Sunday, May 09, 2010

So What'cha Want. I get So Funny With The Money That You Flaunt.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Really Cush? Really? It's not like it's shocking, but damn dude. And don't bother with statements like the one you released just sit up in front of the media, tell your story and answer questions. And really weak hitting all the radio stations for some love knowing damn well this was about to come out.

--What did we learn from UFC 113? Koscheck loves the Montreal Canadiens. He's going to get worked over by GSP again. Paul Daley is a dumbass. Kimbo is just another guy. Alan Belcher can face slam Patrick Cote. Shogun Rua simply owns Lyoto Machida. Sam Stout, win or lose, makes for a good fight. Matt Mitrione just ain't right in the head.

--That might have been NBC’s best block of Thursday night programming this season. Of course I don't include Marriage Ref in that block, I only include the comedies. Instead of Ref, clearly there should have been a special one-hour episode of Bitch Hunter.
Community really is just on a roll right now. All the pop culture nods are spot on and hilarious and for the ladies we’ve had a topless Joel McHale on more than one occasion (we get it Joel, you’re funny AND ripped). This Community had everything you could possibly want in an action genre movie from references to 28 Days Later to Die Hard to Matrix to my personal favorite, The Warriors. The Disco Stu roller scene was nice, but nothing can beat Abed climbing the wall over Jeff to take out some foolz. SeƱor Chang killed his scenes of course.

Parks had Detlef Schrempf, Leslie recalling her favorite Friends episodes and Ron Swanson sleep fighting. Nuff said.
Even The Office delivered more so than it had recently. Dwight Schrute is The Game. And Creed talking about Darnell (Darryl) being a sucker was hilarious. 30 Rock was just another 30 Rock. If I never have my hands on a cantaloupe and a Ziplock bag of mushroom soup that’s fine by me.
Back to Creed for a second. TV Guide has an interview with him about his new album that also feature Ed Helms. $.
The highest compliment I can give the Thursday shows? I watched them live and probably always will as long as Community and Parks are new.

How can you not love Alison Brie?

--Her character probably ran its course one or two seasons ago, but Elizabeth Perkins has puffed, puffed, and now passed on returning to Weeds. Her first couple of seasons she was gold and a major reason why the show was. Despite the holy sh** ending to last season this should be the final season of the show though I’ve been saying that for two seasons now.

--We knew that Alec Baldwin would host the SNL finale, but now we know Tom Petty will be the music guest and that’s a good thing. I thought Betty White did a nice job and Jay-Z knocked it out the park.

--Seriously Tyra, WTF?

--Surprising your audience with cars? Cool. Surprising your audience with a screening of the new Twilight? Not cool. C’mon Oprah don’t make me take you off “series record.” Yes, that’s a joke. Ain’t no way I’m taking Oprah off “series record.”

--Sweet, innocent little Kendra Wilkinson has a se#$ tape out?! Has not been a good year for Hank Baskett.

--Whoopsie of the Week comes to us in the form of George Rekers. He’s a cofounder of the Family Research Council and with a name like that you know he’s anti-gay. So why was he walking off a plane from Europe with a male prostitute? Easy. Take it away George, “I had surgery and I can’t lift luggage. That’s why I hired him.” That’s what he told the Miami New Times. Where do you find someone to hire to carry your luggage? Another easy one. (Completely NSFW and NSFH). Rekers is a board member of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, a group who I assume for research purposes hires young, male prostitutes. As Rekers goes on to explain he was simply trying to “save” young Lucien.

--"Seriously. It's not the polite conversation room. It's the fu** room! Don't go in the fu** room and be surprised when someone wants to fuck!" - Nick DiCintos.
Another strong Party Down with another very strong guest star. This time Reno 911's Thomas Lennon. Good, dirty stuff. I don't know how this show will work or if it'll get the chance to work with Adam Scott leaving. He and Rob Lowe start their Parks run this week.

--You ever see some sports memorabilia at a sports bar that’s so cool you just have to have it? Me too, but I didn’t take it down from the wall and actually try to steal it. That’s what separates me from Mark Stevens. He was at a sports bar in Bismarck and was admiring an autographed Wayne Gretzky jersey. He liked it so much, he took it down, took it to the restroom, smashed the case open and took off with his prize. He was found at his hotel a little bit later and was wearing the jersey, which makes it tough to deny he stole it.

--Duh, time travel will happen Stephen Hawking (if that is your real name). I Seinfeldian drafted time travel, thus it will be so and I shall be first. First stop the 80s to convince myself that a white tux and hot pink cumber bun is not the way to go to the 8th grade prom.

--Sasha Grey as Vince’s girlfriend in Entourage next season? Nice try, still not watching.

--Not only was Brittany/Heather Morris a nude model, but she was on So You Think You Can Dance and was a backup dancer to Beyonce? All that led to, “dolphins are just gay sharks.”

--You’ve probably already heard or read about Electron Boy and his Make-A-Wish, but if not go ahead and click for the warm fuzzy. There’s even a cameo from former Dynamo turned Sounder Nate Jaqua.

--Am I missing something? Paramount passed on Anchorman 2 and Zoolander 2?!

--A Planet of the Apes prequel?! CGI Apes?!

--Yeah, this is going to be good…

--Can't wait for the Jacob v. Man in Black Lost this week.

--That Doors documentary narrated by Johnny Depp is going to run on PBS at 8 on Wednesday as part of American Masters. Very much looking forward to that.

Questions, comments or if you spent the bulk of your weekend playing the video crack known as FIFA World Cup...


  1. Hey Danny Vera,

    Been a while since i have posted a comment but here are my thoughts. First off on the boxing event held this weekend. After UFC had an awesome fight night boxing's main event on HBO ended with cintron flying out of the ring like Lex Luger and having to be carried off in a stretcher. Larry merchant looked more pissed off than worried for Cintron. This just goes to show you that boxing will be dead and gone after mayweather paquiao because there is nothing else to see in boxing after that fight. I cant stand Koschek but he is pretty good, like all the mayweather fights i pay for, i am only coughing up that dough hoping mayweather gets his ass kicked and i have the exact same feeling towards koschek. Kimbo Slice? Really? This guy only looked badass when he fought a bunch of non trained chumps on you tube, Kimbo aint got shit on Machete. As Ozzie Guillen would say (" psssssttt please"). As for the whole cushing deal i dont have any anger towards cushing. This guy works his ass off to be better unlike Mario & Okoye. Yea he got caught in septmeber so what about the rest of the season? To me The Cushmaister is only trying to get better and thats a good thing. Yea he is cheating but so is 80% of the NFL and all other sports. Remember its only cheating if you get caught. Alright Danny, Keep swinging that sword high!

  2. I forgot to mention that weird Cintron fall. And of course it happened just as the fight was getting good. Boxing needs Manny/Pac now more than ever. Just not a lot of excitement out there for anything else. i.e. Hopkins vs. Jones.
    Kimbo seems like a good dude so I was hoping he'd show more skills, but they're just not there and he is an old dog.
    Thx for checking back in


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