Monday, August 09, 2010

Yeh, that's right, I'm the Egg Man. Driving Around, King of the town.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I think I speak for every Astros fan when I say, “PLEASE BUY US MARK CUBAN!!”

--Another season of Friday Night Lights is in the books and holy crap did it deliver. You knew Landry was going to have his opportunity for One Shining Moment, but little did I expect it would come on a 72-yard field goal attempt. I was only disappointed Coach is starting to call him Landry instead of Lance. Those were the happy moments.

Saracen came back and made a run at Julie. Those were the sad moments.
Tim Riggins took the fall for his brother and his new family. Those were the crushing moments in what was the most emotionally draining season of the series. It was not a happy, happy, joy, joy season by any stretch of the imagination.

A fantastic season that somehow kept the momentum of the show alive despite all the departures and arrivals. Those arrivals were great from Luke to Becky to Jess and to Vince who I stopped calling Wallace (The Wire) by the season finale. Next season is it for Friday Night Lights and that’s going to be a bittersweet end to one helluva series.
My girlfriend is finally catching up on FNL and so I re-watched “The Good Son” this week and man, Zach Gilford owns that episode better than any character on that show has ever owned an episode before and that includes the episode where Lyla rides a mechanical bull. Saracen, err Gilford will be popping up next in some ABC medical drama called Off The Map about, oh who cares, I don’t think Landry/Jesse Plemons is even in it.

--Aria’s performance on Next Food Network Star would’ve embarrassed a Hell’s Kitchen chef. Awful. It’s down to Herb, Aarti (Party) and Tom. Anyone except Herb please.

--Dear Mad Men,

More Lane Pryce drunk please.

Thank you.

--UFC 117 delivered the goods for another highly entertaining card. What else can be said about the main event? Chael Sonnen was incredible, until he wasn’t. Anderson Silva has had trouble with wrestlers before like Dan Henderson, but that was only for short amounts of time. This fight Anderson was on his back pretty much the entire time. Chael was shocking the world for 4 and a half rounds until Anderson shocked everyone right back. Fantastic stuff.
Matt Hughes knocks down Ricardo Almeida and submits him?! Crazy unpredictable unlike Jon Fitch winning by decision. Oh and Roy Nelson is one tough sob. He took a 3-round beating, but somehow did last the distance against Junior Dos Santos.
As great as 117 was clearly the MMA highlight of the weekend was Roger Huerta laying the smacketh down on former Longhorn Rashad Bobino after Bobino hit a girl at an Austin bar.

--I went out to Texans practice on Thursday, but unfortunately I did not hear that magical first sound of helmets and pads colliding indicating weekends are about to matter again. I did hear that sound on Saturday though and it rang loud and clear when Kareem Jackson laid out Eric Winston. It was just a little swing pass to the RB on the right side and Kareem deked Winston to get him just off-balance enough to then put him on his butt. That was the best smack I heard on Saturday. The second best was hearing Bernard Pollard attack the sled. I don’t think anyone likes a full pads practice more than Bernard Pollard. The most obvious observation that you didn’t have to be at practice to know, the Texans are absolutely f’d if Matt Schaub gets hurt. I mean f’d, f’d. Schaub has looked great. Dan Orlovsky and John David Booty, well let’s just say the defensive backs have A LOT more hop in their step when those guys are under center. Hell the entire defensive mood picks up. All the RBs have had moments at various times, but after reading Arian Foster’s poetry I’m giving him the best training camp so far for the backs.
“Overtrained athlete syndrome,” huh? Yeah, good luck with that.

Clearly the biggest news to come out of Texans camp last week was that miracle of miracles all their preseason games will be in HD this year.

--Emmitt Smith killed it during his Hall of Fame induction speech. Calling out Troy and Michael was nice, but when he thanked Moose that was pretty damn moving. Floyd Little gave one memorable, moving speech as well. And was there ever a doubt that the longest speech of the night was going to be that given by Chris Berman?

--If any Emmy jilted show was going to take a shot at the Emmys you figured it would be Sons of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam/Jax on no nominations, “I personally was really happy. I don’t subscribe to Emmys or awards or any of that sh**. I think it’s all a crock of sh**.”
Other bits of FX news that came out of the Television Critics Association panel…Sunny is going to use Dee’s real pregnancy in the show although I don’t think they’re going to make Mac the father like he is in real life. “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” sounds fantastic especially since the McPoyles are involved.

Archer will get himself a little bundle of joy next season too.
Great little nugget via TV Squad about how Ocho Cinco got involved with The League:
"Last season in one of the episodes, I (Paul Sheer) said, "Child, please," which was Chad's catch phrase that he kind of started off in 'Hard Knocks,' that HBO series. And when that aired on the episode, that night I got a tweet from Chad Ochocinco saying, 'Dude, put me in your show.'" He’ll be in the premiere which will take place in Vegas. I can’t imagine it gets any better than a fantasy football draft in Vegas.

--The Man in Black’s name is Samuel? Well hell, now the entire game just changed.
Anyway, if you want to watch the whole Lost epilogue where Hurley and Ben are running things, well, too bad. Here is a clip of that though.

--Max Headroom: The Complete Series came out last week. I can’t imagine who could watch an entire episode, but it’s there if you want it now.

--There’s just something about Katy Perry on magazine covers that’s very appealing. I can’t quite put my finger on them though.

--Obviously waaaay past when this should have happened, but Entourage is ending after next season.

--There was a nice rumor going around that Ricky Gervais would replace Steve Carell on The Office, but Ricky shot it down before you could even sing the chorus to “Freelove Freeway.”

