Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I am so looking forwarding to The Walking Dead

--That was a helluva Mad Men with the Drapers not named Don having a storyline as compelling as what’s happening with the boys and girls at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. I mean I don’t think anyone guessed Sally Draper was going to touch herself this season. Where the f did that come from?! Wow. At least Betty had a calm, cool and collected reaction as usual.
The other wow was Roger’s destruction of the Honda meeting complete with Hiroshima references. I thought John Slattery was great during the entire episode whether he was playing contempt or contrite. I especially liked when Pete Campbell blasted him.
Oh and Ted Chaough, move along, you don’t want none of this.

--Lost’s complete series big ass Smoke Monster-sized DVD set is out and with it the most anticipated DVD extra ever, the epilogue: The Man in Charge. I didn’t expect something mind blowing, but I did expect to spend a nice 12 new minutes in the Lost world and I got just that including one surprise I’m shocked wasn’t ruined before this came out.

Part Deux

--I finally got around to watching Kick-Ass. After the first 30 minutes or so I was worried it wasn’t going to live up to the hype. By the end though it was easy to see that the hype was justified. Great movie that takes you places you don’t think you were going to go to. And holy crap, Hit Girl!

--Rest easy America, Last Call with Carson Daly has been renewed. Somehow that show has made it to 10 years.

--I hate cats, but mostly because of all that noise! Thankfully there’s Kitten Mitton!

--Product of the Week: Dayman heat sensitive mugs that change to Nightman. Awesome.

--While we’re talking Philadelphia. Good luck to the City of Brotherly Love in collecting $300 from bloggers as a fee for a business privilege license. Bloggers also have to pay taxes on any profits they’ve made from their site. Those fees to be paid no matter if you’re actually making money or even selling anything. But the city is being totally cool and understanding if you don’t want to pay the $300 for a lifetime business plan. It has put together a nice $50 a year business license just for you. Unbelievable.

--Does Kurt Warner last more weeks on Dancing With the Stars than Matt Leinart starts weeks for the Cardinals this season?

--Interesting look at Boondocks from PopMatters.com.

--Love this quote from Antonio Cromartie explaining his difficulty in naming all his children on Hard Knocks last week. "Nah, I didn't have trouble. I mean, I had nailed it the one time before, but they had to redo it and they just told me to pause between each one of [the names]." Love how he refers to the task of correctly naming his children as “nailed it.”

--Of course there’s already a sequel in the works for Piranha 3D.

Haven't seen Piranha 3D, but I'm guessing these two won't be in the sequel.

--I wasn’t even aware it was still around, but apparently Icehouse is and apparently Jenn Brown had signed on to be the new spokeswoman. Congratulations, I guess, were in order until ESPN changed its mind about allowing her to do this. Haters.

--Lego Inception. Sweet.

--Rubicon continues to keep my interest, but I’m one of the few. Despite the strongest ratings premiere in AMC history it’s been all downhill since then ratings-wise. Hopefully we find out what “The Houston Problem” is before the first season is over. Something titled “The Houston Problem” has so many possibilities.

--Chris Rainey’s older brother is He Hate Me himself, Rod Smart?!

--I’ve been looking forward to watching the tour documentary White Stripes Under the Great White Northern Lights for a while and finally stumbled across it last weekend on Showtime On Demand. Awesome stuff. Jack White just kills it in concert. I’ve never seen the White Stripes live, but did see Jack with the Raconteurs a few years ago and the sounds he creates with guitars are just incredible. I highly recommend checking out the flick. Meg is really expressive and talkative and you get to really know her….or maybe Meg is just Meg.

--Of course The Situation has an abs-focused fitness DVD and line of chewable supplements coming out. Six-figure advance on autobiography? Yep.

--License plate of the year goes to Kenny Anderson’s ex-wife for her plates that read “HISCASH.” Well played Tami, well played.

--If you’re so inclined here’s the complete fall schedule for The Cooking Channel which you may have picked up recently. They managed to find Kelsey from Next Food Network Star a show. I’m down with The Minimalist from Mark Bittman. Love his app. And of course love the old Iron Chefs The Cooking Channel broadcasts.

--Guy Fieri in an Aflac commercial. Shoot me now.

--Spin with a list of the 25 Fall Albums That Matter Most.

--Barack Obama now has a school named after him. Yet I still haven’t heard of any school opting to go by “Old.” What parent wouldn’t want to send their child to Old School? I mean, Old School would crush on fundraising selling t-shirts alone. It’d even make band cool. “Oh I’m in Old School Band.” Though not sure what Old School Choir would sound like, maybe a helluva lot of doo-wop and barbershop.

--RIP Johnny Bailey.

Questions, comments or if the best idea you had all week was googling for FX coupon codes before ordering a boatload of Sunny stuff…


  1. Barry (bcstagg)6:37 PM

    There was a movement when Kick Ass came out to get the actress who plays Hit Girl a supporting actress oscar nomination. I'm not against that at all. At the very least a golden globe seems plausible.

    I've heard Piranha 3D is awesome. And Rotten Tomatoes agrees, 81 percent. I've heard Eli Roth's part is just him standing on a dock hosing off breasts. I'm in. I'm also in for The Last Exorcism.

  2. Hit Girl was awesome.
    If football wasn't about to dominate weekends I'd probably find time for Piranha, but not likely. Agreed on Last Exorcism.

  3. Walking Dead looks legit. And with a 90 minute Halloween night debut makes it even better....

  4. Loving the Halloween debut.

  5. Anonymous3:58 PM

    The Walking Dead seems like the TV version of 28 Days Later

  6. It does, but I'm not sure which actually came first since Walking Dead was a graphic novel. Either way, can't fn wait.


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