Monday, June 07, 2010

Make another record 'cause the people they want more of this. Suckers they be saying they can take out Adam Horovitz

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Just watched Breaking Bad before posting this. Ho-ly Sh**!

--If you liked Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman then chances are you loved the MTV Movie Awards. You really loved it if you’re a Twilight fan who appreciates the word “fu**.” I never thought there could ever be too much f’ing on my television, but that was too much f’ing on my television. Soooo many bleeps it just got annoying after about five minutes. I liked Aziz as swagga coach and Ed Helms and Ken Jeong doing the tiger song from Hangover. Ken Jeong won an award for something and then gave a speech that surprisingly had everyone crying. Long story short, his wife has battled breast cancer, but has been cancer-free for two years now. Oh and they're both licensed doctors. Was I supposed to be moved or impressed or shocked or whatever that Sandra Bullock kissed Scarlett Jo?! Would Kristen Stewart die if she even half-smiled, man she always looks like she’s in deep depression and then when she tries something funny like actually kissing Robert Pattinson it comes off as dumb and awkward. What the hell was Shaun White wearing?
Ken Jeong clips here.

--There is only one version of Thundercats (Ho!) so go to hell Comedy Central. Wait, are you gonna give Cheetara a twin sister?

--Three seasons down in my quest to catch up on Sunny. You’ll never guess, but turns out it’s high-larious. I skimmed through Entertainment Weekly’s attempt to list the Top 100 Characters in TV, Movies and Books in the last 20 years, but didn’t see Charlie’s name listed so why even bother breaking down the list. For shame.
Towards the back half of season two the show really hit its stride and season three was just fantastic. Agent Jack Bauer the Cat and Charlie as Serpico might be my favorite episode thus far.

--Olivia Munn is getting a Daily Show audition?!

--F U Galaxy Fan.

--Starz did a fantastic job on Spartacus: Blood and Sand though it took some time to find its legs, but once it did it spread those legs wide open. I don’t think Camelot is going to knock it out the park like Spartacus though. I can sum up my hesitation in two words: Joseph Fiennes. That’s reason alone to not watch especially after his “acting” on Flash Forward. Just awful. Eva Green in it is nice because, well it’s Eva Green. The son from The Prisoner is in it too and that allows me to once again suggest The Prisoner if your mind hasn’t been f’d in a while. I still have no idea what the hell I was watching, but I’m pretty sure I liked it.

--Writing of Flash Forward I’m surprised that fans are actually upset about it going away because I didn’t know Flash Forward had fans, but rather just people who committed to the first five episodes and felt obligated to watch the rest. Anyway, these fans are going to stand in front of ABC offices in several cities on June 10th and then at some certain time they’re going to stage a Flash Forward blackout for two minutes and 17 seconds just like the show. Wow, that might be the stupidest idea to ever try and save a show in television history.

--The Go-Go’s are breaking up?! Holy crap that’s terrible ne….wait, what year is it?

--I’m not sure how anyone couldn’t love Ken Griffey Jr. when he first came up with the Mariners back in 1989. The Kid was just 19, had the pedigree, had the skills and, best of all, had an infectious love for the game. Backwards hat, always with a smile even and damn, that swing. Baseball isn’t the easiest game to draw a defining logo from, but the logo Nike came up with for Junior was perfect. That swing was perfect. The way he departed Seattle for Cincinnati chipped away at his golden reputation and then the injuries started mounting in Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming fashion. If not for those injuries Ken Griffey Jr. would hold some of those hallowed records that the steroids guys own. But as it is more than any number or what-coulda-been I'll remember that swing and a smile. I’ve never felt more old than the second I found out Ken Griffey Jr., “The Kid,” was retiring.

--I’m so old I remember when Memorial Day Weekend kicked off the summer movie season. Yeah, worst movie attendance for Memorial Day Weekend in 17 years. Gee, I can’t imagine why with such instant classics like Shrek 4 or 5, Prince of Persia, Sex and The City 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Wright, and of course MacGruber.

--The unsung part about the perfectly imperfect game is nobody will remember Austin Jackson’s incredible over-the-shoulder catch in center for the 9th inning’s first out.

