Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm Doing 120 plowing over mail boxes. Radar detector to tell me where the cops is.

I surrendered to Twitter. @heydannyv

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Damn it, I just can’t quit you Ben.
Still weird to think Alex is dating Jeff Goldblum. Although maybe it's just me. I don't know, is 35 years a big difference?

--Variety is saying this could be the last season of 24. Probably for the best and probably a season or two overdue.

--I can’t even imagine how long it took to edit Galactica: Sabotage. Damn I miss Battlestar. Though Caprica has gotten better and better, but it sure as hell is no substitute.

--Seriously 20/20?! A two-hour “special” on The Bachelor? How does that fly under the 20/20 banner?

--Our Elementary Schooler of the Week comes to us from Norwalk, California. ‘Twas there that three armed men burst through a door (after knocking because they didn’t forget their manners) telling mom and dad they were gonna take whatever the hell they wanted. At that point this 7-year-old badass took his 6-year-old sister to the bathroom and locked themselves in. Then the boy called 9-1-1 asking for help for his mom and dad, also saying, “Bring cops…a lot of them!...And soldiers too.” Hell yeah the kid called 9-1-1 for soldiers! The would-be robbers broke into the bathroom and asked the kid who he called. The kid flipped them off (well in the TV version he will) and told them he called Jack Bauer (maybe not) or 9-1-1. One of those. I guess the robbers were allergic to 9-1-1 cause they got the F out without injuring anyone. How long does that kid get to hold that over his parents’ heads?

--Those three not good enough to be Our Robber (You’re Doing It Wrong) of the Week. No, that honor goes to an armed woman who also comes to us from California, which is having a busy week. She walked into La Chicanita market demanding money from the 11 customers. She walked out with $6. Congratulations, you’re on your way to a helluva career.

--Three scary words: Breast. Milk. Cheese.

--It was sad to have to break the news ever so gently to my sister that Corey Haim passed away. Her reply, “Seriously?! I’ve been praying for Silver Bullet 2. Damn it.”
She’s taking it well.
And wait, Corey was dating Daisy de la Hoya?!

Gotta love Dream a Little Dream...or more precisely Meredith Salenger

--I never thought I’d not buy a Pacquiao and yet Pacquiao/Clottey isn’t doing it for me.

--Jason Babin talking contract with the Titans?!

--As I’ve been saying Spartacus has kept improving and thankfully hasn’t gone back to the cartoonish splatter effects of the first show or two. It was given a second season before the first season even premiered. However the second season has shut down for a bit as Spartacus faces off against a “very treatable” form of cancer. Good luck with that Sparty. You beat Theocoles so non-Hodkins should be no biggie.

--Mad Men Barbie dolls?! Yeah, no thanks. And yeah, okay, Joan and Betty have the same figure, right. I’d buy if they came with Barbie bottles of whisky and Barbie cigarettes. Maybe Barbie John Deere tractor complete with severed foot.

--Mac from Sunny doesn't need to smoke. So why should you?

--I guess Modern Family can’t knock it out of the park every week. Although Phil being known as Ozone when he was tearing up the cardboard as a breaker is classic.

--Really like the Antonio Bryant signing for the Bengals. Carson might actually reward those who draft him this year unlike last year when he crapped all over his owners.

--Because they most likely didn’t have any better option Betty White hosts SNL May 8th.

--Austin and Dallas get Conan stops, but not Houston?

--In Great Idea! News we have New York City Assemblyman Felix Ortiz who wants to ban salt in restaurants. Really...
"No owner or operator of a restaurant in this state shall use salt in any form in the preparation of any food for consumption by customers of such restaurant, including food prepared to be consumed on the premises of such restaurant or off of such premises."

Questions, comments or if you got the look…


  1. Not Modern Family's best episode but I did like Shell Turtlestein and Flyza Minelli plus anytime Judy Greer guests on a show, I'm there.

    Thracians fear no cancer.

  2. Pet names were good and Judy Greer always deliver in a manic, hilarious way. It's just an episode I probably won't bother watching again. All the kids were kind of off and usually they make a good episode great.

    Nicely done. Of course, Thracians fear no cancer.

  3. Matt Simon12:37 PM

    They can pry my salt shaker from my dead hand. Ill plant salt at every table of every restaurant I attend, just to be a patriot.

  4. awesome to have you on twitter. my username is @fidoz if you ever want to look me up.

  5. How about Jim Lampley trying to make this boring arse fight intresting with his " BIG BANG THEORY". Really? Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Boxing is slowly dying like the heavyweight division, sad but true.

    See the Bang! for yourself.

  6. I think Lamps was trying to wake everyone up. Clottey fought like Clottey does. Bo-ring


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