Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now I chill real ill when I start to chill. When I fill my pockets with a knot of dollar bills.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--That was some damn fine acting by Nestor Carbonell/Richard on Lost this week on par with Locke or Ben. Another home run for me as this season just keeps getting better. This episode was one everyone had been waiting for and, to me, it delivered an informative, and more importantly, entertaining hour. It kept Richard’s story within the expectations of the audience and didn’t shock for shock value's sake. Jacob vs. Man in Black was explained simply and yet their conflict is so thematically layered and the characters themselves not wholly good or wholly evil. Just great stuff. Can’t wait to watch this entire season again especially since by the time I watch it all again the sideways scenes will actually mean something to me (hopefully).
I had never heard of Tenerife and then boom it’s mentioned on Breaking Bad and Lost in the same week.
Another indication of how epic this episode was – 12 pages of review from Doc Jensen. Of course Doc can get 6 pages out of Kate burping or the fact that the title of the final episode is “Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a Dream.” Just kidding, the title is “The End” though I woulda liked a curveball title to those who obsess over such things (looking at you Danny).

--I haven’t been watching, but The Ricky Gervais Show has been renewed by HBO.

--Ghost pepper being used as a weapon in India? What took so long?

--I mentioned earlier this week what a big deal it was for Breaking Bad to get 3 million viewers on Sunday. First episode of Dancing With The “Stars” had 24 million viewers. God Bless America.

--Your Dumbass Criminals of the Week come to us from Fairfield, Connecticut. Criminal mastermind Albert Bailey and his 16-year-old accomplice wanted to rob a bank, but had to figure out how to get out of the bank quickly. Hmmmm. They decided to call the bank to tell them to have the money ready for them when they arrived. F’n genius! However the clever bank employees called the police during the 10 minute commute for the robbers to the bank. Foiled again.

--April 10th the Astros are turning back the clock to 1965 for some ticket and concession prices. They’ll also be wearing the uniforms they wore back then, which are pretty damn sweet.

--Hard to imagine a more exciting iPhone app than one titled “Coach K.” Oh boy, sign me up and wow, it’s only $3.

--Yeah, Spartacus may have clunky dialogue, but dammit if it isn’t the best turn off your brain, popcorn entertainment hour of the week since it’s been on. Although I could have gone without seeing that gushing gash on whichever chick got it handed to her by that bit** Ilithyia. If you like Spartacus then I highly recommend Rome. Lucy Lawless is great and conniving and nekkid half the time, but she wasn’t half the scheming bit** Polly Walker was as Atia.

Would love to see Titus and Lucius vs. Spartacus and Crixus

--Great rundown from The Houston Press of some very disturbing 1970s food ads. I’m not sure there’s ever been a more disgusting era than then for food advertising. Raisin pudding pie? Vienna sausages? Squeez-a-Snak? People crackers for dogs – whatever the hell that is.

--Usually restaurants that have those huge, multi-pound meals that you get for free if you finish it all are somewhat realistic. Cowtown Diner in Fort Worth offers up something I’m not sure the combined forces of Kobayashi and Raheel could polish off. Start with a 10-pound chicken fried steak smothered in gravy, yes I said “start.” Next 6 freakin pounds of mashed potatoes. Oh and also an entire loaf of Texas toast. Yeah, no one has finished it in one sitting. Although I could see a pay-per-view of this and the woman who is trying to get to 1,000 pounds. C’mon Fatty how badly you want to hit 4 digits?!

--You should probably be going to every day anyway, but especially a day when the lovely Grace Park is in a bikini for some Hawaii Five-0 shooting.

--JWOWW and Ronnie signed a book deal for something called Never Fall in Love at the Jersey Shore? Yeah, that’s about right.

--The Jets for Hard Knocks was an easy choice considering Rex Ryan. I can’t imagine he’s really going to give LT 15 carries a game like he said as opposed to more carries for Shonn and Leon. LT shoulda gone to Minnesota. Man I can’t wait to start looking at some mock fantasy football drafts. Chris Johnson no-brainer #1 followed by Adrian. Where’s Jamaal Charles go now that the Chiefs signed Thomas Jones? Before that I’d have thought Jamaal was a top 10 pick. Can Cedric do it again? Andre has to be the first WR taken in all drafts. How many QBs go before Schaub? Brees, Brady, Peyton and??? Who’s the next Miles Austin? Have I mentioned I can’t wait for fantasy football?

--Sue Sylvester saying how Sue sees it on an upcoming Glee

--Awww hell yeah. Anthony m’f’n Bourdain at Jones Hall in September for the Society for the Perform…wait last time I was at Jones Hall for Flight of the Conchords I couldn’t take alcohol back to my seat. Surely it won’t be like that for Bourdain’s appearance. I mean aren’t you required to have a BAC of .08% to even get in?

--I know nothing about him except the way he reacted after blowing the C-USA title to UH, but put me down as saying Auburn is making a mistake hiring former UTEP coach Tony Barbee.

--I don’t know what the hell took so long, but apparently The Onion News Network is finally going to television. Although it’s IFC so not sure if that counts.

--Damn, 24,000 people are on the fan page for “Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay”?! The fugitive monkey (great band name) has been on the run for over a year now and is currently considered the 3rd most intelligent human/monkey in Florida.

--Finally got around to watching Zombieland. Best zombie cameo ever! Hilarious and Woody Harrelson smoked pot. That must have been one of his tougher acting parts.

--Great Southbound Food this week airing at 11 am on Saturday. Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani was outstanding. You probably don’t eat a meal that doesn’t have an ingredient he now endorses. I finally got a chance to ask him what I suspect of all male Top Chef contestants: Really want to win? Or just hang around long enough for the serve Padma breakfast in bed challenge? Textile’s Plinio Sandalio also joined us. His fries in a Wendy’s frosty dessert might be the most anticipated plate of my life. I’m not a sweets guy, but that’s a fries in frosties is the perfect meal/dessert.

Questions, comments or if you wish you had a dollar for every time your dumbass touched your computer monitor at work thinking it was your iPhone…damn, I’m tired…


  1. I knew I was going to like Atia the minute she came walking out of that bath in her first scene.

    I would love for a Rome movie. Didn't they stop production on the television show because of the costs. If anything in history has enough story and intrigue to keep a series going it was Imperial Rome.

  2. Rodgers and Rivers probably go ahead of Schaub, too. And the annoying Cowboy fan in the league might reach up and grab Romo early.

  3. Yeah it was too expensive for HBO. It was pretty awesome eye candy. A Rone movie would be great, a return to series form better.

  4. Yeah Rodgers for sure. Rivers maybe. One of these days the Cowboys are going to realize their RBs are sick and they don't have to rely on Romo so much. Probably the day I draft Romo.
    An interesting one next season will be Cutler now that Martz is there.

  5. Those '65 uni's are great. The fact that Uncle D is rolling back concession prices you know it is a big deal. I love Grace but 5-0 is doomed from the jump. Yahoo had it as one of the 10 new shows that look bad.
    I am telling everyone to not reach for Schaub. I guarantee you Case will play more games than him. Last year was Matt's first injury free year and it just happened to be his contract year. Coincidence?
    How about Billy Clyde and Cynthia Cooper as the new hoops coaches? The rumors about Tim Floyd scare the crap out of me.

  6. I'm sure 5-0 will be bad, but Grace in a bikini is good.
    I don't reach for QBs anyway, but it will be interesting to see if Schaub can't stay healthy again. An actual running threat would be nice.
    Gillespie and Cooper works for me. I don't want Floyd. I just assume have Coach Sumlin add UH Basketball Head Coach to his resume.


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