Thursday, October 07, 2010

Can I get a witness to testify? Open your eyes realize electrify

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Grilled Cheesus? I have a feeling the Britney episode is the only one I’m going to enjoy this season. Kurt’s “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” was nice, but couldn’t hold a candle to this version from Across the Universe. If you haven’t seen that I highly recommend it…

By the way, Glee has overtaken some group called The Beatles for most appearances in the Billboard Hot 100 by a non-solo act. It now has 75 songs that have appeared with only Elvis (108) and James Brown (91) having more.

--Seriously how has Monopoly: The Wire not happened yet? Someone better get on this.

--Grilled cheese also leads us to our Quote of the Week. 65-year-old Elsie Wright O’Connor was pulled over for suspicion of DUI although the only proof the police had was witnessing her driving erratically and one and a half empty bottles of Skyy in her car. So yeah. Anyway she failed every test you can think of and was arrested. She told the officer, “Come on now, I’m a grandma, can’t you do something for me since I’m not that bad. I could have brought you back to my house and made you a grilled cheese sandwich.” Apparently the officer wasn’t hungry because when a grandmother offers to make you a grilled cheese you take her up on the offer. I don't think I have to tell you what state this took place in...

--Well maybe the boys or at least some of them will get to Belfast sooner rather than later on Sons. My stomach turns every time I see Agent Stahl on the screen so I can only imagine the gasket SAMCRO is going to blow once they find out Jax made a deal with her. This season is shaping up to be just as insane as last except this time the chaos has two battlefronts.
Apparently Jax likes very little coffee with his sugar like Clarence Worley in True Romance.
Nice to see ol’ Billings from The Shield as The Chicken Man even if he was a bastard.
Not that this could have possibly not happened, but Sons of Anarchy was renewed for a 4th season.

--Sentence I didn’t expect to read today, tomorrow or ever from Pop Candy: “Phil Collins is working on a book about “his extensive collection of Alamo and Texas Revolution artifacts.”
Apparently he saw Disney’s Davy Crockett as a kid and was hooked.

--I can see why people find him so hateable, but I can't get enough of this...

--There’s ego and then there’s Bill Belichick trading Randy Moss away and leaving himself with Wes Welker, Julian Edelman and Brandon Tate. And yeah, technically Randy isn’t going to have a bye this season, but I don’t think his fantasy owners count his zero catch game last week as a played game.

--Justin Beiber hosting Punk’d?! How beyond f’n stupid is that? Very MTV of MTV if it happens.

--Our Only in Florida Story of the Week comes to us from St. Petersburg. Long story short a family was the victim of home invasions twice within 24 hours and the second time the robbers forced the woman of the house to melt butter so one of them could rub it all over her chest. It gets weird from there.

--Okay Running Wilde we’re done here. I really tried.

--Zack Snyder directing the next Superman may be okay, but Darren Aronofsky directing a Christopher Nolan production would have been out-freakin-standing.

--I think Manny will be hard pressed to come up with a better line on Modern Family than, “Some things can’t be forgotten, Jay. Do you know what menstruation is? Cause I do.”

--It’s that time of year when True Hoop gets as many hits from me as Pro Football Talk. True Hoop takes a look at the annual survey of general managers around the league. I’m not surprised LeBron received only one vote as player most likely to be named MVP. I am surprised 63% of GMs pick the Lakers to win it all.

--I’m not sure the last time a show I really enjoyed has mailed it in like Weeds has this season. Best and most accurate quote was from Silas to Shane, “Get over yourself.”

--I love me some Paranormal Activity

--The most surprising thing about "Awkward Family Photos" being developed for television is that NBC hasn’t already dropped Community for it. Thankfully that’s because it’ll be on ABC.

Questions, comments or if you’re about to go on a weekend bender…

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  1. Mike M11:18 AM

    How did 'Bubbles Depot' get left off Monopoly - The Wire?


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