Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cause I'm mellow like Jell-O cool like lemonade. I made my getaway and I thought that I had it made.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Nothing much to add to what the Texans did on Sunday except to say this year is different.

--Nothing much to add to what happened to the Cougars on Saturday except to say *$!&@#!#*F%$~!!!!
Good luck to Case and Cotton in their recoveries. Armed Forces Bowl suddenly doesn’t look all that bad.

--Best Andre Johnson stat I’ve seen this week: After his theatrics on Sunday the best WR in the league now has 14 career 10-catch, 100-yard games. That’s the second most in NFL history and just one behind Jerry Rice’s record. Sick.

--When you’ve been looking forward to a show for more than weeks, but years you don’t expect it to live up to the built up anticipation…unless it’s on HBO, executive produced by Martin Scorsese, pilot directed by Scorsese, written by Sopranos writer Terence Winter, Steve Buscemi is a main character, it involves gangsters in the Prohibition era and oh yeah, Michael K. Williams/Omar is in it. What I’m saying is Boardwalk Empire is a sure thing.
What a fantastic, if not confusing at times, first episode. There were just so many characters to try and keep track of that I didn’t know who was screwing whom? I just knew somebody was getting screwed. I loved hearing all the recognizable names from Lucky Luciano to Arnold Rothstein to Al Capone who would grow up to have a very famous vault. Those are Wikipedia links underlining the names in case you want to read up on your gangster history. This is the wiki link for Enoch L. Johnson who Steve Buscemi’s “Nucky” Thompson is based. No surprise that Buscemi owns the role. I also like Michael Pitt from Bully as Jimmy and Stephen Graham as Al Capone. That scene where Jimmy and the audience get introduced to Capone is pitch perfect. How about Dabney Coleman as the Commodore? I didn’t even recognize him and I even saw his name in the opening credits. I’ll have to watch this episode again to not only to better put names to faces or schemes, but to once again stare at the world the creators have made. The details put into this boardwalk are simply amazing. The staple mob deaths at the end were predictably awesome and apparently true to what really happened in the case of Big Jim at his restaurant. Can’t wait for next Sunday. Oh and this Scorsese guy might have a future in directing if he plays his cards right.

Baltic Avenue Empire doesn't sound nearly as entertaining.

--Remember when Steve Slaton stepped out of the end zone on the kickoff only to step out of bounds at the 1? Yeah, that was funny….because we won.

--Sadly Andy Whitfield’s cancer has returned so there’s no return to Spartacus for Spartacus. Good luck Sparty, I mean Andy.

--Chuck’s premiere was fan-freakin-tastic. We already knew Dolph Lundgren and Olivia Munn were gonna guest star, but it was nice to see Harry Dean Stanton is still alive and even better to see him as a repo man once again. Linda Hamilton is the perfect choice for Chuck’s kick ass mom. I was wondering how/if we were gonna get the Buy More back and I like how they’re using it. Now it’s time to see how Jeffster gets back in the mix. Line of the night no doubt belonged to Mr. Lundgren with “if you die, you die.”

--I’d really like to know what the record is for passing yardage improvement for a QB who played every snap from one week to the next because Matt Schaub’s 390-yard improvement seems like it’d be up there.

--Lone Star was supposed to have a good pilot and it did. Hopefully they can keep it all interesting because I love me some grifting and I can watch this cast any day of the week from Adrianne Palicki to Jon Voight to David Keith. Good stuff, and did I mention Adrianne Palicki? She’s still in Texas so maybe, just maybe she’ll bump into Landry sometime. Maybe in Dillon since the ratings were so awful for Lone Star that Tyra might need to move back home.

--I tried giving The Event a try, but 10 minutes I gave up. The overacting FBI agent in the SUV racing and keeping up with an airplane taking off was a bit much for me.

--Weeds and The Big C got renewals from Showtime. Listen Weeds, announce next season is the last and I’ll hang around through the end.

--Remember when we thought the Texans having the NFC East on the schedule was going to be tough to handle?

--Edward James Olmos is going to do a graphic novel of a sequel to Battlestar Galactica?! Can never get enough of BSG.

--I’m not sure which JJ Abrams project I’m more excited about…Super 8 with Kyle Chandler/Coach Taylor or the Ben and Locke retired hit men television show.

--New favorite Freaks and Geeks as I finally started catching up to the ones IFC is showing. Sam’s Parisian night suit is just all kinds of awesome. At one point or another in high school we all went and spent too much money on something that may look cool on cool people, but not on you. Or maybe that was just my experience when as a freshman I bought some fresh black Z. Cavariccis and a peach colored button down shirt. Yeah, I wore that combination once to school. Once.

--Death, taxes and a strong Baltimore defense. The Ravens still haven’t allowed an offensive TD.