--True Blood got off to a slow, disjointed start, but the last three weeks it has really picked it up (haven't watched this week's yet). Even Tara has been slightly less annoying with Jason picking up that annoying slack with his new love interest. Don’t really care about that and don’t really care about Sam’s family of dogfighters. I tell you what is making this season though…Denis O’Hare as Russell Edgington. He has killed it (and drank the blood) every week this season.

--So who would you have play Miguel Tejada in the Moneyball movie? Wrong. The obvious choice is Royce Clayton although maybe this is just me, but why can’t Tejada play Tejada?

--I hope we have Graham Elliott on Southbound Food soon because I don’t think I can stomach much more of Master Chef. It’s just awful.

--The Titans worked out Tatum Bell and I only mention this because remember when Tatum took Rudi Johnson’s luggage?! WTF was that? Well besides the most hilarious thing to happen in the NFL in years.

--I’m pretty surprised Rubicon’s premiere drew 2.5 million viewers to become AMC’s highest rated debut for a series. I guess people are finally starting to figure out AMC is the network that only hits homers.

--I’m also really liking Pillars of Earth on Starz. A helluva lot of scheming to try and keep up with, but Ian McShane, I’m pretty sure, is not a good guy.

--Andie MacDowell joining Adrienne Palicki on Lone Star? Nice to see Andie is still around.

--Too much ambiguity in last week’s Louie. I mean did Louie like his “lesbian” mother or not? Grandma shaking hands with her grandkids was classic.

--Interesting diagram that lays out what the average American eats. And if you actually want to be able to read it, here it is.

--Carol Burnett (apparently not dead) as Sue Sylvester’s mother sounds about right. Jane Lynch is getting an SNL hosting gig as well.

--New to Netflix Watch Instantly is one of my favorite documentaries ever. Dogtown and Z-Boys. I highly, highly recommend checking it out. It’s basically how skateboarding came to be as we know it with obviously some outstanding footage that plays like a music video. And that music is really strong with everyone from Aerosmith to Thin Lizzy to Jimi Hendrix to Zeppelin and all points in between including Perry Como with "Lollipops and Roses" so now Dogtown has something in common with Mad Men.

--Of course Vanilla Ice is going to have a home improvement show on DIY.

--Crazy/Dumbass Criminal of the Week comes to us from College Station. ‘Twas there that Christie Hawkins on Monday stole a 2010 F-150 under the guise of a test drive. Unfortunately it wasn’t good enough for Christie so she smartly brought it back to the dealership the next day because she wanted to upgrade to a trailer hitch and antenna. Yeah, the dealership hesitated so she had to threaten to shoot them. For some reason someone called the police and she told them it was her car but couldn’t tell them who bought it for her, but that she did have insurance on it so there ya go. Oddly enough they didn’t buy her story.

Questions, comments or if you’re picking this week for a cleanse before the debauchery of football and fantasy drafts…


  1. Daniel5:05 PM

    Agreed on everything with FNL this season. I was actually fired up watching the game. Didn't know how to feel about it going in with no Tyra, but it delivered.

    Not sure if you have seen it, but Riding Giants was done by Stacy Peralta as well. For my money even better than Dogtown.

  2. It's ridiculous how pumped I was for the game. They did such a good job casting Dillon as the bad guys all season and JD is very good as an arrogant punk.
    I'll definitely have to check out Riding Giants.I liked Crips and Bloods that he did as well.

  3. Boxing may have Raging Bull and Rocky, but MMA has Silva vs. Sonnen and it doesn’t get more Hollywood than that.

    It had it all.

    A brash loud-mouthed underdog whose pre-hype smack would have made Clubber Lang blush, a seemingly invincible champion marred by controversy battling through a secret injury, four rounds plus of the impossible becoming possible and a comeback victory for the ages.

    If Silva gets through Belfort and a rematch with Sonnen and Georges St. Pierre notches victories over Kos and Shields, then Silva vs. GSP is a recipe for the first transcendent fight in the sport. The first fight that would be comparable to Ali vs. Foreman, Louis vs. Schmeling and the Frazier vs. Ali wars.

    How incredible could the buildup to this superfight be if GSP could deprogram his corporate drone approach to PR and Silva learned English.

    We know GSP has it in him, just ask Matt Hughes.

    Silva needs to drop the reverent samurai garbage. This is fight sport, not 16th century Japan. He needs to leave the Sengoku era reverence for martial arts to B-movie action flicks and learn how to build interest in his career, not only for himself, but for the sport.

    Now that Sonnen has exposed Silva’s wrestling deficiencies, I’m convinced that GSP is the man to dethrone the pound-for-pound champ.

    If GSP vs. Silva doesn’t happen it’ll be crime against pugilism. Same for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.



    I know it’s cool for high-brow TV-heads to bash Entourage these days, but come on now. How can you bash a show that has Sasha Grey walking around naked and the severely underrated Carla Gugino delivering lines to Ari like, I’ve been listening to the tapes for the last 3-nights while masturbating and fantasizing about fucking you in the ass.

    Now that shit is funny.

    The show is never going to be Breaking Bad or Mad Men, but you’re guaranteed a couple laughs and at least one poolside/beachside/inside the club scene with A+ quality tits and ass per episode. It may be a guilty pleasure kind of show, but you could do a hell of a lot worse.


    What are the chances of Katy Perry co-starring in the next Montana Fishburne vehicle?

  4. Good breakdown and with you on all the MMA stuff. It would definitely have to be Dana White doing the promoting because GSP and Silva aren't exactly Chael and Brock. It'll be interesting to see how GSP's possible Olympic run will play into things.
    Every Entourage season and episode felt the same for a looong time. I hear this season is better and how could it not be with Sasha Grey and the always lovely Gugino.
    Yeah, I don't think Perry will go the Fishburne route, unfortunately.


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