Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We got into the cab - the cab driver said. He recognized my girlie from the back of her head.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Well that was fun. Any game in which your kicker gets an unnecessary roughness flag is a game when you don’t have to doubt whether your team is ready to play or not. The defense set the tone on a 3 & out to start the game and everything pretty much rolled from there. Houston’s offensive and defensive lines dominated Indy’s and that was the game. Mario was all over the place and even met Antonio Smith and Amobi Okoye at the QB a couple of times, which was nice. It’s obviously terrible Connor Barwin became a candidate for most sickening injury of the year, but hopefully Jesse Nading and company can help offset the loss a little or maybe Mr. Schobel would be as so kind as to come in. Yeah the secondary had problems, but that’s where that d-line has to help out the youngsters back there. The offensive line, Vonta Leach and the WRs did a great job opening holes for Arian Foster to burst through. What a performance by the Renaissance man. Freakin’ Austin Collie had more yards receiving than Matt Schaub did passing and the Texans still beat the Colts by 10. Love it.
Oh and Bernard Pollard rules…

--I wasn’t listening to 610, but did Andre Ware suffer a concussion? I figure it’s just running in the Coog QB family since both Case Keenum and Kevin Kolb went down in the same weekend?! Nevertheless the Coogs did exactly what they were supposed to do against UTEP. They just did it in a way that few expected by running roughshod all over the Miners with Bryce Beall and Michael “P.S.” Hayes. Damn that was fun. UCLA is gonna get its on Saturday night.

--I doubt anyone reading cares, but Caprica is coming back early in October instead of January. I’m down with that and the lovely Miss Alessandra Torresani.

--Uhhh, JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan (Christopher’s brother) developing a crime-thriller for TV? Yes, please. Two. Jonathan has done a lot of things, but writing the short story Memento was based on gives him a lifetime pass for me.

--There are drop-offs and then there’s the VMAs going from Aziz Ansari as host to Chelsea Handler. The only thing more stupid than scheduling the VMAs on Week 1 of the NFL is the WNBA scheduling its Finals for the same day.

--Eastbound & Down is almost here, but at least we have K-Swiss commercials and trailers until then…

--If you’re keeping score at home Steve Harvey is your new host of Family Feud. I can only assume this means John O’Hurley died a horrible death.

--A Heroes wrap-up movie?! Yeah, no thanks. You’ve made us suffer enough.

--I hope the Cowboys are this funny to watch all season. Mistake after mistake after mistake only to end on a holding call that wiped out your game-winning TD. Hilarious.

--So I was looking at the Best New Artist Grammy Award winners the other day for reasons I don’t even remember. Anyway, some things that stuck out to me. Bobby Darin won the first back in 1960. The second Best New Artist handed out went to? Anyone? Anyone? Best New Artist 1961? Anyone? Bob. Anyone? Bob Newhart. Huh? Robin Williams was nominated in 1980. The best set of nominees had to be in 1970 when Crosby, Stills & Nash won over the likes of Led Zeppelin and Chicago. Although 1992 was pretty strong with the forgettable Marc Cohn somehow beating out C+C Music Factory, Color Me Badd, Boyz II Men, and Seal. Since Cohn won in 1992 there has been only one solo male artist to win. Anyone? We’re looking for John Legend. The last time an artist not from the U.S. or the U.K. won? 1983 Men at Work from Australia. Although I guess you could count Milli Vanilli from Germany in 1990. I don’t care who did the singing that was a damn fine album. The four instances when Best New Artist and Album of the Year went to the same artist. Start back in the day with the aforementioned Bob Newhart then skip ahead 20 years to Christopher Cross, then Lauryn Hill and finally Norah Jones.

--I’m definitely down with Terriers. Who doesn’t like Donal Logue? Throw in Michael Raymond-James from True Blood and you got yourself a couple of interesting characters with great chemistry to base a show around. Also nice to see Christopher Cousins who is the “T” in Breaking Bad’s “IFT.” He plays a good slimy, rich white guy.

--I can’t believe we finally made it to Boardwalk Empire premiere week.

--The Netflix app is making treadmill work fly by with my show of choice currently being Veronica Mars. Loving it and it’s easy to see why people were pissed when it was axed. Kristen Bell is every high school boy’s dream. I’m only five episodes in, but I hope Ryan Hansen/Kyle from Party Down gets a little more camera time though I doubt it happens. Party Down should have referenced that Kyle once had a bit role on Veronica Mars.

--If you haven’t seen the new Community remix from DJ Steve Porter, well it’s no longer my fault…

--I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this “Only in Florida” story before about Keith Griffin. He’s the creep who blamed the child porn downloaded onto his computer on his cat jumping on his keyboard while he was away from home. But get this the Assistant State Attorney didn’t believe him and said, “As a cat owner, my cats don’t jump on the computer and download porn.” Man, cats can get away with anything. I can’t imagine all the porn Keith’s cat is about to download over the next 12 years Keith is in jail.

--Of course there’s a Snooki Burger. Who doesn’t like cream cheese, grilled jalapenos and fried pickles on their hamburger?

--See, bringing back OG Diana from V is how you get me to give you another shot.

--I was all impressed by Michigan and then I had to go and find out their band did a Lady Gaga medley at the half. WTF?!

--A True Lies television series from James Cameron?! Eh.

--The Wizards are holding a “midnight madness”?!

--Congratulations to Team USA for taking care of business at the FIBA World Championships. MVP of my heart, Kevin Durant, was MVP of the tournament. If you missed it Durant wrote “1972” on his shoes before the game against Russia. Then in the game on Saturday he wrote “9-11-01.”

Questions, comments or if you picked the wrong year to invest in the Lions offense and the Niners defense…


  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Good to see America back on top of World Basketball but how about our boy Scola? Dude was a man on fire the whole tournament!!

  2. It's a shame the Championship Game was completely overshadowed by NFL Sunday.
    Scola was awesome as usual. 27 ppg, 7.9 reb, 57% from field, 80% from line. How can you not love watching him play?

  3. Yo-

    Caught Sons of Anarchy last night and negate what I said...Jax spending the night in jail made last weeks drive by at Prospects funeral more believable.
    Another good episode. I like to see SAMCRO have some allies and the respect the two crews had towards one another was a good scene. The show is quickly becoming a must see on Tuesday nights.

    Is it me or are the number of graphic injuries occuring to NFL players increasing?? Connor Barwin, Ryan Grant, Kevin Kolb, Kris Jenkins ouch... And they want to play two more regular season games....the attrition alone will render the playoffs a joke.....scary stuff happening on the field....had to change the station when I saw Barwin's ankle disintegrate....yikes

  4. Sons is one of the very few shows that I watch live.

    Injuries are reason number 1 why 18 games is a bad idea IMO


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