Friday, August 27, 2010

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--One of these years I’m gonna have to hit The State Fair of Texas and gorge myself on deep fried goodness. This year’s finalists for the Big Tex Awards are out and they are spectacular. It’s got everything from Deep Fried Smores Pop Tarts to Deep Fried Frito Pies. Deep Fried Frozen Margarita sounds absolutely disgusting. Apparently it involves taking a perfectly good funnel cake and ruining it with some kind of mixture of ‘rita ingredients. Totally down for a Deep Fried Club Salad that is basically a spinach wrap with a club salad in it that is then all fried and topped with fried sourdough croutons. Hell yeah. Fried Beer is basically a beer-filled pretzel pocket that is deep fried and that sounds fantastic.

Oh deep fried oreos, you're so 2005.

--Basically two entire episodes with the Botwins/Newmans in the car isn’t exactly the strongest way to start this season of Weeds. However, Andy has made it as enjoyable as possible.

--I guess I need to go play "Angry Birds" if they’re going to make a movie based on it. Why so angry? I assume because as Charlie eloquently laid out before on Sunny, "bird law in this country is not governed by reason."

--All the 30 for 30s can’t be home runs and Michael Jordan’s baseball adventure directed by Ron Shelton was a bloop single at best. The subject itself just wasn’t all that intriguing and there was nothing new that was brought to light much less anything from MJ himself. His decision to play baseball is as nonsensical now as it was then. Sure teams were frightened of playing Dream and the Rockets in ’94 and ’95, but frightened enough to retire?! Not sure why that angle wasn’t covered in the doc.

--I like James Franco. More so after reading that NY Magazine article and watching Freaks and Geeks, but ain’t no way I’m watching 127 Hours. I can’t imagine a much more boring plot to work with than guy gets stuck under a boulder and cuts his arm off with a pocket knife. Nice story, but how do you stretch that out for a movie?!

--Top Chef is going to miss Amanda. She was one of the few left with a genuine personality, but tuna tar tare?! What the f was she thinking? We’ll ask her that on Southbound Food this week. Saturdays at 11AM, boys and girls. Oh and remember when Amanda talked about her past drug use and all that? Yeah, me too. Lance, um not so much. So when he nonchalantly asked her at the end of the interview, “Do you like to party?” I was WTF and LOL’ing at the same time. She was as confused as can be before saying I guess or something to that effect. That’ll probably be the last Top Cheftestant we have on, but at least we went out on a high.
By the way, when it gets down to the final four they’ll be heading to Singapore for the finale. I’d think that would favor Angelo.

But does she like to party?

--I think Chuck and Sara are taking a break next season because between all the guest stars there’s not a lot of room left. Timothy Dalton is apparently going to be in several episodes. Eric Roberts will also be on.

--Tom Sizemore is gonna guest on Sunny this season? Holy crap, perfect guest. But what’s going to be better than Chase Utley and Mac finally together? That link is to an AOL interview with the gang.

--The boys and girls who produced Party Down are putting together an NBC pilot for a somewhat similar show called Temps. It’s already infinitely better than Outsourced, which of course means Temps will be shown once before being replaced by Minute To Win It.

--The Situation is going to be on Dancing With the Stars?!

--Wait, Shaq is with Hoopz from Flavor of Love?! I vaguely remember stumbling across that a time or two and if memory serves then Hoopz was actually sane and pretty cool.

--Rolling Stone takes a stab at the impossible task of selecting the Top 100 Beatles Songs. “Come Together” had to break the top 10 and did at Number 9 which could have gone to “Revolution No. 9” as far as I’m concerned (or maybe not). I thought “Let It Be” would be in the top five, but it sits at 8. I love “Something” and it’s a beautiful part of Cirque’s Beatles Love, but #6? “In My Life” at #5, eh. “Yesterday” and “Strawberry Fields Forever” at 4 and 3. At #2 we get “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” And the top Beatles song of all-time according to Rolling Stone is….(I’m guessing “Day in the Life”).…nailed it!

--Interesting read on Twitter users. I never thought I’d like it as much as I do.

--There’s good preseasons and then there’s 41 of 53 for 470 yards, six TDs and zero INTs. Yeah, Aaron Rodgers isn’t getting past pick 10.

--A Netflix app that will play movies?! There is a God.

--Like father, like sons…There was an Open House at Lancaster High in South Carolina earlier this week. During school that day a 14-year-old got into a fight and his two older brothers jumped in to help him. An assistant principal broke up the fight. Apparently the kids told their father that the assistant principal cursed at them and roughed them up. There’s no evidence of that, but that didn’t stop the dad from going to open house and sucker punching the assistant principal. Stay classy Rodney Thompson.

Questions, comments or if you think this is the year you finally draw the #1 pick…

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