Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Listen In My Head I Just Want To Take 'em Down. Imagination Set Loose And I'm Gonna Shake 'em Down.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--We are D champions! Congratulations Rio Grande Valley Vipers! Mike Harris your D-League MVP! Someone tell Academy to get those shirts in stock.

--“Who R U Picking?” is the worst tag line I’ve seen for a boxing PPV in a while. I’m picking Floyd by decision just like I do in every Floyd fight. Yawn.
A date and venue has been set for Battle of the Juans: Part Dos. July 31st at Mandalay Bay.

--I think I’ve gone from enjoying Glee to watching it because my girlfriend loves it, but even she is starting to recognize it’s going downhill. I don’t know if I just don’t care for the songs they’re using or the terribly written characters or it’s these theme weeks or what, but I’m pretty sure my cat reads my diary. Can always rely on Brittany and Santana.

--Conan on 60 Minutes come Sunday.

--Nice move by the Golden Globes inviting Ricky Gervais back to host again.

--There’s speculation that Steve Carell will be done with The Office after next season. This is not the worst news in the world. I’d rather have one more kick ass season with the entire show focused on what made it great originally than three more seasons similar to this one.

--Run Ricky Run was the best 30 for 30 doc since The U. Great stuff. You got about as much insight into Ricky as you could possibly get. He’s a complex yet simplistic guy who has been misunderstood, misrepresented and misused. He brought a lot of his troubles upon himself obviously and some times more than others he seems to accept that. Joe Theismann came off as the idiot he is with his whine about Ricky joining the Argonauts. Jay Mariotti was his typical “disgrace to humanity.”

--If you live in Detroit things are already pretty bad. Not much can make it worse unless it’s something like a mother finding out her 14-year-old daughter has been working at a strip club on Eight Mile for two months. Mom went up to the All Star topless bar and took her daughter home while the Detroit Police Chief promised to shut the bar down because of its terribly uncreative strip club name or because of the 14 shootings there the last six years. One of those.

--That was one helluva Breaking Bad this week. Hank v. The Cousins v. Jesse v. Walt v. Jesse v. The Cousins v. Hank v. Walt. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again no other television show is as beautifully directed and shot as Breaking Bad is. They have New Mexico’s awesome landscape to play with and they utilize it to its fullest potential. I’m gonna miss that RV. What a scene.

Almost have stopped thinking of Hank as a poor man's Vic Mackie. Difference is Vic lived throughout the show and I don't see that in the future for Hank.

--Did anyone tell the Phoenix Coyotes that it was a Game 7 and they were at home? As for the Capitals, well, that was just a chokejob. Up 3-1 on the 8 seed so you’re at home for Game 7 and you don’t score until the final few minutes of the 3rd?

--The Boondocks comes back for Season Three on Sunday after an interminable hiatus. Cannot even imagine what storylines they’ll be hitting, but I know it’s going to be freakin’ hilarious. There is no better Christmas-related television episode than when Riley takes on the mall santa while Huey directs the school’s celebration.

--Next year Atlanta is going to be legit with a real coach. Embarrassing Hawks. You’re down 3-2 to a team that lost Andrew Bogut right before the playoffs. A team led by a rookie point guard, albeit a good one. A team also led by John Salmons. A team called the Bucks. Terrible.

--Your Old Man, Crazy Lawsuit of the Week comes to us from Indianapolis. ‘Twas there that 70-year-old Charles Andrew was trying to buy a lottery ticket at a convenience store, but the store wouldn’t sell to him even though the drawing was still a few minutes away. So according to Senior Charles he filled out a ticket form and left it at the station as proof. He came back the next day and those numbers ended up being exactly right. So yeah, Charles is suing the store for the $11.5 million he would’ve won. Good luck with that.

--Waaaay back in the day I was a cub scout for about a week or two until I realized I didn’t look good in a yellow neckerchief. But at least the boy scouts are trying to stay somewhat current even if this is long overdue. Merit pins for playing video games or teaching others how to or finding out the cheapest place to buy a game. It’s supposed to help you with your math or some other form of schoolwork, which is an easy box to check since you can find math in any video game.

--0 for your first 8 is an ugly start, but it’s January Jones compared to Pittsburgh’s recent 7-game losing streak in which it was outscored 72-12. Yes the January reference was just an excuse.

--Good news! You can get (spoiler alert!) engagement rings like Bella will get from Edward.

--There’s a rumor going around that maybe Nicolas Cage WON’T be in Ghost Rider 2. I want to stress that this is just a rumor. No need to panic…yet.

--And hallelujah Friday Night Lights returns to NBC next Friday, the 7th!

--Little Danson Man FTMFW!

--We had Pico’s Mex-Mex Arnauld Richards on Southbound Food this week. He brought the special tequila that was made just for him from a single barrel. It was damn smooth. Yet no matter how smooth or expensive tequila is that smell instantly takes me back to a 14-shot night back in high school. Oh man, the stories my then girlfriend told me about the drive home that evening. Apparently I was holding a conversation from out the passenger side window with the trees we were passing. I haven’t tried to engage trees in conversation since and I think the trees respect me for that. Nothing worse than a tequila burp.
Writing of tequila…Paul Reubens as Jokey Smurf sounds about right.

--I thought Matt Schaub and Eric Winston crushing home runs at MMP was cool. Freakin’ Drew Brees hit bombs at Zephyr Field from each side of the plate. F’n showoff.

Questions, comments or if you’re off to Vegas…


  1. I think there's a term paper on the use of automobiles in Breaking Bad. Walt drives an Aztec, which is the kind of car that only someone who can't afford to drive anything else would. Gus' Volvo wagon is another signifier of the average, anonymous existence he's trying to lead. Etc, etc. It's a million details like those that make BB so excellent.

  2. That's a great point I hadn't thought of much. Just an outstanding show on so many levels. I gotta find that paper now.

  3. I should clarify - I meant there's the idea of a term paper in the way cars are used in the show. It'd be a lot more fun to write than your typical minor characters in The Scarlett Letter everyone writes in 9th grade.

  4. Thx for clarifying before I spent a half hour on google.


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