Friday, April 23, 2010

You Know I Get Fly You Think I Get High. You Know That I'm Gone And I'm A Tell You All Why.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Kareem Jackson, huh? Fine by me, but sometime you might want to take a risk. Maybe you couldn’t trade down. Maybe you did try. Try harder. Other teams seem to have no problems manipulating the draft board. Or if you liked Ryan Matthews so much, trade up. I’d just like to see the Texans get the optimum value for their selection and I'm not sure I can say that after one round.

--Josh McDaniels is one crazy, gambling m’f’er.

--I like Dez Bryant so I hate that he’s now a Cowboy. See ya week 3 Dez. Oh and if anyone can figure out what the hell Jerry is talking about here let me know. Jerry on the questions regarding Dez’s problems with getting places on time:
"We had a president that couldn't get there on time a lot, Bill Clinton. Seriously. But boy, when he got there, he brought the wood."

--ESPN you suck. Like I tweeted on draft night I think I was watching ESPN’s coverage for the same reason people listen to 610. My tiny little brain habitually flips it on ESPN without thinking of the better alternatives. Chris Berman was just awful. I loved it when the guys didn’t know they were talking on the air and Berman starts waving his arm to tell the guys to cut-it-out. Mel Kiper Jr. was just silent. Jon Gruden wanted to make out with every player under the bleachers. Tom Jackson had nothing substantive to offer. Steve Young, well obviously he took his crazy pills. Nice job re-signing Berman, ESPN. Gotta have someone to attempt to draw the hate away from Rick Reilly.

--Another season in the books of Damages and the series itself is likely over too and I have only you to blame. Great finale with a lot of closure on not only this season, but other things that have been hanging over Ellen and Patty. Tom got the worst kind of closure. The kind that happens when you head is forced into a toilet until you stop breathing. Good to see Timothy Olyphant come back and the cast as a whole was fantastic. Martin Short was solid despite my reservations early. Lily Tomlin and Dominic Chianese were, of course, strong. If you’re bored this summer then I highly, highly recommend watching Season 1 of Damages. You won’t be disappointed.

--How to Make It in America was renewed. Haven’t watched a second of that despite Cudi’s time on it.

--Tastes like chicken, okay. Tastes like fish, okay. Tastes like fish and chicken? Luc Mbah a Moute prefers 'Viper. I like Boa constrictor, too. But viper is the best meat I‘ve ever had. It tastes like fish and chicken combined. It's very good.' " See and you thought we weren’t going to get anything out of the Bucks being in the playoffs.

--We already knew this was going to happen, but Larry David finally made another season of Curb official.

--The Hoff going to Young and the Restless for a stint? If it was K.I.T.T. going I’d watch.

--I really need to start paying recording Tim and Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job! Maybe this week on the 25th when Zach G. is on.

--I heard a Reliant Energy spot the other day during the Astros broadcast. Nice try ripping off the Friday Night Lights theme Reliant, but you still suck. If for no other reason than the fact I can’t get a signal in Reliant Park. Once again, that may not be your fault, but I don’t have time to figure out who to blame and you’re easy.

--I’m not the biggest Ryan Phillippe fan, but if he was all geeking out about meeting Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat when he was part of Raw this week then Phillippe is aight in my book. Loved The Dragon. Did like Phillippe in Igby Goes Down. Excellent movie and the first time I ever heard the name Sookie (Claire Danes) before True Blood.

--A Friday night with the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NFL Draft and Party Down premiere is a good Friday night.

--That was one fast-paced, set up the pieces Lost this week. Nothing mind blowing, but certainly a lot of plot developing. Sawyer’s best line of the season describing Lapidus as the “guy who looks like he just stepped off the set of a Burt Reynolds movie.” No Lost next week though I could have sworn they said no breaks in the final season. Such is life. I hope they figure out a way to kill off Zoe. She’s freakin’ annoying.
Sweet, ABC is going to air Lost’s pilot the night before the Saturday night before the finale.

--The Madonna Glee episode was every bit of awful as I was expecting. I was even getting tired of Sue Sylvester dogging Mr. Schu’s hair. And I can’t get “Express Yourself” outta my head and I even tried listening to “Tom’s Diner” just to replace the Madonna earworm, but that didn’t work.

