Thursday, September 09, 2010

The next think she said, "My place or yours?. Let's kick some bass behind closed doors!"

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--You’ve been reading previews about the Texans for months now. You know their weaknesses backwards and forwards, mostly because those weaknesses seem to never change. You expect Gary Kubiak to say it’s on him and Andre Johnson to quietly go about his business and put up sick numbers. You hope never to see Dan Orlovsky or Matt Leinart throw a pass this season. You hope this is the season the Texans actually break from the gate and just don’t sit their looking around aimlessly. It all starts Sunday with the best of the best in the AFC South. To be the man, you got to beat the man. Game time.

--If the NFL’s opening weekend is anything like college football’s opening weekend then holy crap it is about to be on!

--And as good as that first weekend was here’s what we have on tap for this weekend:

UTEP @ UH on Friday night on ESPN, but you knew that already
Michigan @ Notre Dame at 2:30 NBC
Florida State @ Oklahoma 2:30 ABC
Miami @ Ohio State at 2:40 ESPN
Penn State @ Alabama at 6 ESPN

--Sons of Anarchy.
I really don’t know what else to say except maybe holy sh**! This show is right up there with Breaking Bad for me. The premiere was outstanding and set up the season nicely. We have the babynapping/IRA angle that now includes Paula Malcomson (Deadwood’s Trixie, Caprica’s Mrs. Graystone). That Irish angle is looking really strong with her and Titus Welliver involved. I’m interested in the beef between Tig and Lem. It’s going to be hard for me not to call Kenny Johnson’s character, Lem. We have Gemma on the run and now with Papa Hal Holbrook. We also have the last five minutes of the premiere which was the last five minutes of Chief David Hale. WOW! What a scene that culminated in the most vicious use of street concrete since American History X. I don’t care much for Tara’s hospital troubles, but they’re very minor.

What's up now you stupid boat?

I highly, HIGHLY suggest you record this season and you buy the first two seasons on DVD or honestly you can just catch up from the second season. You don’t wanna miss out on anything the boys of SAMCRO have going on.
And if you have any newborn babies in your lives then you probably need to order them a SAMCRO beanie, yeah FX sells them.

--As one great show begins, another one ends. Louie only got better and better as the season went on and the transitions between his stand-up and the rest of the show became less jarring. Everything just seemed to find a good flow and pace after the first few shows and this hour of Louies on Tuesday were my favorite two episodes. "Gym" was hilarious from the dreamy beginning where the news anchorwoman let us know, among other things “my vagina is 3 feet away from my face.” WTF?! Any scene with Louie and Pamela Adlon is going to work beautifully and this one was great as she put him on the spot with her, “Why would I sleep with you?” Louie stammered out a wonderful, “I don’t know. I want to…and I was thinking maybe you’d let me.” His workout nearly killed him and me. As did his bit about the international airport restrooms and what to do with two daughters who have to go. And Ricky Gervais’ turn in this episode worked much more for me than his first appearance. He got to fire off, "You haven't got a body, as such. You've just got a collection of big, mashed-up organs in a ginger, sweaty skin-sack." Great stuff.
The second episode was a nice wrap-up to a season of craziness. Loved the last scene where his girls wake up at 4 AM and want to go out for breakfast. Such a sweet moment that I bet made Louie not want to kill a bird (paintbrush of the sky) in front of his daughters.

--Yes, Brad Childress if Favre goes down then definitely Tarvaris Jackson gives you a better chance to win than Sage Rosenfels, right. Back-up quarterbacks don’t get screwed over a lot, but Sage got screwed over in Minnesota.

--I’m going Packers and Saints in the NFC Championship Game with the Colts and Chargers meeting in the AFC Championship Game. I’ll take the Packers over the Chargers in the Super Bowl.

--I don’t know how many episodes are left, but I’m gonna miss Freaks and Geeks once it’s gone from IFC’s lineup. How this show could only get one season is beyond me.

--As tough as it’s been to see Don Draper like this, this has been one outstanding season.

Loved this.

--Is the Netflix Watch Instantly app the greatest app ever? Yes. Yes it is.

--If you missed it Fried Frito Pie was the overall winner at the Big Tex Choice Awards for the State Fair of Texas. Fried Beer took home Most Creative. If you’re hitting the State Fair please leave a detailed report in the comments once you get you sand blast your fingers to get the grease off.

--Three Days of the Condor is on Netflix WI right now so I checked it out since every review I read of Rubicon mentioned it. And yeah, Rubicon is the TV offspring of Condor. Good stuff. Movie probably could have shaved another 30 minutes off if it wasn’t for those damn rotary telephones back in the day.

--Take away Reggie Bush’s Heisman?! I, for one, am glad cash or gifts given to student-athletes will no longer be a problem in college football.

