Wednesday, July 28, 2010

You Can't, You Won't And You Don't Stop. Mike D Come On And Rock The Sure Shot.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Sons of Anarchy season three trailer? Yes, please.

--It’s going to take me awhile to get used to a bearded Jon Stewart who actually has color to his skin.

--How in the hell did Morey get anything, much less a 2nd round pick for David Andersen?!

--Looking forward to finally watching Kick-Ass when it comes out on DVD next week.

--AMC rules which is why I’ll gladly watch upcoming offerings like Rubicon, Walking Dead, and Hell on Wheels. That last one will deal with the building of the Transcontinental Railroad and recently Common was tapped for one of the roles. I’m liking that even if I’ll never forgive him for Just Wright.

--Writing of AMC, Mad Men pulled in almost 3 million viewers for its premiere. Or roughly 400,000 fewer viewers than the July 12th edition of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Idiocracy.

--Paraguay’s most famous soccer fan, LaRissa Riquelme, was mugged in Rio because that’s what happens when you’re in Rio. I assume it was The Runts. I also assume they didn’t kill her because she told them she still has to run nekkid through the streets of Paraguay to fulfill her promise to the patiently waiting world.

--Of course the former Mrs. Hulk Hogan, 50, is engaged to a 21-year-old. Of course he was originally friends with her son Nick. And of course the guy is a year younger than Brooke. I haven’t been on Hulk’s side for a lot of things, but that woman is mental. Oh yeah the name of her new yacht is “Alimoney.” Disgusting. Scott Hall thinks Linda Hogan has no class.

--Ain’t nothing like a good Juan Diaz fight weekend. Baby Bull gets his rematch against Juan Manuel Marquez who finished strong to finish Juan the first time around. What’s going to be different this time around? Uhhh, I don’t know, hopefully the end. Hopefully Juan doesn’t suffer a gash like he did last time and hopefully this time if it does happen he’ll fight through it better. We all know how it’s going to start, Juan will come forward and throw, throw, throw. The guy is a volume punching machine and JMM is a crafty veteran that effectively counters and patiently waits for opportunities. Like most fights I hate that this one is PPV, but at least, up and down, the card isn’t trash. Oh, and I’ll take Baby Bull via decision because, for real, you think I’d pick against a Cougar?

While I’m on boxing for a moment it’s laughable that Antonio Margarito gets a shot at Manny Pacquiao. The size difference could make things interesting (not bloody likely), but Margarito looked terrible last time out and nothing like he used to before he was busted for using plaster of Paris in his wraps before the Shane loss. Antonio was my favorite boxer for quite awhile until all this crap and I’d be naïve to think it was his first use and that he had no knowledge of it. So Margarito gets busted for a very serious offense, sits a year, looks like crap in his return bout and now gets to fight the most exciting figure in boxing? How the hell does that make sense? Oh yeah, boxing.

--I finally got around to watching Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny. And it seriously was. Great stuff including how his grandfather ran smack at him by calling him a name like “sucker” and then saying, “You ain’t nothin but a piece of cheese without the corners. In other words you ain’t ever gonna be a slice…bitch.” I could watch Hart imitate Shaq falls all freakin’ day. When he’s mimicking his children or any relative it’s always money. "Money" reminds me Kevin Hart does an awesome Floyd Mayweather Jr. impersonation.

--Seriously how did Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Khan get that job and how does he still have it?

--I gave Gordon Ramsay's Master Chef a shot. I doubt I’ll be back. There’s a show in there somewhere, but once Fox gets a hold of it it becomes like every other Fox offering.

--Hollywood Reporter interviews Isaiah Mustafa a.k.a. The Old Spice Guy. I knew he had signed a talent deal with NBC and am glad to see they’re going to use him on Chuck. Perfect.

--Can’t get enough Pacey-Con…

--Starz is offering up an 8-part miniseries that has Ian McShane in it called Pillars of Earth. I’m always down for historical dramas and the presence of McShane, Hayley Atwell and Donald Sutherland’s doesn’t hurt things. The first episode threw a lot at you and was kind of confusing to keep track of who is scheming what and why. It all seemed to click for me when the “witch” squatted down on the table in front of the archdeacon and peed.
Oh I get it now.

Hayley had kind of a rough first episode.
Anyway, my understanding is that this miniseries is trying to tackle a 1,000 page book that spans a lot of years so I’m curious to see how this show pulls that all off. I’m also still waiting for McShane’s character, the archdeacon, to let loose with a string of f-bombs and c*cksuckers. I don’t think it’s healthy for him to go too long without using his go-to words.

