Monday, October 11, 2010

Things get hectic quick. From the satellite dish to your joy stick.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Thanks for nothing Texans. WTF was that?! I say all Texans fans bring an air horn to the game next Sunday and blast it at straight up noon so the Texans know to get their asses and their brains into the stadium for the game. F’n ridiculous.

--Kansas City is converting on a pathetic 28% of their 3rd down conversions. That’s 29th in the league. So maybe that’ll help Houston’s defense which is stopping opponents on 3rd down just 34% of the time, 24th in the league.

--Is everyone else like me and just hoping Steve Slaton doesn’t fumble or step out at the one on kickoff returns? The Texans are averaging 19 yards per kickoff return, only three teams average fewer return yards than that.

--I haven’t had time to watch the Sunday shows, but from what I understand Boardwalk was awesome and Ming Tsai needs to get b-slapped. In other words, business as usual.

--I could watch Britta and Annie oil wrestle for days or at least do impressions of each other. They’re doing a great job with Britta after not knowing what to do with her most of last season.
Loved Betty White’s thoughts on Inception at the end and her explanation of why she was talking in English because one of the tribesman there hadn’t seen it yet. Props to Community for not giving Betty White lines where it’s so funny because she says “penis” or “lesbian.”
Completely missed the Abed/pregnant girl stuff until I watched it again.

--Officer John Baker/Larry Wilcox from ChiPs charged with securities fraud from a penny stock scam?! Wait, he was an undercover informant. What a f'n badass.

--Esquire will get no argument from me on Minka Kelly being its “Sexiest Woman Alive.” Still doesn’t make it right what she did to Jason Street.

And whatever Joseph Gordon-Levitt goes from Zooey Deschanel to Minka Kelly in 500 Days of Summer

--Writing of Esquire congratulations to Randy Evans and the crew at Haven for being named one of the 20 best new restaurants by the magazine.

--Of course Johnny Depp showed up to a 9-year-old’s school dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow because she requested his assistance with a mutiny against the teachers. What a cool m’f’er.

--Roy looks like he’s having fun…

--I am waaay too old to be going to back-to-back weekend concerts without taking Monday off. Anyway, Sleigh Bells was better than I expected going in. Although it can be just a wall of noise at times playing live I think.
LCD Soundsystem was every bit of awesome as I expected. Not that I see a ton of concerts, but LCD tops Muse for best concert I’ve been to this year. Fantastic show at Verizon with about 300 of my closest friends. Pretty surprised at the weak turnout even though ACL was last weekend.
Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros was the nice little hippie show I expected. Although I didn’t expect the band to ask everyone in the crowd to sit down on the dirty Warehouse floor for a song or two. I fully expected something like everyone get on the stage and let’s sing “Give Peace A Chance.” Pretty cool whether it was for John Lennon’s birthday or that’s just how Edward Sharpe rolls.

--Together again at last….

--Mario Lopez in a reality show about his impending fatherhood called Saved by the Baby?! When was the exact moment in time reality shows stopped trying?

--The fight started Saturday night, but I’m pretty sure Nick Diaz and KJ Noons are still standing up and trading shots. Damn entertaining fight.

--Apparently there is such a thing as Miss Kentucky Latina. Who knew? Anyway it was Daniela Gaskie who has a bit of a temper I think it’s safe to say. I mean she did stab a gas station attendant in the neck with a pen before running into an adjacent parking lot of a drug store to pound on a car and then a pharmacist who came out since it was her car. Yeah, pharmacist took a beating too. The police came and Daniela suddenly remembered her Miss Kentucky Latina responsibilities and blew kisses from the squad car.

--Seriously Brandon freakin’ Lloyd is averaging 19.6 yards a catch. That’s 2nd only to Malcom Floyd’s 22.6 among the top 40 WRs in terms of receptions.

--It’s Always Sunny Mac hockey training montage. Yes, please.

--Oh yay, Seneca Wallace has a higher QB rating than Matt Schaub.

--As bad as Sunday was for Arian he’s still averaging a ridiculous 5.9 yards a carry and leading the league in rushing.

--How have I never heard of The Big Picture Blog on the Boston Herald’s site? Cool stuff.

--How much does 5.5 sacks from Jason Babin make you want to throw up?

--I think a lot of people would take Baltimore as one of the top three teams in the league right now. Baltimore’s defense is always sick, but oddly enough the Ravens are last in the AFC in +/- at -6. Only San Francisco’s -10 is worse in the entire league.

--That best not be Rafi’s last appearance on The League. I don’t want my last Rafi memory be of him getting drilled from behind by a sex addict. Surely he and Jenny will meet in a special interleague Super Bowl, right?

Where do I find these cocaine toilet seats?
The band name that came out of the episode: Penis Bird Going Into Ass Mountain.

--Still not sure which vision will haunt me more between Stevie’s opening scene two Sundays ago or Rafi’s closing scene. (shivers)

--There are comebacks and then there’s what Charlie Davies is doing.

--“We want Carr” chants?! Oh man, see it could be worse Texans fans. You could be a Niners fan. Did Mike Singletary really say the best team the Niners have faced is the Niners. Wow.

--In case you missed the happy, go-lucky opening credits from last week’s Simpsons done by Banksy. It may very well be taken down by the time you got here.

--Drunk of the Week comes to us from Wausau, Wisconsin. ‘Twas there that a 40-year-old guy got his drink on and then saw a one-legged goose. Seeing as how the guy was hungry there was only one thing to do. Yep, get that damn goose and roast it up real good. Even if the goose jumped into the frigid waters of the Wisconsin River. So the drunk took off his shirt and shoes and went in after it. Yeah, he had to be rescued by firefighters. No word on what happened to the one-legged goose.

--So The Bourne Legacy won’t have Jason Bourne or Matt Damon. Uhhhhh….

Questions, comments or if you’re still in a haze, not necessarily purple, but beautiful…


  1. Yo-

    Boardwalk Empire was indeed a very good episode. I know the central figure in the show is supposed to be Nucky....but Al Capone and Lucky Luciano's story lines continue to impress. The guy that plays Capone who played Baby Face Nelson in Public Enemies is playing the role very well.

    Is it me or do you have to rewind the DVR when watching Sons of Anarchy when the irish scenes play?? Hard to pick up on the accents but I liked the conversation with McPhee and his old lady....basically fearing SAMCRO is nothing compared to having to answer to the IRA...ouch!

    About the Just wow. Not sure you can count the Texans winning against KC either. This could get ugly in a hurry.

  2. Can't wait to watch Boardwalk based on what I'm hearing about this episode. Chalky comin'.
    I thought it was just my non-surround sound speakers that make those scenes inaudible. Less talking, more violence is the only solution.


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