--You never want to call your friend a “motherf*****” and have it be literally true. Sadly Lani Medrano’s son can call his friend just that and it will ring true. Even worse than knowing your mom got your 15-year-old friend drunk and had sex with him is actually SEEING it. Good luck getting that image out of your mind, kid.

--Jim Neidhart stealing oxycontin and methadone pills?! That doesn’t sound like "The Anvil" I know.

--How is Spy Kids so distant in the past that it’s getting a reboot already?! Although Joel McHale and Jessica Alba as the leads is nice.

--Damn you Gawker for trying to sully the name of Lyla Gar…I mean Minka Kelly. And screw you Delta, if Minka pays extra to fly with her cockapoodle then you damn sure better let her fly with her cockapoodle!

--When you want to know which burgers rate the best there’s only one place you think of….yep, Consumer Reports. Big surprise that In-N-Out and Five Guys rated best of the 18 fast-food burgers checked out. The worst? Another non-shocker McDonald’s.

--Hope you’re happy America, MasterChef has been renewed.

--Jennifer Carroll on Top Chef All-Stars?! Hell yeah.

--Katee Sackhoff/Starbuck going to CSI?!

--I was one of those fools who wanted the guy who could fly and had a cool nickname like Baby Jordan instead of some dude from Alabama named Robert Horry. Yahoo catches up with Harold Miner. 280lbs?!

--I don’t know how I suddenly developed a man crush on the Lions offense, but I definitely have one judging by my fantasy teams. I might start liking the whole damn team since Jim Schwartz (@jschwartzlions) is a tweeter and actually tweets good football information as well as his music choices like The Ramones. He’s gotta be the only head coach that not only tweets, but knows how to use hashtags.

--One Night in Vegas wasn’t one of the better 30 for 30s. Better documentaries about both Tyson and Tupac have been made and this one provided nothing really new or revelatory. Having written that, I did like any time Mickey Rourke and Mike Tyson popped up on the screen and Maya Angelou’s story about Tupac on the set of Poetic Justice was also good.

Questions, comments or if you really want a Lone Star right now…


  1. If you haven't already Louis C.K.:Chewed Up in on netflix instant watch. It was his HBO or Showtime stand up show from last year.

    I keep wondering, if I showed up at a biker bar wearing a SAMCRO vest, how long would it be before I got the shit beat out of me?

  2. Will do. Watch Instantly is gonna be good for this wknd before all I do is play catch up on DVR for Fall shows.

    And before you take two sips of your drink.

  3. Yo

    That Sons of Anarchy season premiere was on point. Although I am little leary of how police stand around after a drive by...have a suspect at gun point on the concrete and they allow Jax to beat the crap out of the guy in front of 30-40 people and not make a move to stop it....I know I know..its television but jeez..never the less..good episode.

    Keep an eye out for the Lions. The offense could be a lot more prolific than some think. Best, Calvin Johnson, Bryant Johnson, Nate Burlseon and Stafford pulling the trigger...and I didn't even mention the TE' it'll be interesting.

  4. Yeah the cops standing around was odd, but SAMCRO runs that town. Especially with the only good cop now 6 feet under.
    The Lions are gonna be a playoff team next season. This season they'll be a dangerous opponent for everybody.

  5. That last scene ruined it for me. How cops would let the only perp from a drive by that hit one of their get AHX'd is dumb. I like that Lem is there but Tara needs to get transferred or something she is not a good actress. She was in Mad Men but here she is playing the sad scared girl and it has gotten old.
    Bringing in the old dying Dad is the same as bringing in the cute kid. Stale.
    Texans 7-9, the schedule and until the prove they can score in the red zone I have no faith in them.
    Bigger prediction, while the Texans are sitting at home, David Carr will be leading the 49'ers to the playoffs.

  6. Maybe Kurt Sutter was counting on the holy shit of Chief Hale going down and Jax snapping to keep the audience from thinking about the lack of police response.
    I think you're right about Tara. She didn't have to do much with her Miss Menken role on Mad Men and she was fine. This role requires a lot more heavy lifting and she doesn't seem up to it. In her defense, sticking her with the hospital angle again is weak. I did like it when she squared off with Agent Stahl who is the most hateable character on television right now.

    Yeah predictions don't get much bigger than Carr leading the Niners to the playoffs. Like it. The Niners should own that division regardless of who's at QB. It'll have to be Alex Smith getting hurt because I can't imagine he'll play that badly with all the weapons he has at his disposal.

  7. Yo-

    Yeah Danny and's that 49er love and you have the Saints next Monday night...?? Could they be 0-2 ....and don't get it twisted...The Rams and Cardinals played a decent game so at this point I wouldn't count them as automatic wins either....

  8. Well obviously the Niners need to go to David Carr.

    Yeah that was an awful final few minutes before the half for SF. There are no automatic wins if you're getting blown out by the freakin Seahawks


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