Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I've Got Depth Of Perception In My Text Y'all. I Get Props At My Mention 'Cause I Vex Y'All.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Well that was a fun 2nd round, but Floyd did what Floyd does from that point on in dominating Sugar Shane. After the fight Floyd didn’t do what Floyd normally does. Normally he’ll trash talk Larry Merchant and get into his Money role. This time he was much more reserved and handled the Pacquiao questions well. I think somewhere around the 9th round I realized Pac can’t beat Floyd. But I sure hope we get to find out. I don’t know what’s next for Shane, but it has been an absolute pleasure watching him in the ring.

--Easily the best street impersonator I saw in Vegas…

Best thing I ate was a tie between Arctic Char and the “Moon” doggies at RM Seafood and the Chilean Sea Bass at Jean Georges Steakhouse.

Always love hitting The Conservatory at The Bellagio.

Now where did I put my sheet of acid.

--Aria is an awesome hotel to stay in with some great and pricy places to eat, but avoid The Buffet at all costs.

--So yeah, that happened on Lost. RIP Sayid. RIP Kwons. RIP Lapidus. RIP Kate. Wait, Kate survived a gunshot wound and near drowning long enough to allow 500-pound Hurley to swim her to shore? We had some fun times Sayid and remember Shannon? Yeah, she was hot. Still not really sure what happened with the resurrection, infection, etc. As for the Kwons, well, the writers didn’t do them justice this season either. Some of the worst writing this season was given to the Kwons from Sun’s bump on the head to the terribly done yet long-awaited reunion. I also wish something more would have come from the Sun/Widmore connection made last season. And really Sun, you’re not going to try to convince Jin to save himself so the child he hasn’t met can have at least one parent? Some gut wrenching final lines and sad shots of them nevertheless. The music was never better. Lapidus was awesome and made every line awesome with the exception, “I guess someone got their voice back.” Ugh. Oh and why move the fence from the shore? Everything else? Awesome. Jack has his haters, but I’ve never really been one of them and they’re doing a great job with him this season in both worlds. Sawyer’s gotta die, right? I mean seemingly everyone gets a shot at redemption and him not trusting Jack put that sub on the bottom of the ocean floor with four Losties. By the way, the finale was given another 30 minutes making it a 2 and a half hour season finale on Sunday, May 23rd. Now to figure out what my final Lost feast will be. Something smoky, I guess.

--The only thing crazier than Lost this week was, of course, Breaking Bad. Just wow. Somehow I managed to not have that ending spoiled for me even though I didn’t watch it until Tuesday. How I managed that I’ll never know. My jaw dropped and stayed that way for about 10 minutes after watching that hollow point take out the back of the head of one of the cousins. Insane and by far the best thing on television right now. I thought Jesse/Aaron Paul deserved the Emmy last year, but he’s got to have another great shot at it this year. Hell, the cast deserves the Best Ensemble. Great, scary stuff with Tio at the beginning of the episode.

--Of course none of the deaths on my Tuesday TV catch-up was sadder than that of John Basilone. Terrific episode even though you knew the end from the beginning. Very good read here from one of “Basilone’s Boys.”
As for the story of his love life with Lena and what happened to her? This link has the goods even though it’ll give you the sads.

--I had no idea that Sunny’s Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson were even a couple much less expecting a baby?! Can’t wait to run through those DVDs this summer.

--Damn, Community, I didn’t think you could top last week’s Goodfellas themed episode and then you come up with an ending like College Cut-Ups 2: Panty Raid Academy. Outstanding. I think I want to grow up to be Abed (or maybe Lapidus). I mean a college experience list that features something like:
"ridiculous situation descending into heavy-handed drama for the illusion of story."

--Dwyane Wade’s ex is suing Gabrielle Union because she’s ridiculously hot…and maybe because she broke up their marriage. The ex is also suing a lawyer who she says didn’t do a good enough job advocating for their two kids. Hell hath no fury…

--Last week’s episode of Justified really picked things up for me so I’m glad to see it’s been renewed. Last week I loved seeing M.C. Gainey who’s been in everything from Lost to Days of Our Lives.

--The season finale of SNL will be hosted by Alec Baldwin for the 15th time or 14 more times than Ke$ha will be asked to “perform.”

--Neil Patrick Harris predictably killed it hosting The Emmys last year. Jimmy Fallon gets the nod this year. Fallon has had a Spartacus-like improvement since first coming on late night.

--Voltron: Lion Force Parts 1 & 2 out on DVD this week, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing.

--OUTSTANDING marriage proposal using Back to the Future. Who doesn’t want Doc Brown at his side at a moment like that?
Or if you’re not a Marty McFly fan you can go this route…

--Granny of the Week comes to us from Largo, Florida. ‘Twas there that Grandma Collier was kind enough to let her 18-year-old punk granddaughter use her computer to do some homework. Loser granddaughter Felicia is going to school online since being kicked out of Catholic school. Apparently nuns have a problem being told to “F-off.” So do grandmothers. Felicia was dropping F-bombs about the family left and right and so granny asked Felicia what did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP. Felicia responded with a punch. How can you punch your own grandmother? So police come and arrest Felicia and for good measure they arrest Granny despite Felicia’s objections. Nice police work.

--Dumbass of the Week is David Boreanaz who admitted to cheating on his Playboy wife Jamie Bergman and it wasn’t even with the hot Deschanel sister.

--I think all you need to know about how out of touch Washington is with America is that Jay Leno hosted the Washington Correspondents Dinner. Although it did allow for Barack to flex his muscles…

--Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron?!

Questions, comments or if you’re pretty damn excited Phoenicia is coming to downtown…


  1. I know you said you didn't know about Mac and Sweet Dee being married but did you know that Charlie and the Waitress are married in real life?

    I thought Party Down killed this week.

    Jack turned a corner for me in the season 3 finale or maybe it was season 4. They all kinda became a blur after a while.

    The Lost characters make Charley Casserly's personnel decisions look sound.

  2. Holy crap, Sunny is one incestuous show.

    I still have to watch last week's Party Down.

    I bet those seasons blurred. You knocked them out in record time. I really want Ben to have one signature Ben moment in these final hours. Sawyer is on a Casserly roll this season for sure.

  3. Barry6:52 PM

    I stopped watching Justified after three episodes. Still collecting them on DVR. Hopefully, it'll pick up. But I have a busy TV schedule, and Justified just wasn't cutting it. Good to see you said it picked up.

  4. Yeah I was worried about it a little. But it stopped being a procedural and got back on the season long narrative. Walton Goggins kills it every scene and Timothy Olyphant plays that role in his sleep.


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