--Loving watching James Franco on Freaks and Geeks. Loved watching him on General Hospital all though all good things must come to an end. At least his end comes with a drag queen speaking the lyrics of Gary Jules’ “Mad World” (Donnie Darko). Seriously you need to watch that.
New Yorker with a very long, but very interesting cover story on Mr. Franco who kinda likes school. 62 credits a quarter? Three graduate programs at once? Going for an English Ph.D. at Yale?

--Nick Cave is working on a script to reboot The Crow? Ummm, why? Yeah, the sequels were beyond awful, but there wasn’t much wrong with the original (beyond the whole Brandon Lee dying thing), at least from what I can remember. Cave did write The Proposition which I thought was outstanding although every movie with Guy Pearce I think is outstanding.

--Marisa Miller is pretty. She’s in FHM.

102 Summer Style Shortcuts!

--There are good ways to get mad at idiot drivers and there’s the best way. An example of the best way comes to us from Florida, wow, go figure. A woman was driving along a bridge near St. Petersburg when apparently some other driver pissed her off. So this woman did what she had to do. She got out of her car, jumped onto the hood of the other car and flashed the driver because boobies always get your point across more effectively than a middle finger. For some strange reason someone called the police so the topless woman booked it through traffic for a bit before eventually being caught.

--Still don’t see how Battleship the movie is going to be any good, but you have Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor Kitsch and now Rihanna so it’ll at least be easy on the eyes.

--Luke Perry and Jason Priestley are technically back on a show together. Technically, because I’m not sure “starring” for something on the Hallmark Movie Channel is something that even IMDB recognizes.

--The most inexplicable aspect of Jersey Shore’s season two is how Angelina was ever asked back after she walked out. It seems MTV has finally wised up though and is reportedly axing (in the firing sense, not the asking sense) her before season three and bringing on one of Snooki’s friends.

--Awesome note on Wednesday on Twitter from @lonestarball: Since being traded to Texas, Cliff Lee has 25 Ks and 1 walk. Since being traded to Seattle, Justin Smoak has 22 Ks and 1 walk.

--I loved every second of reading Robb Walsh’s 100 Favorite Dishes in Houston. I’ve tried several, but not nearly enough. #1 as predicted by a lot of people were the Oysters Gilhooley in San Leon. My personal favorite on his list? A combination of the Green Falafel Sandwich at Zabak’s which checked in at #23 along with a side of #34 the fries at Little Big’s.

--Wait, that private label beer from 7-Eleven won the American Light category at the U.S. Beer Open Championship?! It’s Game Day Light if you ever come across it.

--Gotta love minor league promotions. The Frederick Keys had Bryan Voltaggio Night this week and gave away 1,000 Voltaggio bobbleheads and he ran a concession stand serving food like soft-shell crab sandwich with pickled fennel-cucumber slaw. I miss last year’s Top Chef.

Questions, comments or if you’re suddenly craving a baseball helmet sundae…


  1. Barry (bcstagg)5:17 PM

    I'm interested to see if Mad Men picks up more viewers because, although one shouldn't, one could pick up in season 4 and be relatively fine. You'd miss a ton of back story, but it's like a second half. And I started on Freaks and Geeks. 3 episodes in very nice. Curious why Wonder Years can't be released because of music rights, but F & G can get all that awesome music on. I also love that the David Andersen trade was for a 2015 2nd round pick from the Clippers, that could be the first pick of the 2nd round!

  2. I think the premiere outdrew last season's by 100,000 viewers. I see your point about a second half, but if you haven't been watching I can't imagine starting now.
    The music on Freaks and Geeks is very strong as is everything else. Saw you tweet that Lizzy Caplan makes an appearance. Looking forward to that.

  3. Barry (bcstagg)5:42 PM

    If you're past episode 2 I believe you've missed her. She literally has one line. She brings the note for "family emergency" to get linda cardelinni out of class during the kegger episode. Underused, sure, but still amazing the talent they had on that show.

  4. I'm so glad that FX is showing season 2 of SOA on the weekends right now. Looks like I'll be caught up before season 3 starts.

    Haley Atwell has a young Julia Ormond thing going and that is a good thing.

    At this point, I would put the fries at Little Bigs closer to #1. That is the one thing I've cheat on my QWL diet for.

    I know I'm the only person on earth that thinks this but Marisa Miller, Meh.

  5. I can't imagine anyone not liking SOA who gives it a shot.
    Good call on Julia Ormond.


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