Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's Running Through My Mind Comes Through In My Walk. True Feelings Are Shown From The Way That I Talk.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--A win is a win is a win…except when it’s a draw. I’ll take it though. Things normally don’t go all that well if you give up a goal to a more talented team within the first four minutes of the game. But the U.S. has Tim Howard and England has Robert Green. Now it’s gonna be on Friday when the U.S. takes on Slovenia which was gifted a win courtesy of Algeria. Push forward boys and come back with a 2-0 victory.
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--There is no better show on television right now than Breaking Bad. That is how you do a finale. Pitch perfect from beginning to end. No messing around with the subplots of the season. Straight forward Gus vs. Walt vs. Mike vs. Jesse and unfortunately vs. Gale.

Great pacing, great writing, great directing and, as usual, great acting. It’d be easier to list the cast or creative parts that don’t deserve Emmy nominations than the ones who do. Aaron Paul/Jesse didn’t win last year, but he deserves it this year. Incredible. It’s strange hearing the guy who wanted to be the bad guy he felt he was try to talk Walt out of killing Gale.

And then when push came to shove, with tears in his eyes, with a gun in his trembling hand, boom. Wow. I didn’t really care for how those last seconds were shot because it did make it seem like Jesse pointed the gun away from Gale, but that wasn’t the case. The man behind Breaking Bad’s curtain, Vince Gilligan, explained as much in an interview with Alan Sepinwall and other interviews he’s done since. Walt played Mike like a fiddle although I was slightly unsure whether he was actually selling Jesse out, but shoulda known he was two steps ahead of everyone else. I could watch Walt and Gus play chess all day. Your move Gus. The cartel is on your ass and the only chemist you have is the man, the myth, the Heisenberg. RIP Gale, I hope they play “Crapa Pelada” at your funeral.
Check out that interview because there are lots of interesting bits discussed including the writing process and a lot on The Cousins. AV Club has an interview with Vince Gilligan as well that’s worth checking out. Now I’m gonna leave the room and go get myself a Nescafe.

--Oh hell yeah, Ricky Gervais is going to be in a Curb this season.

--Now let’s go HBO trailer happy with the latest one from Boardwalk Empire (Omar!) and one from the second season of Bored to Death which is gold anytime Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson share the stage…

--Damn Vince you’re not actually blaming a friend for your trip to the strip club are you?

--Our Packer of the Week comes to us from Wenatchee, Washington. ‘Twas there that an unnamed man was arrested for disorderly conduct. Nothing was found in the strip search, but a bit later a jailer noticed a plastic bag and duct tape in a toilet. Hmmm. So they asked the guy what was up and the guy confessed to rectally smuggling in a couple of items. You know the usual rolling papers, baggie of tobacco, baggie of marijuana, 1-inch smoking pipe, a lighter and that’s about it, oh wait almost forgot the bottle of tattoo ink and 8 tattoo needles. Say what you will about where he packs, but there’s no denying if you’re going to Vegas for a week and just want to take one carry-on that’s the guy you want packing it for you.

--Hitting three parked cars?! For shame Betty Draper, for shame. Remember when Betty lit a cigarette and started blasting birds out of the sky with a shotgun. Yeah, that was fun.

--So Jay Rayner went after Rick Moonen for using that New Zealand venison which apparently is not sustainable. Jay dogged Rick for always touting that sustainable philosophy and serving something that didn’t conform to his philosophy. Rick’s response: “Dude, it’s not like I’m serving you sea bass with clubbed seal sauce.”
Nice. Padma’s show begins this week. I think it’s called Top Chef.

--Jimmy Dean died, but thankfully sausage links wrapped in chocolate chip pancakes live on. How have I never heard this awesome complaint call before?

--The only thing more disgusting than the above is the Bob Evans Sausage Gravy machine. Just wow.

--A Miss Universe Canada contestant was kicked to the curb after it was discovered she filmed a nude ad for the infidelity site Ashley Madison. Interesting that she lied on her, wait… AshleyMadison.com has nude ads?!

--Good to see my man Bubbles on Party Down last week. Paul Scheer from The League was also strong as you’d expect. Apparently Scheer’s wife is the woman from the company picnic, Danielle, who Ron got with. The only thing better than Kyle’s Shakespearean references was when Henry asked Kyle if he knew how to pop a lock. Hell yeah Kyle knew how to pop and lock.
Kyle: “Revenge is a dish best served. …You know… Shakespeare? Waiters?”

Roman: “Iago. From Othello?”
Kyle: “The board game?”

Just two more episodes left this season and I’m guessing in this series. Such a shame. I think Megan Mulally/Lydia has been okay, but Jane Lynch/Constance crushed it every time. Constance comes back for the final episode which will be nice and probably bittersweet.

--After watching a lot of old wrestling videos on YouTube I think I need to include some here every once in a while. First off Jim Cornette shooting on WCW, nWo and Bischoff. Syxx’s contribution? Cornette: “The only reason he’s employed is because the other guys think it’s funny when he gets drunk and throws up on himself.”

