Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Humpty Dumpty was a big fat egg. He was playing on the wall and then he broke his leg

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I’m not going to go crazy about the first preseason game (that was for Saturday night after a few beers). Having said that the red zone offense was its usual terrible self, no thanks to the play calling. And I really wanted to see Neil Rackers get an opportunity to knock down that 50+ yard field goal.
The defense is going to really, really, really miss Brian Cushing. All the big boys on the first team defense picked up where they left off, which was nice.
Yeah, I think I’m over the whole Trindon Holliday thing.
Obviously the worst thing to come out of the game was Ben Tate’s injury. However, Arian Foster continued to show he can be a solid back. He’s not a home run threat, he’s not a big, bruiser, he’s just productive. He’s decisive and always gets positive yardage. The Texans don’t need an All Pro or even a Pro Bowl back, just a dependable one and Arian is just that.
Oh and how bad do the Cardinals look?

--I love me some Little League. What else is there to watch mid-mornings and mid-evenings right now? The games are always unpredictable. I should say usually instead of always since Pearland is predictably going to run the table. That team is damn strong. Beau Orlando is about to be the talk of Williamsport.

--I’m going to miss Sunny Mondays once Monday Night Football starts. "The Nightman Cometh" last Monday instantly jumped to the top of the list of my personal favorite episodes. I mean Mac’s cat eyes alone would place it pretty high. I’m glad he was “going for gasps” and not laughs. And they handled the rape scene in as classy a way as possible.
Frank: (singing) You gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boy's hole. You gotta pay the troll toll to get in. You want this baby boy's hole, you gotta pay the troll toll...
Charlie: Stop, stop, stop. All right, not bad. Good rhythm, love the enthusiasm. I feel like you're saying "boy's hole," and it's clearly "soul."
This so should have been an hour long episode because you can't cut songs titled "It's Nature, Shit Happens."

Sort of like a hybrid of Al Jolson and Bell Biv Devoe...

--Apparently HBO is as indecisive as I am and said screw it because it’s going to bring back Life and Times of Tim after all. Nice.

--Clearly the biggest reason to watch the new Hawaii Five-O is Grace Park. Masi Oka/Hiro on Heroes is also joining the cast that includes Daniel Dae Kim from Lost as well. Wake me when Grace is in a bikini.

Well played.

--Just when you think Don Draper can’t be more of a dick to Allison, boom, yeah, Allison you write whatever recommendation you want and I’ll just sign it. Very strong episode with John Slattery/Roger making his directorial debut. Always love seeing Pete playing the sonuvabitch and seeing Pete usually means we’ll be seeing Trudy so that’s nice. The absolute best moment of this season has to be when Peggy was on her desk peeping through the glass into Don’s office after Allison threw a glass fastball in his office. It’s interesting watching Peggy as she really has no idea what she truly wants out of life, but isn’t afraid to sample what all it has to offer.
The only thing I want to know after watching this episode though is did the old wife buy the pears or not? Alan Sepinwall pointed this out and now I have to go back and watch on my DVR, but Don’s new, old secretary Miss Blankenship was Daniel Larusso’s mom on Karate Kid?!

--Bo and Sara just need to go away now please. Thank you.

--I’m interested to see where Top Chef goes from here with Kenny out of the picture. I knew he wasn’t going to win since he accepted a job with the PGA about a month ago, but I fully expected him to hang around longer than, oh I don’t know, freakin’ Alex!

--Because Glee is trying its best to be as annoyingly everywhere you look as Twilight is there’s now a Glee comic book.
And much to my fiancée’s delight the awesome Vietnamese restaurant, Huynh, was playing one of the Glee soundtracks on its sound system the other night.

--I’m still reeling from the finales of Minute to Win It and Next Great Artist so the news that Cathy is ending its run makes me wonder if life is worth living.

--Pillars of Earth is five episodes into its eight episode run and I’m telling you if you’re not watching you’re missing some quality television on Starz. It’s On Demand and Netflix Watch Instantly and you should.