--In case you missed it and I’m sure you did, apparently Sergio Mora and Shane Mosley put on a boring fight that ended in a draw. Just typing that made me yawn.

--Liked the first episode of Terriers. Loved the second episode of Terriers. This is definitely going in the keeper category this fall.

--If you’re keeping score at home Steve Wiebe is once again the King of Kong. What up now Billy Mitchell?

--One of these days I’ll get tired of OK Go’s videos, but that day is not today.

--Reason #412 why Community rules (first 411 – Alison Brie): Christmas special in stop-motion animation like Rudolph, Frosty, etc.

--This can’t be real, right? Stick with the waffles Eggo.

--We have a combination of Dumbasses of the Week and Quote of the Week in this story from Idaho. Dominic Hinton and Roman Nazarko are our dumbasses who put a laptop up for sale on Craigslist with the intention of robbing the would-be buyer. The would-be buyer in this case was Gary Raney who is the county sheriff around those there parts. So they all agreed to a meeting place and when Raney pulled up he saw one of the guys and became suspicious so he called for some back up and when it got there the guy took off. Dumbasses didn’t get far before being arrested. Sheriff with the Quote of the Week, “The only thing better than laughing at arresting criminals is laughing at arresting dumb criminals.”

--Not that you’re going to start watching, but Last Call with Carson Daly is going music-centric in the hopes of attracting double-digit viewers.

--Terrible tragedy, but how exactly do you get tangled up in a Bowflex to the point of death.

--Drunk of the Week comes to us from Amsterdam, New York. Richard Guerra is the overachieving drunk in question. He was pulled over at 3:30 in the morning for driving with his high beams on. Genius Richard had open containers of alcohol in his car and failed some sobriety tests so he was arrested and turned over to a family member (I always think arrest = jail?). So yeah about 7:30 later that morning a cop pulls a car over and it’s our overachieving drunk Richard once again. Richard didn’t study between field sobriety tests so he failed again and was arrested again, but this time sent to jail.

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  1. Daniel4:56 PM

    That was Dabney Coleman?! Agreed on the intro to Capone. Perfect.

    Couldn't agree more on Chuck. They have the absolute best guest stars. Not sure if you noticed, but the company Chuck interviewed at was Vandalay Industries.

    Lone Star definitely has potential. More people need to watch, as I need my weekly Palicki fix. That pic is my desktop background. I think it's BS that even though the show takes place in H-Town yet they film in Dallas. BS for accuracy reasons, not because it ruins a the possibility of a chance encounter between me and Tyra in which she instantly falls in love with me.

    I was in LA for work last week and stayed the weekend to go to the game. Very depressing, but it did make me proud that there were so many Coogs in the stands representing.

  2. Vandalay, I knew I forgot to mention something. As always this Chuck was packed with the pop culture references.
    That is crap about Lone Star. Cowboys and Texans should play this week for right to have Adrianne Palicki film her scenes here.
    It sounds like a lot of people made the trip up there and then bing, bang, boom the game was over and you lost two quarterbacks. At least Terrence looked good. Should be fun to see him as the season goes on.

  3. I didn't recognize Dabney either. That show is the mutha f'n bomb. I just hope there is not a big fall off once Marty quits directing. I finally watched terriers and it is great. Logue is terrific in pretty much whatever he does.
    I didn't watch Lone Star or Chase because they want to take place in Houston then they need to film some in Houston.
    Did you notice that the way they pitched the Mosley fight was "Can Mora be the first Mexican to beat Mosley?" Genius boxing promoters keeping racism alive. Way to go Oscar.
    Did you here that Skandar Akbar died? I did not see a mention and you always hit on the wrestling deaths. Sadly Devastation Inc. could not beat cancer.

  4. Good point on Chase and Lone Star. It looks like they won't be filming anywhere for second seasons.
    Yeah, the Sergio/Sugar tagline was stupid on multiple levels.
    I heard about Skandor Akbar, but completely forgot to mention it. I remember him from his days managing One Man Gang in World Class Championship Wrestling. I think the Mid-South Nature Boy, Buddy Landell, and Butch Reed were also Skandor's boys for awhile.

  5. I've found it increasingly difficult to watch The Big C since the first episode. Oliver Platt is money in all of his scenes but I really can't stand Laura Linney's character.

    Doug was on this week. I'd rather they just announce a Doug/Andy spinoff.

    Didn't Sumlin just tell Case not to go getting involved on int returns?

  6. Laura Linney doesn't come off as a likeable person. Weird.
    I'd include Silas w/ Doug and Andy as they all open a bistro.

  7. Anonymous11:27 AM

    So what did the two morons in Idaho actually get arrested for? From the story it appears they never even attempted to rob the guy.

  8. My guess is they had gotten away with it before and so were arrested for those crimes


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