to be a Jeff Bridges Christmas between this and Tron.

--My favorite part of Boardwalk Empire this week was when Nucky met with Jimmy in Nucky’s office. It was like watching Mr. Pink if he were around during Prohibition. It’s been far too long since I’ve revisited Reservoir Dogs.
I’m loving it anytime Arnold Rothstein, Lucky Luciano and Al Capone are on the screen. I’m hating it when the FBI man, Van Alden, is on it. Jimmy isn’t doing much for me either.
Two weeks and about 15 seconds of Chalky White/Chickenbone Beach talk. Give me my Omar!

--Maggie Grace in the next Twilight, Breaking Dawn?! Did I mention this only as an excuse to post a picture of "Sticks"?

What do you think?

--Sure Continental, all your passengers have been telling you they want to pay for more menu options, right.

--I watched the first few episodes of Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares before I realized it wasn’t going to be anything like the goodness that was the BBC’s version. However I don’t remember them at a restaurant called Campania. Maybe you do and remember the owner Joseph Cerniglia. Either way, sadly, Joseph was found floating in the Hudson River over the weekend.
Eric Ripert isn't the biggest Gordon Ramsay fan.

--How bad has this season been for Brett Favre? He’s behind Shaun Hill, David Garrard and Alex Smith in QB rating.

Questions, comments or if you’re set adrift on memory bliss of you…

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