Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Tell Me Who Are You Dissing Maybe I'm Missing. The Reason That You're Smiling or Wilding.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Thank God the boys are off of Peleliu. Those were some brutal scenes and damn I can’t believe Sledge was about to do some mining on that Japanese soldier. At some point I hope to stop associating hearing a dripping sound with Snafu throwing pebbles in the top of that Japanese soldier’s blood-filled cranium. Sledge and Snafu’s scenes together were pretty f’n powerful. And Sledge can stare at a pretty nurse just as long as he damn well pleases.
Wikipedia's page on the Battle of Peleliu is worth your time.

--Kenny Powers playing in Mexico next season of Eastbound & Down? Yeah, this season might even be better than last. Ana de la Reguera will no doubt fall hard for Kenny's chivalrous ways. Michael Pena from Crash and Shane's partner on The Shield joins in the fun as well. Deadline with all the details you'd want except for what date it'll actually be back on the air. New locations means mostly new cast, but thankfully Steve will be back.

--It is damn nice to have Party Down back. It's up there in Community and Modern Family territory. Looks like we don't have to worry about how Megan Mullally/Lydia is going to work in because that was a debut that picked up the slack for Jane Lynch's departure. She and Lizzy Caplan/Casey have the makings of a beautiful relationship. We have to get Jackal Onassis/Jimmi Simpson back on the show at all costs. Best party host the show has ever had.
I still don't know how it's going to work once Adam Scott leaves for Parks and Rec.

--If you're keeping score at home...True Blood back June 13th. Hung and Entourage back on June 27th. Adrian Grenier in the Hollywood Reporter, "They're going to get a whole new Vince this year. He's grappling with life and death circumstances." Oh boy, can hardly wait.

--You know you want to see who the ratings for the top 10 Madden qbs for next season. Matt Schaub and Tony Romo at the bottom of the list with an 89 apiece.

--By the time Spike was showing WEC’s undercard it was pretty apparent its debut PPV was going to exceed the last few UFC PPVs.
Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung = Fight of the Year. Just put it in the bank now in late April.
I’ve always liked Manny Gamburyan, but I didn’t expect the little Armenian bulldog to KTFO Mike Brown. Wow.
And double wow to the dominance of Ben Henderson over Donald Cerrone.
Yet another dominant performance from Jose Aldo in his five round total leg destruction of Urijah Faber.

--GSP and Jake Shields as the next TUF coaches? Make it happen. I’m also interested to see how long James Toney can last against Randy Couture.

--Did not expect to see Mikkel Kessler beat Karl Froch. Did not ever expect, despite my pleas, that John Ruiz would retire from boxing. Don’t expect to see Shane beat Floyd. I can't wait for the madness of the fight weekend that awaits me in Vegas.

--Good luck to Tito and Jenna. I mean if a porn star and an MMA star who met on My Space can’t make it in this crazy, mixed-up world what chance do the rest of us have?

--Congratulations to Michael C. Hall who has “fully recovered” from his cancer. I can’t wait to see what they do with Dexter next season.

--The other day a new store (presumably a Los Pollos Hermanos) was opening in Albuquerque. To try and attract a crowd for the grand opening the store owners thought it would be cool to have an exhibit with a couple of live alligators. They also thought it’d be cool to feed the gators live rabbits and mice. Even cooler if they set up a child’s playhouse next to the gator pool. Yeah, turns out families didn’t think it was so cool. Teenage boys probably thought it was the coolest afternoon they’d ever spent with their families.

--I’d like to see the Rotisserie League 30 for 30 again except with a new director. Looking forward to watching Run Ricky Run this week.

--I Like Big Butterfingers. Need I say more?

--I like Jahvid Best. Apparently his new coach Jim Schwartz like likes him.
"Some people watch adult videos on their computer. I go to YouTube and watch Jahvid Best highlight clips. That's what gets me aroused."
I’m sure his wife loves that quote.

--Apparently Archie is going to have a gay character. So which is the correct way to say this, Archie is gayer or Archie is now more gay?

