Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time and money for girls covered with honey. You lie and aspire to be as cunning.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Congratulations to the Rockets on a winning season. It’s a pretty remarkable accomplishment considering everything this team has been through this season. You might have heard about some injuries and kind of a big trade. The guys scrapped nearly every game especially early on when they actually had some energy on more than just the offensive end of the floor. This time next year we’ll be looking ahead to the playoffs AND the lottery (thanks NY, love ya). Now let’s go re-sign Scola, Lowry and McGrady. What? You’re right Tracy showed so much in NY that he’s due for another max deal that the Rockets just can’t afford. Damn. In Morey…

--I’m not exactly sure why Glee decided to air the entire Sue Sylvester Vogue video a week early, but I’m not complaining (although it was a little too much like the original). I would go ahead and skip a Madonna episode, but then I might miss out on some Brittany/Santana gems.
Brittany: “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?”

Sue: “Anything else?”
Brittany: “Sometimes I forget my middle name.”

Santana: “You buy us dinner and we make out in front of you.”

More of them please. Less of Finn attempting any more Doors. That was brutal.


--I doubt I’ll care how Treme references Houston, but the Chronicle apparently does. It’s not a historical documentary, it’s a story. A story of how this part of New Orleans tried to move on after the disaster. A story with real characters, composite characters, fictional characters and some pretty damn good music. I’m not about to get all pissy if the show puts Houston in a good light or no light and I seriously doubt it’ll get put in a bad light. Why this post deserved a big homepage banner is beyond me.
Bottom line: It’s not 100% factual. It’s HBO.

--Just one more Damages left this season and maybe ever and that’s a real shame for such an intelligent, compelling, perfectly acted show. I wasn’t sure how Lily Tomlin and Martin Short were going to work out this season, but they were stellar. The only storyline I could go without is Patty’s son and his much older pregnant girlfriend. But I’m sure that’s essential for something we’ll get in the finale. Hard to believe the viewers have dropped by almost half from season one.

--Roger Waters is taking The Wall on tour later this year?! Tickets go on sale May 10th for the November 20th date at Toyota Center. I’ll be there, now if we can just get special guest Muse. In other Toyota Center news, fear not a second Lady Gaga show has been added for July.

--DirecTV is going to start showing The Wire beginning July 18th. Every Sunday it’ll air uncut, commercial-free episodes. Best. Show. Ever.

--Another “did that just happen?” episode of Lost this week with Desmond taking a trip down a well and Locke getting run over in the Sideways world. The Libby and Hugo stuff was great as love and romance remains just as front and center as good vs. evil. I’m liking following Jack as opposed to leading Jack. He has nearly the same calmness and serenity as Des, it’s just that Des is a helluvalot cooler. Ilana seemed to be a waste of a character, but on the other hand at least with her gone there’s more dialogue for the others. Heh, the others.

Cool as a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce.

--Scores in New York renamed their Champagne Room the John Paul Stevens Room?! Out-standing. That’s how you want to be remembered for your time on the Supreme Court.

--There’s dumb luck and then there’s Tanner Sandlin from Austin. He read the same CNN article I did a couple of weeks ago about rare video games selling for some big prices. Difference being in his garage he had an extremely rare copy of Air Raid while in mine I have some 1980s Topps commons worth jack. He even had the original packaging for only the 13th known copy of Air Raid in the world. He got authenticated and then placed that bad boy on eBay. With just five minutes to go in the auction the highest bid was $14,600. Not bad. And then the highest bid quickly jumped to $31,600. Holy sh**! I probably logged more hours with Pitfall than any other Atari 2600 game. Stupid tar pits...

--Walt is really starting to piss me off. Don’t be hating on Jesse for cooking up the blue stuff. You want out, fine, you’re out, but leave the clean and sober Jesse alone. And how can you lay hands on Saul?
Oh yeah, the cousins drew a scythe on the street in front of your house, so you might want to look into that.

--An AT-AT made out of bacon, but then you probably figured that out by now.

--Yay!!! Seth Myers is hosting the ESPYs!!!! What's the punctuation mark to denote sarcasm?

--30 for 30 has been a lot better than I was expecting. The Allen Iverson was one was very interesting for its all-encompassing take on the trial from the brawl at the bowling alley. Good stuff especially seeing all the A.I. high school highlights from basketball and football.

--Props to Glen Rice for trying to keep his 11-year-old daughter out of his ex-wife’s reality show, Miami Social Club. However, the court system has other ideas and has granted his ex-wife permission to use the daughter in the show. Nice try Glen.

--There’s gonna be a Law and Order: Los Angeles?! Shoot me now. I could rant about how television networks need to try some original ideas, but then I look and see The Marriage Ref and Guy Fieri hosting a game show.

--Who better to breakdown the goings on in the world of fast food that Mr. Stephen Colbert?
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
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--Damn Tennessee, you got some big ones. You have one of the most disastrous college coaching searches in recent memory. You hire some Dooley from La Tech and then you gonna try and charge media members $50 to watch the Vols scrimmage?! Well played sirs, well played.

--I watched 24 for the first time in several weeks. I saw Chloe take charge replacing Hastings to complete the worst acting Mykelti Williamson has ever done. And of course someone who just started and didn’t know any access codes or where anything was 16 hours ago is now in command at CTU. And damn, did not think they’d kill off Renee. That’s what you get for trying to feel “love” Jack. It’s not for everyone.

--Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers?! Nice.

--Barry Zito wins = 2. Astros wins = 0. Reds wins = 5, all in final at-bat

--A-Rod and Cameron Diaz?! Yeah, that sounds about right.

--Darren Arofonosky to direct his wife Rachel Weisz in a Jackie Kennedy biopic?! I’m down with anything from either of those two.

--Somehow, until Darren Rovell tweeted about it, I had never heard of Pro Toast. Sounds like what you’d expect. Your professional sports team’s logo branded onto your toast through the magic of the Pro Toast machine. However, $35 for me is too much considering I’m saving for a Dyson Air Multiplier. Genius.

--The link to USA Today’s Save Our Show status reports and poll. I thought Chuck was off the bubble especially since NBC extended this current season. That’s about the only “on the bubble” or “gone or nearly gone” show I watch after giving up on V and FlashForward.

--I’m no PETA backer and I’m all for using animals for food. But it just doesn’t seem right to pump meth into sheep and then shock them with tasers all in the name of finding safer ways to taser human meth addicts. If you’re using meth you’re already gambling with your life so don’t come crying to me that you did something bad enough to get tased and you died from said tase. You play with matches (or meth)…

Questions, comments or if you're craving oysters...

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