Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Well I'm Mike D and I'm back from the dead. Chillin' at the beaches down at Club Med.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Only a couple more weeks until True Blood returns. Not particularly looking forward to getting all werewolvy, but then again if any show can make it campy, popcorn fun it’s this one. Bill/Stephen Moyer/Mr. Anna Paquin with the best 5-word description, “This is classic, escapist fun.” Can’t hardly wait.

--I like it, my girlfriend is addicted to it. Tosh.0 back with a new season beginning Wednesday night. He’s hitting Houston in October with tickets going on sale in a couple of weeks.

--Also starting up again tonight is Toddlers & Tiaras which is perhaps the scariest show on television.

--As the fight grew closer far too many people, including myself, were picking Rampage over Rashad so you kind of got the feeling Sugar was gonna fare well. This one was over relatively quickly after Sugar popped Rampage early on and the speed advantage was so pronounced. From that point it was all Sugar’s speed, footwork, punches that led to his lopsided win. The only time he got in trouble was when he hit his head on Rampage’s knee. He looked wobbly once they were back on their feet, but Rampage didn’t do a damn thing about it. His rust showed as did Sugar’s superior athleticism and execution of a solid gameplan.
Just wow, Diego Sanchez. How do you go from a fight against BJ Penn to that?
Todd Duffee is a cyborg. No one expected Mike Russow to be John Conner. Holy crap, the most out-of-nowhere KO I’ve ever seen.
No way Antonio Rogerio Nogueira won that match against Jason Brilz.

--How do you define an NBC “comedy” premiering in the summer? One word: laughtrack. Two words: 100 Questions. Why try NBC? You hit a home run with Community so just air two on Thursdays or another Parks or an Office from seasons prior to the last two. Or can we get another hour of Minute to Win It because that’s quality television right there.

--Movie I finally watched and am almost too embarrassed to admit it took this long: Role Models. As good as just about everyone said it was. Nice to see Ron/Ken Marino from Party Down in it.

--Nice little Breaking Bad this week after "The Fly." You got some decisions to make Jesse. And oh man, Hank is going to blow a gasket once he finds out Walt and Skyler are paying his hospital bills.

--I watched about five minutes of the new Hell’s Kitchen and the only thing I could think was why the F did I watch the first three seasons of this crap?

--Finally caught up on Justified and it’s only gotten better and not by coincidence that’s when the Crowder/Givens storyline came back to the forefront. Walton Goggins, obviously, did some terrific work on The Shield and his turn at Boyd Crowder has been just as good. Also good, Natalie Zea/Winona and Joelle Carter (may remember from American Pie 2)/Ava. Didn’t know Natalie Zea was born in Houston or that she made Maxim’s Hot 100 a couple of years ago. Thanks IMDB, is there anything you don’t know?

--For those of us who saw Once Were Warriors back in the day it comes as no surprise that parents in New Zealand are setting up fights between their kids to settle typical early teen disputes. Beyond parents, video of the fights is giving impetus for the kids to brawl as well. How did Jemaine and Bret get out alive?

--Congratulations to Tiki Barber’s wife, Ginny, who gave birth to twins last week. Congratulations to Tiki for handling the whole cheat on your pregnant wife thing with the class and dignity it deserved.

--I think Burn Notice took a whole month off before coming back with a new season starting Thursday night on USA.

--My guess would be you could expect to find these Sushi Poppers at Tony “The Hatchman” Valentine’s Discount Sushi Emporium. Yay, frozen sushi eaten like a push-up pop. Yum.

--Serena and Common broke up because Common can do better or because Serena is possessive and jealous or both. I don’t know, point is I hate Bob Bradley.

--Now that we know Sayid’s one true love is, ahem, Shannon, his wife in this timeline, Barbara Hershey, are breaking up.

--AMC doesn’t make bad shows so I’m looking forward to Rubicon which stars the guy who played Leckie in The Pacific, James Badge Dale. It doesn’t start up until August, I think the week after Mad Men new season begins.

--I rely upon Google Maps more than anyone I know, but I have what a little of what scientists like to call “common sense.” Lauren Rosenberg does not. She was using Google Maps while walking and it told her to walk down a Utah highway that didn’t have a sidewalk or anything. So she started walking on it and by “on it” I mean right down the middle of the freakin’ road. You’ll never guess what happened. Yeah, she was hit by a car. Lauren is responding like a champ though and suing Google for $100,000 as well as the driver of the car. Idiot.

--Finally made it out to Boiling Crab for some crawfish and I was not disappointed. $5.99 a pound and the whole sha-bang of flavors is definitely the way to go. I’m not sure I’d wait one or two hours for it, but it was damn tasty.

