Thursday, June 17, 2010

And This Is Me Y'All, I M.C. Y'All. My Name Is M.C.A. And I Still Do What I Please.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--One more day until we go America all over Slovenia’s ass.

--Usually it doesn’t take me three weeks to watch the season finale of a show I like, but that was the case with Justified.
Side note: I still have never seen the series finale of Deadwood. Ridiculous I know.

It was a good finale that was great whenever Boyd Crowder/Walton Goggins was on the screen. He crushed it this year with his bible conversion. Other than that it seemed like a typical episode. Raylan flirts with ex-wife, kills bad guys, deals with daddy issues, saves someone, kills more bad guys. Can’t wait to see what they do with Boyd next season. I’d love to see him as the bad guy, but he was so good as the religious nut that maybe they’ll just combine the two and he can balance the good and evil angels on his shoulders.

--Back to things it’s amazing I never watched – Toy Story. However, if it’s anything like what I see here I’m down…

--Slim pickings in television land these days and yet I haven’t watched True Blood or Treme yet this week. For shame.

--Popcrunch with a rundown of movies and their original endings. Interesting stuff about some movies I hadn’t heard the original endings for like Heathers and Army of Darkness and some movies that I had like Pretty Woman and Blade Runner and some movies I could give two sh*** about like Dear John. I never had a problem with the ending of Heathers, but f*** me gently with a chainsaw, the thought of a prom in heaven sounds awesome.

--Jack White and Conan O’Brien’s album is out for pre-order.

--Robert Downey Jr. is going to play the Wizard of Oz in a 3-D prequel? Sam Raimi to direct? Eh.

--Looking forward to checking out Youth in Revolt since I’ve finally knocked out The Box. For the first 30-45 minutes I was thinking, “Ya know this movie isn’t nearly as bad as everyone says.” And then I continued to watch and then I just had to turn it off with about 30 or so minutes to go. Yeah, Richard Kelly, WTF was that? It did have Gillian Jacobs/Britta in it which I wasn’t expecting. Also the dad from Donnie Darko.

--Cameron Diaz told Playboy she’s not dating Alex Rodriguez. The world told Cameron Diaz, “we don’t give a sh**.”

--Gotta get Flash (ah ah he saved every one of us!) Gordon on Blu-ray. Hell yeah. Loved that movie.

--This Top Chef review brought to you by Dove Nutriskin Body Wash. We have our typical characters like Stephen the one who just had a kid or in this case kids, Jacqueline the caterer, Arnold the one who enjoys facials, Kenny the cocky one, Tracey the one from Atlanta, Timothy the one who lost his spouse, John the one who has no chance, Angelo the one who works in a Michelin star restaurant. Wait, dude works in a Michelin star restaurant?! Isn’t he already a Top Chef then because they don’t exactly give out Michelin stars like a little league coach gives out stars to put in your ball cap (they still do that right?). This quote from the Washington Post sums it up well:
"Not only does the food always look the same, but to a person, every cheftestant is already gainfully employed. One has a Michelin star. The words 'James' and 'Beard' are thrown around so much, I've ceased to know what they even mean. There's no element of youthful striving (or, in fact, youth); it's become a show in which older chefs seek validation and buzzy PR."

--I don’t like cats. Never have, never will. Though I don’t think I’d ever be so upset at one as to throw it off a second-floor balcony. Timothy Baggett did just that the other day to a kitten. As I wrote, I don’t like cats, but dude, I’m not a robot. Kittens are freakin’ adorable with their wittle kitten paws and wittle kitten whiskers. So Timothy tossed this wittle kitten an estimated 40 feet through the air and the kitten who we’ll call Toonces smacked into a car’s windshield which shattered upon impact. Toonces shook it off and no, didn’t get in the car and start driving. Instead Toonces ran away, but was found a little later with only a bloody nose and some bruising because cats are pretty much indestructible.

--Congratulations to the lovely Tiffani-Amber Thiessen on the birth of her first child, Harper Renn.

Joey thinks this spin off sucked.

--Another solid effort from 30 for 30. This one tackling the surreal day of June 17, 1994. It was weird seeing all of the OJ Bronco stuff because except for brief clips I’d never seen it like that before. Like a lot of people here I was more concerned about that lil ol’ basketball game than whether OJ was going to off himself. So all I remember that night is cursing NBC whenever it would switch or split screen and trying to get my radio to work so I could listen to Gene and Jim call the game. It was pretty funny to hear media types and OJ acquaintances acknowledge that OJ was guilty since he was, ya know, on the run which is not something most innocent people do. How’d that trial ever work out anyway?