--Village Voice has a story I assume was interesting, but there are pictures of a hot chick in it and I’m too distracted to read the words because, well, I’m a guy. At least that’s what Debrahlee Lorenzana says is why she was fired from a Citibank in New York. Her male bosses couldn’t concentrate and no one could get any work done because she was always walking around with her hotness. So she’s suing Citibank and good for her because Citibank sucks and apparently they hate hot chicks.

--When it’s on it can be extremely funny, but even when it’s off it’s only about 13 minutes long so big deal. I guess that inconsistency is why HBO isn’t bringing back Life and Times of Tim. The creators are gonna continue to look for a home for it. I would think that search would be successful. Why not History Channel, it’s not like they show history-related shows anymore anyway?

--The only thing I’m happy about watching these NBA Finals is knowing one of those teams is gonna lose that night.

--Like I said I like Justified, but I love Sons of Anarchy. Season two of Sons was just awesome and I highly recommend catching up on it while there’s nothing on this summer. It starts up again in September on FX. I think you really can just jump on into season two if you missed the first. How Katey Sagal didn’t win an Emmy for her acting last season is beyond me. Season three additions to the cast include Hal Holbrook and Stephen King? Taryn Manning was supposed to be back for an arc, but instead joined the lovely Grace Park on Hawaii Five-O.

--This week on Southbound Food we talked to some of the Phoenicia family. I’ve always wanted to head out there because I’ve heard nothing but positive things, but it’s kind of a drive. However, they brought a big spread of food up to the station and oh hell yeah I went this weekend. Fantastic food, a pita conveyor belt and shisha pipes. What else do you need? I don’t think anyone can touch the variety of overseas ingredients they have and the ready-made items, at least judging by what we had, are really strong. Homemade marinated string cheese was really good along with a Greek Doldi feta. And if you don’t buy the tannour bread you’re missing out. So cool that most of the pitas and breads are hot in the plastic when you buy them. I now know three Armenian-related things: 1. Manny Gamburyan 2. They cut off feet on The Shield 3. They make excellent grape leaves.

--One thing Phoenicia doesn’t have, but I saw at Central Market for the first time this weekend. Soft Pretzel buns. Oh hell yeah. Salmon burgers with Edward Fallot honey balsamic Dijon and swiss cheese FTW!

--Kelly Brook in an upcoming Playboy?! Works for me.

--I’ve been waiting for episode 6 of Friday Night Lights to begin hitting on it here since I watched the first 5 episodes online before simply waiting. But last week’s was one of my favorites. Zach Gilford has always done a great job with Matt Saracen, but the episode he put in last week centered around his father’s funeral was outstanding.

--What the world doesn’t need is another crappy, gimmicky network television game show. Despite that ABC is giving us Downfall with the gimmick being the show will take place on top of a skyscraper and something about prize money on a conveyor belt and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, Chris Jericho is hosting so I’m inclined to watch an episode. Loved me some Monday Night Jericho back in the day with him and Rufus. I think I still have my shirt. Oh like you don’t have wrestling shirts.

--Maybe I’m just confused, but is The Good Guys on Fox supposed to look stupid and not amusing in any way?

--Ahh, so many memories I can’t remember of Thursday 50 cent beer nights at Gulf Greyhound. There was that one time I went to Galveston County jail for the hardest of hard core reasons, yeah, that’s right bitches I was driving with an expired license. Anyway, Sam Houston Race Park has 50 cent beer Friday nights this summer.

--Remember one-time Oiler linebacker Keith McCants. Yeah, he’s up to 4 arrests in the last year alone. Not bad for a 4th overall draft pick 20 years ago.

--In perfect casting news, apparently Ty Burrell/Phil Dunphy has a role in a movie called Butter which is a dark comedy about the world of butter carving. Nice.

--I’m sure you didn’t watch, but that Miguel Cotto/Yuri Foreman fight was a strange one indeed. I had never seen a towel thrown in the ring get waved off by the referee. I mean Yuri could barely take a step on that knee so it made sense to stop it, but Yuri was still fighting so I could see it going on as well. In the end Cotto won and I’m looking forward to Cotto/Margarito II. I will not be laying all my money on Margarito like I did the first time around.