--Brittany is pretty much the only reason to watch Glee at this point. Next week the finale for the first season which I believe started sometime in 2006. Are these the 2007-2010 Regionals?

--Marcel from Top Chef hosting a cooking show on SyFy sounds about right.

--I thought UH losing 24-3 to Rice was bad and then UH lost Charles Sims for the upcoming season. Aww, dammit!

--Much better than Top Chef Masters is this Nightline interview with Padma Lakshmi. If you were wondering Padma is with a 70-year-old billionaire now. If that’s not enough Padma for you then has pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about her personal love life.

--So sad about Dennis Hopper. The guy poured his all into whatever the part was. Whether it was something like Billy in Easy Rider or something like King Koopa in Super Mario Bros. Clifford Worley in True Romance, Victor Drazen in 24, Shooter in Hoosiers, Frank Booth in Blue Velvet, Apocalypse Now, Howard Payne in Speed. Dude did it all. Who else could have possibly been in sequels to The Crow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Firestarter?! Only one man – Dennis Lee Hopper.

--According to @feedfliks on twitter, this week we get the first two season of The Office on Netflix Watch Instantly. Nice. Already looking forward to firing up the first couple this week.

--My head hurts when I try to figure out how the Phillies, who I don’t think have Tommy Manzella or Pedro Feliz, have been shut out 6 times in their last 11 games. Yeah, the Phils were shut out 7 times all of last season.

--I don’t know when exactly Canada got its reputation for being soft, but here’s one more shining example. A youth soccer league in Ottawa has put in a rule that if your team leads the other team by at least five goals at the end of the game then the leading team gets the loss. Yeah, it’s the reverse mercy rule. Down 4-0 an own goal would get your team the victory. Nice job Canada.

--Maybe it’s because I watched 8 episodes of Band of Brothers on Spike on Monday so the promo was drilled into my brain, but I’m so down with Half Pint Brawlers.

--The Marlins are selling unused game tickets to their game last Saturday in which Roy Halladay threw a perfect game. Perfect games are occurring this season at roughly the same pace of Roy Oswalt wins. Nice, creative way to make some money Florida.

--Because I can’t get enough…Neutral Milk Hotel and the Lost finale. Promise this is the last Lost post (this week).

--Dumbass of the Week has no name, but the first line from the Seattle Times story sums him up: A man accidentally shot himself in the testicles at Lowe’s Home Improvement store in Lynnwood Sunday afternoon.
Dumbass. Who takes a gun to Lowe’s? Home Depot, sure, but Lowe’s?

--RIP Jeriome Robertson.

Questions, comments or if you’re actually looking forward to Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards because Aziz Ansari is hosting…


  1. Barry4:19 PM

    I've been thinking the same thing about the Phillies. How on earth is this happening?! I too am looking forward to the MTV Movie Awards just because Aziz is hosting. Also, Tosh is performing at Verizon Wireless. Skeptical of a comedian performing not at a club. Have you ever seen one in such a large space? Is it effective?

  2. Phillies are hard to explain, just crazy. The Astros think Philly's offense is lacking. Aziz is going to force me to watch MTV for first time in a ling time .
    Hadn't thought about the venue, but Verizon isn't that huge. I wouldn't think it'd be a problem. Saw Flight of the Conchords at Jones Hall but that's a different show. Aziz and Tosh both here in October is pretty strong

  3. I like Justified a lot but the ex-wife story arc seems forced. Losing Sims sucks but with Beall and Sumlin's ability to find a replacement, I'm not too worried.
    I picked Suga and the fight the way I thought. Between ring rust and Rampage coming in at 250, Evans was going win. Melvin's knee was awesome.

  4. Agreed on Justified but as long as the ex-wife is Natalie Zea Im fine with it.
    I know we're stacked at WR, but Sims is such an explosive threat from anywhere on the field. Hopefully Beall can pick up the slack and get back to his freshman production.

  5. Is there anyone else that could do a nightline interview lounging like that and have it seem completely natural?

  6. victor6:36 AM

    i think justified is a pretty good show i cant even tell if boyd is for real or full of bs ...... and atleast lauren is okay after going all michael g. scott with her gps ... "michael its water your going into the lake..." " it knows theres a road its there".
    and my favorite qoute from that episode " WHERE ARE THE .....TURTLES?"

  7. Epitome of natural beauty and coolness. Maybe anyone within 30 years of her age just isn't cool enough. Or maybe anyone who isn't a mult-billionaire isn't cool enough.

  8. That lake-gps debacle made me think not even Michael Scott would be si dumb as to follow those gps directions and yet here we have Lauren. Seriously walking down the middle of a highway?! That sounds like a good idea?!


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