Thursday, July 08, 2010

B-E-A-S-T-I-E, what up Mike D.. Ah yeah, that's me

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Let me start by saying ha ha ha ha ha. Two Tonight Shows were up for nomination and Conan’s was nominated while Jay’s wasn’t. F’n hilarious and highlight of my Thursday.
Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama is ridiculously stacked. Walter White (winner), Don Draper, House, Dexter, Jack Shephard and last but not least Coach Taylor! I’d be happy with any of those except for House which lost its way after a dynamite premiere.
And Mrs. Coach Taylor/Connie Britton gets some well-deserved love for Outstanding Actress in a Drama.

The biggest snub of all is, no doubt, Katey Sagal for her work this season on Sons of Anarchy. She gave an incredible, believable, and an emotional performance every week in a show that doesn’t get the mainstream love it really deserves.

Mitchell/Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Cameron/Eric Stonestreet and Phil Dunphy/Ty Burrell were nice noms for Outstanding Supporting Actors in a Comedy, but I woulda left off Mitchell and let another person in there.
It won’t be easy with both Ben and Locke nominated, but this has to be the year Jesse Pinkman/Aaron Paul wins Best Supporting Actor in a Drama.
Lea Michelle can sing like nobody’s business, but act? Ehh. She’s part of the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy group that underwhelms with the exception of Amy Poehler for Parks.
Outstanding Supporting Actress for a Comedy has Claire Dunphy/Julie Bowen and Gloria/Sofia Vergara. Surprised to see Bowen get the nod. It has to be Sue Sylvester/Jane Lynch’s Emmy to lose.
I would have taken Tate Donovan from Damages over Martin Short from the same show or Roger Sterling in Mad Men.
No love for Justified except for Theme Music.
Go ahead and give Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama to John Lithgow for Dexter.

And while you’re at it you can hand Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy to Kristen Chenoweth for Glee.
Good luck trying to keep away the Comedy Emmys from Glee and Modern Family. I mean Glee has 19 freakin’ nominations! Only show with more was Pacific with 24 although they’re kind of hollow. For example it has all four nominations for different episodes in the category of Outstanding Sound Mixing For a Miniseries or Movie. I assume it just didn’t nominate its actors because Remi Malek and Joseph Mazzello definitely deserved nods.

The Drama Emmys who knows how they’ll deal with Lost and its final run. Breaking Bad obviously deserves Best Drama, Outstanding Lead and Supporting Actor.

--All this crazy free agent stuff. Real simple. Kevin Durant gets it. LeBron doesn’t.

--I finished up Firefly and you’ll never guess…I liked it! I’ll pause for the shock to wear off. It had the Whedon-esque dialogue and quirky characters you’d come to expect mixed with just enough action and Christina Hendricks. She was great in her two episodes and everyone else was great throughout. As much as Timothy Olyphant owns his Deadwood/Justified character, Nathan Fillion owns his Firefly/Castle/Dr. Horrible character as Adam Baldwin owns his Firefly/Chuck character. "Janestown" was probably my favorite episode. Wise choice going from Rebecca Gayheart to Morena Baccarin as the companion. Ron Glass as Shepherd was strong. Fox f’d this show from get-go what with airing the episodes out of order and not just giving Joss free reign. I would have loved to see this get a couple more seasons, but I guess I’ll settle for the movie Serenity. All the episodes are on Watch Instantly if you’re so inclined.

--I’ve also started catching up on Freaks and Geeks now that it’s on IFC every week. One episode in and I already know as stupid as it was to give Firefly just one season it’s worse in Freaks and Geeks’ case. I knew a ton of people were in it, but it still surprised with a couple of people like the guy from Waiting and his friends from Inglorious Basterds. It’s so weird to see Martin Starr then as to now on Party Down. They should have just made Roman on Party Down the evolution of his Freaks character. The trio of James Franco, Jason Segel and Seth Rogen is going to be fun to follow.

Back to Party Down apparently Starz isn't happy enough it's cancelled the show it's also pulling it from Netflix. Dammit Starz you do something good with Spartacus, but then something like this treatment.

--Classic Colbert open last night with Steve Carell's Corral temporarily filling in. Colbert informed his nation about asian carp which he "assumes is just like regular carp except better at science and math." Really America we're thinking about changing "Asian Carp" to "Kentucky Tuna" on the chance people might eat it.

--I’m not sure where they’re going to put the regular Weeds cast since yet another guest star has been added to the list. Richard Dreyfuss on board joining the likes of Alanis Morissette, Zack Morris, Sarah Connor and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

--New Beavis & Butthead episodes?!

--AMC. Western. Titled Hell on Wheels. I’m in.

--Adrienne Barbeau to General Hospital too? Great run back in the day with Swamp Thing, The Fog, Cannonball Run, Escape from New York and a Fantasy Island episode to boot.

--How many different show vehicles is Food Network Star loser Adam Gertler going to get? Kid in a Candy Store is the latest one that’ll get dropped after 6 episodes.
Also the Neelys are opening up a Neely’s Pig Parlor in NYC so you got that going for you New York. Worst. Show. Ever.

--An amusing trip down Mad Men memory lane. It’ll be back July 25th.

--How is it that Edwards Theaters has Inception listed at 2 hours 22 minutes while AMC has it at 2 hours 28 minutes? Either way this will be the first movie I've watched on opening weekend since Dark Knight. Hmmm, those seem to have something in common. If you like Nolan then check out Following. Good stuff.

--I gave Glenn Martin DDS a shot, but eh. I like the stop-motion-animation, but I just didn't find that particular episode that funny. I'm sure that would be different if it was the episode with the Sklar brothers. It’s on Nickelodeon on Friday nights if you have nothing else to record.

--In Only in Florida news we go to Gainesville. ‘Twas there that a guy was about to pay a hooker (let’s just say Wendy from Breaking Bad). So the hooker smiled and immediately the guy tried to back out of the deal because of her rotten teeth. She was 25 so I’m guessing a steady diet of meth, sodas, and lack of toothbrushes. Wendy didn’t take kindly to the guy backing out so she grabbed his checkbook and ran. She was arrested on a burglary charge while the lucky guy wasn’t charged with solicitation because he ended up the victim of a felony.

--I’m really liking Louie’s stand-up bits, but the skits or whatever they’re called are a little inconsistent. Obviously nothing is going to top the poker table powwow last week. This week Ricky Gervais was good, but the joking got a little repetitive. He did kill it at the end though with his phone conversation with Louie.

Questions, comments or if you already miss the World Cup…


  1. Barry (bcstagg)6:20 PM

    What would you say is more prestigous for a TV show, the emmy or the golden globe? I'd go golden globe because of the national spotlight. This is obviously only for the major awards. Clearly, the emmy is more all encompassing. Am I the only one who doesn't think Matthew Morrison is that good? I mean, he's alright, but eh. I was more surprised that Curt got a nom. And let's not forget Mike O'Malley as his dad getting the nod!

  2. I'd say Emmys slightly more than Golden Globes, but for me that depends year to year on which list of winners I like more.
    Matthew Morrison is the same as Lea Michelle. Both can sing obviously, but I don't think it makes up for their bad acting. The dialogue sometimes doesn't help that.
    Really meant to mention Mike O'Malley getting that nom. Very good choice.


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