--Writing of former football players who may or may not have blood on their hands. Marvin Harrison was stopped in Philly for driving the wrong way down a one way street. Marvin showed the cops a permit to carry a firearm, but neglected to tell them he actually had a gun in the car which is an RDD (Ronnie don’t, dammit watch Party Down if you don’t get that!).

--Marissa Miller – lingerie – Guitar Hero. What’s not to like?

EMBED-Marisa Millers Banned Guitar Hero Commercial - Watch more free videos

--How insane and sex crazy is The World Cup in South Africa? Jemele Hill was hit on by a team’s coach.

--Cupcake Wars = eh. Ice Cream Truck Wars = oh hell yeah! We head to Marysville, Washington for the fun. As I’m sure you well know ice cream trucks follow an unwritten code. The code being stay the hell out of another ice cream truck’s area. A woman driving her truck and hawking her icy wares thought she wasn’t violating anyone’s area. The ice cream truck driver who threatened her at knife point thought otherwise. Yeah he was arrested.

--Getting an offer from Michael Symon is one thing, but when Mario Batali offers a dinner every two weeks for up to twenty people if LeBron signs in New York, well that’s tough to turn down.

--Larry David gave Cheryl a conscience about the environment that mirrored his own ex-wife’s feelings though she took it to the next step and produced An Inconvenient Truth. That inconvenient truth may be Laurie David’s affair with Al Gore. Not sure how Larry can work all that into a Curb, but maybe Leon can help somehow. Seems like it’s been far too long since we’ve seen Larry and crew on HBO. They’re denying the affair, but I saw it online so I’m pretty sure it’s 100% true.
A.V. Club has an interview with Leon/JB Smoove.

--Sounds like the weak half of Jersey Shore could be shown the door. I don’t know how Vinny ever got on the show in the first place and Sammi, Ronnie and Angelina are all pretty boring as well. The Jersey Four Horsemen of Snooki, The Situation, JWOWW and Pauly D. will ride again.

--Watch out Texas State Fair, the Wisconsin State Fair has a Deep-Fried Cheese Steak on a Stick.

--Gabe from The Office, Zach Woods, has been made an Office regular, so yay?

--Comedy Central could not have picked a better night than Monday to run its block of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. There is nothing else on with the slight except of Last Comic Standing which I actually watched last week as they had the auditions to set the cast. Not bad and c’mon Craig Robinson!

--Watched the "Mac is Banging the Waitress" episode last night where Mac shows off his bad ass-edness. Jonathan Metz is our Bad Ass of the Week from Hartford, Connecticut. Seems Jonathan was doing some cleaning when his arm got stuck in the fins of his furnace. Whoops. Twelve hours pass and, “I thought there must be some other way, so I kind of started looking around my surroundings again. Maybe there was something I missed. You know, what would MacGyver do if he were here?” Yeah, Jonathan decided MacGyver would try to saw off his stuck arm. His tool box was close enough to reach so he sawed away before meeting his match in a bundle of nerves in his arm. Eventually his fellow employees got worried about him and called the cops who found him still alive and presumably muttering, thanks a lot MacGyver.

--Holy crap, it’s not officially even Summer until Monday?!

--Some people have waaay too much time on their hands. Jonah Adkins is one of those people and I'm very thankful for that.

--Sweet a place down by my old stomping grounds made Robb Walsh’s 100 Favorite Houston Dishes List. At #20 the pork chop at Perry’s on Scarsdale.

--I can’t hear you Bobby Flay and January Jones rumors…(covers ears)LALALALALALALA!!!!!

--Miles Austin saved my fantasy season last year and even though he’s a Cowboy good for him for being Kim Kardashian’s flavor of the week. Apparently Kim can’t get enough of chocolate.

--Coming up on Southbound Food this week (Saturday 11AM) we talk to Top Chef Masters winner Marcus Samuelsson and Rick Moonen. If you hit Vegas you’re crazy not to hit RM Seafood in the back of Mandalay Bay. Tremendous food at very reasonable prices. We also talk to this guy named Bryan Caswell. I understand he’s a chef around here somewhere. Next week is a “Best of” because we’ll be taping a segment on food trucks for Food Network Canada. That’s right Canada bitches!

Questions, comments or if you can’t wait to see what that Traeger grill is capable of this weekend…

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