--The Daily Beast compiled a list of the highest cities in America. At the top spot, well you know it’s some place in California. Eureka, to be more exact. Now you know and knowing is, I forget the rest.

--7-11 now has its own beer?! Game Day is apparently going for $7 a 12-pack which puts it right in my wheelhouse.

--Suspend a season, half a season, a game, whatever. But this whole 4-6 games stuff is ridiculous. Make it 6 or make it 4.

--Good interview in Chicago Tribune with Anthony Bourdain.
Great quote on what he’d do if in charge of the Food Network:
I'd bring back "Molto Mario" right away. I'd have Mario Batali do a standard instructional show that would be the cornerstone. I would make it more chef-centric, of course. I would make sure Sandra Lee was never allowed near any cooking utensil or food item. Immediately. I'd have a long talk with Rachael Ray. I'd say, "Look, Rachael, you're bigger than food now. You're in Oprah territory. You don't have to cook anymore. Move on."
That would be awesome for like a month until 3/4s of the audience stopped watching Food Network.

--What took so long for Denny’s to sign up John Kruk to an endorsement deal?

--Good Southbound Food this Saturday morning at 11 on 1560. We talked to Chris Shepherd from pork heaven a.k.a. Catalan. Also talked to the guys from Animal out in L.A. Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. They had a show on Food Network a while back and also took on Cat Cora on Iron Chef America. If you haven’t heard enough about pig ears, bacon and sweetbreads this week then tune in.

--Only in Utah…Ronnie Lee Gardner killed an attorney 25 years ago and is finally going to see his day of reckoning come. Apparently only in Utah do you have a choice of how you die between lethal injection and firing squad. Who would take lethal injection? Firing squad is obviously the way to go and that’s the way Gardner is going to go. But really why is a convicted killer getting a choice at all? The state should simply do the opposite and say, “F U, you didn’t really think we were gonna let a murderer decide his way of death did you?”

Questions, comments or if you’re going to Vegas next weekend for that lil ol' fight between Floyd and Sugar...


  1. Community's goodfellas episode this week was excellent. Annie is moving up my sneaky hot list.

  2. I heard about it and look forward to it.
    Annie/ Brie is far, far past sneaky hot.

  3. Anonymous6:48 AM

    I have enjoyed your blog for long time but when crack on 610 you re coming off the jilted ex. Let it go dude your in a better place obviously. Move on enjoy your life and new gig. Keep up the great work. Also I couldn't get the fact of what character Raylan reminded of then I keep seeing the tombstone poster in his boss office Raylan is a cross between doc holliday and Wyatt Earp.

  4. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Did you hear Ryan Matthews comments to the SD media about being "scared" Houston would pick him? Good riddance. I haven't seen Matthews DESTROY a guy as good as Berry anyways. I'd much rather have the tougher SOB who actually wants to play football.

  5. Anonymous8:36 AM

    610 can suck it. Althouh they have done a fine job of destroying themselves so maybe you should leave them be.

  6. Thanks for reading. I didn't mean it as a crack so much as a statement of fact and the reason I was watching ESPN's trainwreck coverage.
    Raylan belongs on the Tombstone poster, he owns those Raylan/Sheriff roles. Man I miss Deadwood

  7. I didn't hear that about Ryan bring scared. Whatever. I like Ben Tate.

  8. Is Zoe Widmore's right hand woman or whatever? I hate her so much. Her voice is shrill and annoying and she looks like she had a botched face transplant or something.

    Maybe she'll get smoke monstered

  9. I hate Zoe's glasses. I hate her hair. I hate her role, so I guess that part isn't her fault. No way she makes it through to the end.

  10. Chris in Spring10:44 AM

    Watched the draft on NFL network and turned to espn during the commercials and I still couldn't handle it. I don't think Chris Berman has completed a single thought...ever. He's just garbage. Still don't understand the Texans not looking for a free safety. Matthews was scared of being drafted by Houston? Well lets see who has the last laugh when he's playing in San Deigo, winning a bunch of games, in beautiful weather all year long with some of the hottest women in the world all around the city. 610 blows. Just once peice of trash after another. Keep up the good work

  11. ESPN on Saturday with Trey Wingo was infinitely better than Berman.
    Agreed on the free safety but we'll see.
    Yeah Ryan Mathews may get those benefits you mention but no state income
    tax is something I assume he'd like.
    Thanks for reading


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