Oh and Syxx/1-2-3 Kid/Sean Waltman tried to hang himself a couple of years ago. Ain’t wrestling great!

--If Sage Rosenfels isn’t happy in Minnesota and is 4th or 5th on the depth chart can’t you just be cool Vikings and let him go so the Texans can pick him back up? I mean we gave you Ryan Moats already this week. Be cool.

--Finally I’m at the point in Friday Night Lights where I stopped watching online and can resume watching on NBC. I’m glad it’s getting one more season and I’m even gladder that Matt, Street, Tim and Tyra are coming back in that season for one or more episodes.

--If you want to see the two unaired Better Off Ted episodes on ABC then you’re cheering for the Celtics in Game 6. Boston wins and ABC airs. Boston loses we get Game 7.

--There’s no running in bullfighting….well unless you’re Christian Hernandez. The 22-year-old was making a comeback to the ring several months after a bull got the best of his leg. The leg is apparently fully healed because he used both his legs to run his ass out of the ring as soon as the comeback bull entered. The most honest quote you’ll see this week comes from Mr. Hernandez, "There are some things you must be aware of about yourself. I didn't have the ability, I didn't have the balls, this is not my thing."

--Whitesnake has its own wine?! Sure, why not?

--Best part about the NBA Finals ending this week? No more f’n Grown Ups promos where they sit around and talk about basketball. Terrible.

--I wrote last week about those sad people staging a blackout at ABC offices to protest Flash Forward’s demise. Now in all its video glory…

--You took away my Astroworld, don’t you dare demolish my Dome. David Barron with a state of the Dome address.

--Wired has compiled 10 trailers for E3’s hottest video games. None of them contain the words NCAA Football or FIFA so I’m not likely to buy.

--Gabrielle Union is going to join an Army Wives spinoff? I was under the impression Army Wives was a reality show, but apparently not. She'd be better on Basketball Wives so make an honest woman out of her already Dwyane.

--Craig Ferguson hosting Shark Week is a very good thing. Shark Week comes at us on August 1st.

--Let’s see…Robb Walsh, Bill Floyd and Bryan Caswell opening a Tex-Mex restaurant in Tower Theater. Yeah, that might be a good thing. Finally a reason to make it to 2011.

--About damn time (July 1st to be exact) Starbucks started offering free, one-click wifi at its stores.

Questions, comments or if all you want this weekend is a green falafel sandwich from Zabak’s (#23 on Robb Walsh’s 100 Favorite Houston Dishes)…


  1. Barry5:51 PM

    Do you mean watching "Walt and Gus" play chess? It says Hank. I love Breaking Bad, but the season finale left me a bit nonplussed. I think there were probably three better episodes in that season. Though Gale is always awesome. How awesome was it when he was singing along with that record player??? That's what makes Breaking Bad so great. Moments like those. Another great moment like that was when Walt fixed the wobbly table with the sugar packets. Brilliant stuff. Boardwalk Empire is going to be so strong.

  2. I don't think I cared for BB finale as much as you did. It left me wanting a lot more. I see you have the same problem I do of calling Walt, Hank. Beyond having the character of Hank on the show I really think this has something to do with Bryan Cranston's character on Malcolm in the Middle being named Hal and the shear number of times his wife screamed his name.

  3. Apparently I was bad with names Monday so thanks for pointing it out to me Barry. I'm not saying it was the best episode this season because this season had some outstanding hours. And I completely agree with you on the song and dance and those moments this series shows like that. Little moments like the sugar packets or Walt cutting the crusts off his sandwich or Jesse flicking the lighter about to hit the pipe. Great stuff and part of what separates it from everything else on television. Can't wait for Boardwalk Empire.

  4. Hal. That's probably it. That or my vices are eroding my brain, but probably the other thing.

    The finale left me wanting more, but also realizing it was a helluva 13-episode season with lots of endings that packed the punch of a typical season finale.

  5. Barry7:30 PM

    The season was so dense. I mean, remember the two cartel enforcers??? That seemed so long ago. Here was my thought after the final scene, "Ok. I can wait for season 4." I wasn't like, "OMG I need to know what happens next like right the F NOW!" But the show is so good. So good. Best part of finale: No Skylar White! She's a "b word."

  6. Victor8:26 AM

    Strong blog as always ... i was telling you about criminal minds last week and funnily enough i caught an episode that had aron paul (jesse) on it and he was awesome it wouldnt suprise me if that what he got him the part on breaking bad.... and man i hope next season of justified we get to see ava and wynona .... well you know.....also wanted to get your take on ufc 115 ...

  7. I think Big Love helped Aaron get the part as well. Looking at his IMDB he was in a lot series for one episode. Kept plugging away, good for him.
    Ridiculous that I haven't watched Justified's finale yet, but tonight I will and post something on it later this week.
    This was the first UFC i didn't watch in a long, long time. Card did nothing for me. Obviously shocked Cro Cop won by decision and not shocked at all Chuck got laid out again. Saw the prelims on Spike, can't believe Mac got screwed like that on the stoppage.


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