--Like The Hoff, Sean Young is going to Young and the Restless too?! I remember one time well over 20 years ago there was a Sean Young who was hot and had a career.

--I never watched despite hearing good things, but Southland has been renewed by TNT.

--Your Criminal Mastermind of the Week comes to us from Nebraska. A guy rolls up on a gas station for I assume money to buy a real mask for his next robbery. Because for this one he’s wearing toilet paper. Yeah, the ol’ wrap my head in toilet paper so you can’t see me. Classic. He also had a knife. For some reason the gas station attendant emptied the safe for this guy instead of throwing a glass of water at him and watching his face melt. So the criminal mastermind got his money, but didn’t go too far. Some extremely clever police dogs tracked him down with the help of a trail of toilet paper. No word on what kind of tp, but I sense a commercial opportunity. Smoking Gun with the video that looks scary at the beginning kind of like Strangers.

--I’ve only started reading Alan Sepinwall since Lost started its final season, but now I hit his blog all the time. He’s leaving The Star-Ledger for HitFix.com. I highly recommend Sepinwall.blogspot.com.

--Congratulations to Tiki Barber whose wife has filed for divorce a mere 8 months into her pregnancy. You the man Tiki!

--On the one hand, Lost’s final season shouldn’t take a week off. On the other hand, I could use a week off. Plenty of Lost goodness right here from Wired.

--Back in the day when the Sonics and Rockets fought tooth and nail I hated Seattle like no other team. Hated Gary Payton’s trash talking. Hated Shawn Kemp’s incredible athleticism. Hated Michael Cage’s hair. Hated Detlef Shrempf’s stupid name. Hated Dale Ellis for knocking down 99% of his 3’s. Hated Nate McMillan’s damn peskiness. More than all of them I loathed George Karl. The way he always had that smirk on his face as his team played a straight up zone defense on Dream. Always with that cocky smirk. Man that mental image still pisses me off. So yeah, I was nearly brought to tears when I saw the ESPN piece detailing Karl’s battle with throat cancer. Good luck George.

--I don’t think I’ve been to an IHOP in 15 years. If I’m eating out after a night of responsible drinking I’m hitting Dot, Taqueria del Sol or Little Big’s not IHOP for its pancake stackers. Pancakes with crustless cheesecake in the center? No thanks, I’ll pass.

--There’s the right kind of double down and then there’s the kind Charles Byrd tried. Charles was under the influence and driving all sorts of crazy. So a cop tried to pull him over. Instead of taking his DUI like a man Charles drove to a house. To be more specific his grow house. Whoops. Cops show up, surround the house, Charles comes out and with him the glorious smell of nearly 1,500 grams of bud filled the air. Also coming out was one of Charles’ friends who I presume is beating the crap out of Charles behind bars.

--I think this might be from Arizona, but I can't be sure...

Questions, comments or if you should have called “no take backs” to end up back on the air regularly…


  1. Chris in Spring4:53 PM

    Go to the Battle Map at HBO.com if you haven't been. Great info for all the battles covered.

  2. This past week may have been my favorite episode of The Pacific yet and the pebble tossing scene was absolutely brutal.

    I can't see Jimmi Simpson without instantly thinking Liam McPoyle. He absolutely owns that role.

    If by a new Vince he means the one that commits a murder suicide with E then I'm all for it.

  3. Thanks for reminding me. I haven't checked out those maps in a while.

  4. That plopping sound is disturbing.

    He's forever Liam McPoyle.

  5. I finally watched Party Down, it is very funny. There is a nice ensemble feel to it and some cool guest appearances as well. Totally agree with you on the Fantasy Baseball 30 for 30. Great story that was ruined by the director. I do agree with whomever said it that those guys and gal should be in the HoF.
    I just ordered $600 stuff of Punishment Athletics stuff for my store. I smell a sale coming on.

  6. It's a great ensemble that doesn't need a lot of lines to be effective. And the guests are always classic. Rick Fox storyline was great last season.
    The founders should definitely be in the Hall.


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