--Ryan Howard and Selita Ebanks?!

--Our Demon Haters of the Week come to us from Collinsville, Missouri. ‘Twas there that Timothy Neal was teaching his 18-year-old twin sons a valuable life lesson. Lesson being that when someone starts talking religion and demons at a party that someone needs to suffer a beatdown. The 44-year-old father has a priceless shirt on for the occasion. The pic here. The shirt reading, “Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.”

--Loving the Sporcle app I bought last week. Although I was disgusted to find I couldn’t name nearly as many former WWE World Champions as I thought I could. I think the hardest one I named was Ivan Koloff. I missed some freakin’ layups like Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar. I don’t even know what a Sheamus is, but he or it is the least named among all users.

Questions, comments or if you’re starting to get really hype for the World Cup and not just U.S./England, but for all the games…


  1. You have any idea where you can watch sons of anarchy season 2? Hulu only has episode 1.

  2. No, I've never tried to find it online. Beyond Netflix, I don't know. Worth finding though before next season begins. Season three is very promising.

  3. BTW Charlie goes america all over their asses is probably my favorite episode.

  4. Best episode of season two for ne. Best through three for me is Bums: Making a Mess All Over The City

  5. Nelson7:39 AM

    Don't you mean cartoon network not comdey central? If it is done the same studio as the halo and dark knight anime at least it will look cool. I hope they use the same dude who did Panthro's voice that dude was a smooth as Bille Dee in a malt liquor spot.

  6. Thanks for the correction, yeah it's Cartoon Network. Great point on the voice of Panthro, but the guy is 83 years old so I'm nor holding my breath (neither should he). Panthro's voice was Cliff Huxtable's dad which I think I remember hearing awhile back. Thx for also getting me to spend some time on ThunderCats wiki page. I've got to find where they did a crossover with Battle of the Planets.

  7. Breaking Bad is so well constructed that I wonder about things I wouldn't think twice about with other shows. For example, do you think the writers deliberately named the character Wendy so that they could use the song in a sequence with her at some point?

  8. I still can't get that song out of my head. I doubt they had the foresight to name her Wendy for the Windy song, but I'd never put anything past that crew. Looking forward to Sepinwall's interview with creator Vince Galligan which I think he'll post late Sunday or Monday.

  9. Just watched the finale for Justified and was impressed. I really like that show, Goggins is terrific. I have it ahead of SOA, since i think that show kind of lost it's way last season. The evil FBI agent is awesome.
    Soft pretzels buns sound awesome.

  10. Have to watch Justified today. No way I'd put it above SOA though. Goggins has been fun to watch.
    Soft pretzel buns are outstanding.

  11. Breaking Bad was awesome...but have you watched "Shameless"It is a British show written by Paul Abbott and is hilarious. Also do you watch Party Down? It reminds me of Its always sunny.

  12. I'll keep an eye out for Shameless.
    I've been on Party Down since day one. Shame all the cast defections will likely kill it after this season. I think Jane Lynch is back this week or next.

  13. Nelson7:36 PM

    The battle of planets crossover was in a comic book. You should be able to find it online collected in graphic novel form. Use your netflix to watch the Halo or Dark Knight cartoon. It is pretty awesome especially if you are one to partake in something to heighten your senses. Not quite Akira but good.

  14. Yeah I saw that it was a comic after you brought it up. I'll check out those others as well. I take my Flinstones everyday so my senses are always heightened

  15. Well my blog post today caused quite the shit storm around here. Apparently I offended every mother that's ever lived and anyone who came to a party for our kids.

  16. Did you take it down? That's what u get for being honest. Hopefully your daughter will still allow you at her party.

  17. Barry7:50 PM

    Brother you forgot to mention the best part of Butter: Olivia Wilde as a tattooed stripper! In no way is Justified better than SOA. Also, I met Hal Holbrook at the Alley with his late wife, Dixie Carter. He's a good dude, so I'm hoping his character is good. Party Down going off the air will be an absolute crime.

  18. Yeah, Butter sounds pretty damn good with Olivia Wilde, Ty Burrell and butter going for it.
    Party Down ending this season is pretty inevitable I'm afraid.


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