Monday, March 15, 2010

Spend another night at the Motel 6. It's five dollars extra get the porno flicks.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Paw Power! I can’t believe the f’n Cougars did it. Just amazing. How they beat a good UTEP team with that little offense from Aubrey is beyond me, but thankfully it wasn’t beyond Kelvin Lewis. Wow, what a performance. Anyone who says it’s bad because now Penders is guaranteed to stay is just dumb. Getting to the tournament has been the goal the past 18 tournament-less years. We’re there and that’s all that matters. And really I’m liking a draw against a Maryland team that doesn’t have a beast down low and relies on Greivis who is just as likely to go 5-20 as he is 14-20.

Little did we know then that that #22 would later become the premier color analyst in not just the NBA, but perhaps all of sports.

--The Pacific delivered just as expected for a first episode, well I expected another awesome beach scene to start the fighting and that didn’t happen, which was pretty damn funny. I’ll definitely have to watch again to get the names and faces matched up.

--Here’s Adam Clanton’s Sports Sunday piece on the four Houston sports stations. Good stuff from AC. I see 610’s Josh Innes (sp? who cares?) inspires the same feeling on radio or on television. You just want to punch him in the face. Nice quality to have. He’ll go far in that business.

--Joined twitter (@heydannyv) just in time to catch Aziz Ansari live-tweet as he watched Twilight Monday. Classic.
"2 black dudes in the movie so far: 1 almost kills a girl w/a van & other dude is a vampire. Come on Twilight! Not cool"

--Clottey/Pacquiao played out exactly as it was destined and that sucked. Watch out Battier, Pac coming after you on the karaoke circuit...

--It’s one thing for The Palms to charge $5,000 a night for the Real World suite because, you know, it’s in Vegas and it’s The Palms. It’s another thing for the owners of the Jersey Shore house to charge $2,500 a night for a stay. Get the F outta here.

--I stopped writing about teacher/student sexy time a long time ago because it was pretty much a weekly occurrence. But this one is worth mentioning because of one particular whore of a teacher, Heath Miller. Mr. Miller was a band teacher (red flag!) at a middle school in Palm Beach (Florida, shocking). Miller is up on charges of sexual assault, molesting students, and for good measure, tampering with evidence and witnesses. Despite that busy schedule Miller also made time to have relations with two teachers on campus. One claimed rape, which turned out to be false. Way to educate the students and faculty, Mr. Miller. Oh did I mention Mr. Miller is married? Mr. Miller is married.

--Justified starts Tuesday night on FX. I’m in. Gonna be hard for me to separate this character from Shane on Shield. Timothy Olyphant just appears to be playing Sheriff Bullock again and that’s fine by me.

--Muse this week!

--If King of Kong was a movie then why isn’t this Tecmo Bowl tournament a movie?! Great read from Fanhouse’s Clay Travis.

--Does Community have any idea what they’re doing with Britta? And they can spin-off Rabbi Chang and Senor Chang into a show whenever they want.

--Hugo Weaving – the Red Skull? Perfect.

--There’s crazy. And then there’s no North Carolina, Indiana, UCLA, Arizona, or UConn in the tourney.

--47,703 is fantastic attendance for a college basketball game. Not so fantastic if that’s the cumulative attendance for the six sessions of your conference tournament. Yeah, maybe C-USA having it in Tulsa was a bad idea…unless you’re a Coog fan. Now it’s the luckiest place to have it.

--Finally watched The Hurt Locker. Good stuff. Best Movie, eh, I woulda gone Basterds, but that’s me. I had no idea Evangeline Lilly and Guy Pearce had bit roles or in Pearce’s case, bits.

Memento = Top 10 All-Time for me.

--South Park with a Tiger episode this week is promising.

--The bad year for Michigan athletics couldn’t have gotten much worse than when Evan Turner hit that miracle shot for the win last Friday. Then the only known wolverine in the last 200 years in Michigan died over the weekend. Rock bottom.

--Ritz fudge covered crackers?! It says limited edition on the box and I hope by “limited” they mean last. Who thought crackers needed fudge on them?

--Wait the Jets didn’t want to pay Thomas Jones $5.8 million over two years, but then turned around and gave more money than that to LaDanian?!

--A lot of teachers are getting laid off in California and so at Enochs High School students asked an English teacher what she’d do if she lost her job. She replied that she’d have to become a stripper and sell her reproductive eggs. Innocent, funny reply, right? Hell no, not once over reactive parents found out. No word on what the male teachers at Enochs are going to do if fired.

--That wasn’t good enough for Teacher of the Week honors though. No, that goes to a teacher at Erika Middle School in North Carolina. Apparently, Rex Roland was trying to relate to his students. His way was unusual considering he would write the world “loser” on the student’s assignments when handing them back. Cute, motivational messages like
“-20% for being a loser.” Yeah, he’s in trouble since he’s done and apologized for this in the past with the same student. The non-loser students created a Facebook page in support of their teacher.

--101 Lost T-Shirts. Gotta grab me a Driveshaft shirt.

--I’ve seen The Marriage Ref twice and that was twice too often. Sure am glad NBC is making us wait for quality programming like Friday Night Lights while crap like this is airing.

--Jarrett mentioned it in a comment I accidentally deleted, but damn Predators looks good. Wired has a bunch of art from it.

--Thankfully Bobby Flay found some work in television. Haven't seen that guy on my TV in a good 5-10 minutes. America's Next Great Restaurant. I'll pass.

--Paul Schneider/Mark is leaving Parks with Rob Lowe and Party Down's Adam Scott picking up the slack. Works for me.

Questions, comments or if you think your girlfriend might be the one since she sent you a link to the 15 Best Pictures of Christina Hendricks…


  1. The first episode of the marriage ref was enough for me. I was interested in seeing the Larry David/Ricky Gervais episode until I saw Madonna was the 3rd guest. Next.

  2. I had to see if Ricky would make it interesting as I pretty much knew what to expect from Larry. I can't imagine this getting more than this season, then again it's NBC.

  3. Danny-

    Dude no recap on Spartacus...?? LOL....
    The latest episode was good and the show is getting better in my opinion. Last couple of scenes were brutal beyond belief. Think American History X meets Lorraine Bobbitt.

  4. I'm two behind on Spartacus. Catch up by Wed. It has improved dramatically since first couple eps. Brutal, ultra violent show.

  5. Regarding The Pacific, I knew there wasn't a Saving Private Ryan/Normandy type beach landing on Guadalcanal, but the actors and director set the scene up so well that I kind of expected it. The first battle at Alligator Creek was brutal and so confusing, and I loved that about it. It's going to get so much better, and I can harly wait.

  6. It was a great scene with the perfect set up. Crazy battle. I can't even fathom actually going through that much less surviving.

  7. If I ever see Josh Innes i will punch him in the face. What a fucking piece of shit that guy is. First he kiss Lopez' butt after Sumlin got in his case about spreading rumors. then on Monday instead of giving the Coogs and their fans their day in the sun he starts bagging on them hard. I hope CC gives him goo insurance because i want to see him bleed. Love how they worked a pro wrestling angle into it. Also, nice to see Fred and Matt get some air time, they do a nice show on 97.5 and Fred is a Coog.
    Justified was pretty good. I think Shane did a great job as a baddie.


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