--The only show I would have watched from any of those Food Network Star finalists would have been Aarti’s so I’m happy we’ll be getting Aarti Parti. It’s a nice niche she fills that Food Network has never had. Of course I say I’ll watch, but unless you’re Guy Fieri once you win the show you pretty much fade into oblivion.

--Ignoring all the subplots I’m really liking this Russell vs. The Authority vs. Eric vs. Bill vs. finding out what the hell Sookie is. True Blood really hasn’t had enough newscasters’ organs ripped out live on the air by a vampire who is still savvy enough to remember to toss it to Tiffany for the weather.

--Rubicon got away from the major conspiracy arc and shed some welcome light on where exactly Will Travers works, who for and why. Good stuff, especially from Donald Bloom and his speech about the guy’s tie and his breakdown of briefcases was essential for those kids watching who want to grow up to be analysts someday.
A Pacific connection this week with James Badge Dale/Travers/Leckie looking across the way into a building at a lovely girl who was none other than Annie Parisse who played Lena Basilone.

--Maybe it’s because I wasn’t looking all that hard, but didn’t see Saturday the 14th replaying on any channel last weekend. Even at a very young age I knew that I was unlikely to ever watch a worse movie in my lifetime. Could not possibly have foreseen that the vampire played by Jeffrey Tambor would be in two of my favorite comedies of all-time in The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested Development.

--That Facebook movie looks like a colossal waste of time much like Facebook itself. Not like Twitter which is vital to mankind’s existence.

--Len Pasquarelli is going from ESPN to CBS. In other news Len Pasquarelli was apparently still at ESPN.

--Only three interceptions and a lost fumble Curtis Painter? Don’t rush back from injury Jeff Saturday just to play Week 1 against the Texans. Take your time.

--Not sure what Tila Tequila was expecting at an Insane Clown Posse performance. And what is this about her being on stage to perform? What exactly does she perform? I see now where she was topless for some of that “performance” so I guess that explains it.

--MTV2 has picked up 20 Lingerie Football League games so, uh, yeah there’s still an MTV2 apparently.

Questions, comments or if after 2 weeks of sitting on your TV stand you’re finally going to watch Kick-Ass on Wednesday…


  1. Tila should fire her manager for putting her in that place. However, Juggalo's are the biggest bunch of in bred, white trash, bad meth cooking, black teeth having, pieces of carp on that face of the Earth. Saying the are scumbags is an insult to scumbags. What about UH buying KTRU? Sounded cool at first because our school could finally get a "real" college radio station. Sadly the decided that it will be an all news channel.
    It's sad when Alvin Community College has a better Radio/TV program than ours.

  2. Honestly I can't believe Juggalos are still around and ICP still draws crowds. How is that not waaaaay beyond played out by now in the year 2010?!
    A "real" college station at UH where UH students could get real experience. Yeah, right. That would make too much sense.

  3. We are in the midst of doing a documentary style video for one of our clients and I was pushing very hard for my wife to use Charlie Day for the voice over.

    At the end of the last True Blood episode Bill Says "Sookie I know what you are" I really wanted him to follow that up with "you're really kind of a bitch sometimes"

  4. Charlie Day voice over and it would barely matter what is on the screen.

    Bill would likely have added "sexy bitch" to it.

  5. Daniel6:46 PM

    Wouldn't give up on the Facebook movie yet. Fincher is directing and Trent Reznor is doing the score. Maybe I'm just an apologist for both of them, but even when they aren't at their best (I'm looking at you Panic Room and Year Zero), they are still better than 99% of their contemporaries in their respective fields.

    The world is a better place when Grace Park and Adrianne Palicki are on TV every week. Nice to see that will be happening this fall.

  6. It's more because the story just doesn't interest me. Though maybe mostly I just don't like Jesse Eisenberg.

  7. Anonymous7:11 AM

    Bernard Pollard!!! Really that's all I wanted to say.... Dude absolutely set the tone on Saturday by lighting up Hightower on the first play of the game.

    Who doesn't love them some Bernard Pollard?!?!?

  8. Apparently Todd Haley and the Chiefs and I thank the football gods every day for that. Pollard is what this defense has lacked from day one of year one.


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