Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Foot on the pedal never ever false metal. Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Just STFU Drayton. Thanks Roy. Thanks Puma.

--Did not know until I read Alan Sepinwall’s review that the creepy kid, Glenn on Mad Men, is actually Matthew Weiner’s son. That kid is weird though what a nice dad to write a part for his son that he basically gets to hit on January Jones.
Don, Don, Don, Don. Pull it together man. Two episodes in and the only person you’ve been able to pull is your secretary?! And nice job on the morning after, dick.
Nice to see the lovely Alison Brie and Peyton List at the party.

Greatest GIF ever? Uh, yes. Thank you Film Drunk.

--AMC doesn’t make crap so I was in for Rubicon regardless of how the first couple of episodes were. After seeing them I’m all in now. It meanders along, but the setting and mood it creates doesn’t bore. I particularly like the music and, of course, James Badge Dale (Leckie from Pacific and dead ringer for Mr. Schuester). Also good to see Pvt. Cowboy from Full Metal Jacket.

--What a surprise, Little League has expanded instant replay. In the meantime Bud Selig has asked Drayton McLane to come up with a new phrase for “instant replay” since Drayton did such a good job turning “rebuilding” into “adjusting.”

--Even the most die-hard Juan Diaz fans like myself knew it was a long shot for Juan to get a victory over hall of famer Juan Manuel Marquez, but it was another valiant effort for the Baby Bull. JMM is just too good for him. No shame in that. No shame in walking away from the ring either if Diaz decides to go that route. It’s been a fun ride watching him progress to a point where he’s headlining a pay-per-view (even if this shouldn’t have been PPV). He and Rocky Juarez gave Houston boxing fans a lot to cheer about over the years and I thank them for that. But honestly there’s just nothing left for them to prove in the ring.

--A fate worse than death? I’m thinking a Jon Jones elbow.

--There are surprises and then there’s Ben Sheets injured and out for the rest of the season.

--I thought The Birth of Big Air spotlighting Mat Hoffman was another strong 30 for 30 and probably cracks my top five thus far. I could watch old bike or skate video like what they showed and what comprises the documentary Dogtown and Z-boys all day. Great stuff. And damn, those crashes Mat suffered. Ridiculous. I guess it’s easy to see why he had such a kinship with Evel Knievel. Couple of crazy m’f’ers.
ESPN is finally doing the right thing by this series and giving it a stable Tuesday night slot starting August 24th. I’m particularly looking forward to the one focusing on Vlade Divac/Drazen Petrovic, the SMU one, and the Tyson/Tupac murder.
Full ESPN 30 for 30 Fall Schedule.

--I can’t keep up with who is and who isn’t judging American Idol anymore so let’s just agree to end it, okay?

--K-Swiss knows what’s up…

--Maybe it was just the mood I was in or something, but Anvil: Story of Anvil wasn’t as good as I was expecting. All the cameos from various bands was cool, but I don’t know, just wasn't feeling it.

--Lizzy Caplan is working with the Funny or Die crew on something for HBO?! Hell yeah! I don’t want to tell Funny or Die how to do its job, but I’d show Lizzy taking V and then stripping off her clothes for the pilot episode…and maybe the 2nd and 3rd episodes as well.
Her first appearance on Freaks and Geeks was this week on IFC. Lizzy’s look has drastically improved since those days. By the way that last scene when James Franco goes to his rehearsed speech about being a dummy was the most hilarious scene in the series yet.

--I never dreamed I’d ever say screw the Dillon Panthers, but screw the Dillon Panthers. Let’s go East Dillon! Friday night is gonna be on!

I might have a heart attack if it comes down to a Landry field goal attempt.

--Whoa, Redbox is going to start including Blu-Rays. I’ve never used a RedBox, but I might have to start.

--I don’t know what it is about Wendy’s that makes it a constant flash point for crazy people. This week’s crazy Wendy’s story comes to us from Atlanta. ‘Twas there a guy walked in late Saturday night with a ski mask and gun and demanded the register’s cash drawer. He got away, but wasn’t happy with his haul. How unhappy was he? Unhappy enough to call Wendy’s and complain saying, “Next time there better be more than $586.” Nice. Still not satisfied the guy actually called back and complained again. The robber would have probably been okay with that money had he just left with a Frosty and large fries also. I mean how do you go to Wendy’s and not get a Frosty and fries?

--Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection comes out later this month and will contain both seasons as well as the One Night Stand Special they did on HBO back in 2005. Also promising in this are New Zealand Consulate Meetings with Murray and Greg in addition to Dave’s Pawn Shop commercials. Nice.

--Pretty surprised Brad went home before Herb who is easily the weakest of the four remaining hopefuls on Next Food Network Star. Aarti had a terrible day, but she has the only gimmick Food Network is missing. Aria and Tom are good, but their shows would make their obligatory one season run early weekend mornings and then be put out to pasture. Tom has the personality that can get him those jobs that past runner-up Adam Gertler keeps getting. Tom would be much better on Extreme Sweets or whatever it is Adam Gertler is hosting now.

--Slam had a feature on Steve Francis a couple of months ago that I missed, but they brought it back up with rumors about Steve and the Heat. Whatever. Anyway, back to the article I can understand wanting to ensure his family will be taken care of financially. What I don’t understand is his talking about being the best player out of D.C. since Len Bias and saying Kevin Durant and Michael Beasley can’t say that. Huh? First of all Kevin Durant blows him out of the water and already has been to the postseason more than Steve has. Second of all why are you hanging your hat on that? I understand being the best out of D.C. is a big deal, but isn’t it said in wistful tones because you never rose as high as people expected? And then you make statements like this after being brought back to the Rockets in 2007:
“They ain’t start me [and] that rubbed me the wrong way. I’m playing behind a guy that wasn’t drafted – Skip To My Lou. You can’t put a three-time All-Star on your bench. So [I decided] if I’m getting x-amount of dollars, I’ma fall back and just get my money for my kids.”
Nice attitude. The Rockets don’t start you so instead of fighting and trying to earn minutes let’s just fall back and get paid. Steve ended up in some bad situations in New York and Memphis, but it sounds like he didn’t care as long as he was getting paid. And that’s fine, but it seems odd that in the next breath he’ll pump himself up and convey a feeling of entitlement because he had a brief run of basketball glory.

Cuttino is that really you back in '92?

--Haven’t watched, but do know Mrs. Ari Gold is supposed to particularly look good this week. Did not know she was once in Red Shoe Diaries.

--I think the most consistently best part of Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim is Rob Corddry’s little thank you speech/story time at the end of each episode.

--Louie has been picked up for a second season and that’s a good thing.

Lou-ieeeeeeeeeeee. Lou-ahhhhhhhhh.

--Snooki arrested for public drunkenness?! That doesn’t sound right. Neither does “Jesus Shore” which was a concert in Seaside Heights where Jersey Shore is filmed. Yeah, good luck with that.

--Kristin Chenoweth to get her own musical series?! Oh hell yeah.

--You can add Stacy Keibler to Chuck’s always growing list of guest stars next season. I’m surprised Stacy hasn’t been on before.

The Nitro Girls, that's a blast from the past.

--Drudge Report headline I have zero desire of clicking on: “Woman Sprayed with Human Semen at Grocery Store”

Questions, comments or if you were wondering what took so long for Justin Beiber to announce he’s writing his memoir…


  1. Dude-

    Yes Ari Gold's wife does look pretty hot this week. I know you arent into Entourage that much anymore...but her scene at the end made it worthwhile this week. Add in a little Sasha Grey and ehhh not too bad of an episode.
    I am desperatly trying to catch up on Sons of Anarchy Season 2 on FX on saturday nights before the new season and so far so good. If there is one thing I can say about that show is it likes to build tension with its chracters....

  2. I'll actually watch this week's Entourage for those two.
    Sons has as much tension in some scenes as Breaking Bad does. Can't wait for the 3rd season. Such a good show.

  3. I'm proud to say that I just spent 5 solid minutes watching that GIF. God Bless the internet.

  4. And God Bless America for some of her best work there.


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