Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I feel like Steve McQueen a former movie star. Look in my rearview mirror seen a police car.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Sweet, Burn Notice is adding Bunny (Wire)/Robert Wisdom to its cast.

--Days has been renewed, which is kind of a big deal since newspapers think daytime soaps are near death.

--Thanks Tom, but Bob Marlin, Billy Clyde, Chris Walker, John Lucas or Rodney Terry will take it from here.

--It’s damn good to have Breaking Bad back even if the first episode wasn’t sunshine and lollipops, but that’s why it’s not called Breaking Good. I don’t know how many directors it has, but the direction is always a thing of beauty and what an initial scene to draw you in. Crazy. It wasn’t the most action packed episode, but it set things up nicely, reintroduced all the players (except for Saul and I can’t wait to see him) and now the dance is set to begin.
Alan Sepinwall (New Jersey Star-Ledger) had an interesting note about “The Cousins” (as they’re referred to in the script). Apparently they loved Luis Moncada’s audition so much they basically asked him if he had anyone who looked like him back home. Yeah his non-acting brother and now we have “The Cousins” who really were within 60 feet of the truck when it exploded.
And, of course, Bob Odenkirk uses Robert Evans as his inspiration for Saul. Awesome.
For a numbers standpoint, for pure viewership the Season Three premiere of Breaking Bad had more viewers than Mad Men’s Season Three premiere. That’s good company.

Umm, on second thought maybe I should keep that money.

--Ken Jeong in Transformers?! Out-standing. If we can work Rabbi Chang into it as well I might not fast forward through non-Megan Fox parts.

--From what I can remember of it, Muse put on one helluva show last Thursday at Toyota Center. It was one of the best, most creative stagings I’ve ever seen. Then again I’m always a sucker for eyeball balloons that when popped explode confetti all over the audience.

--D.C. is your destination for next season’s Top Chef. Top Chef D.C. >>>>> Real World D.C. If you hadn’t heard Padma’s baby daddy is Adam Dell, brother of the billionaire Dell, yeah computer Dell and not to be confused with Del Olaleye.

--There’s great television and then there’s Part 2 of The Pacific. Holy $*!#! If you thought the first episode was slow you sure as hell weren’t thinking that after watching Part 2. John Basilone is a name I won’t soon forget and a name that I’m sad to say I never knew before sitting down for this series. That’s why I love this and Band so much because they tell the stories of the individual heroes who are too soon forgotten or not long enough praised. Basilone’s heroism and running around reminded me of Speirs at Bastogne. How ‘bout when Basilone’s crazy ass ran out there to clear the bodies? Great stuff. I’m also happy we’re finally going to get Sledge into the fight because it’s just weird going back to scenes in the States after being so deeply enveloped into the Pacific atmosphere. Night battles could not possibly be more terrifying than they were on those tiny specks of earth.

HBO with a really solid battle map that makes things a little easier to relate to since the show just throws you into the craziness without much when and where info.

--Awww, Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher tied the knot over the weekend. And I think somewhere a headline writer didn’t use a Borat-related line to convey this….wait, never mind they all did.

--Oh hell yeah a sequel to The U.

--Not that I’ve ever barely paid half attention to the James Beard Awards, but how is Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations not one of the three finalists for TV Show, On Location? The Best Thing I Ever Ate?! Not a bad show, but not close to No Reservations or hell Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives for that matter.

--Adrian Peterson may be known as the biggest fumbler in the NFL, but if Reggie Bush f’d up his relationship with Kim Kardashian then Reggie committed a bigger fumble than anything Adrian has ever dropped or hell Earnest Byner for that matter.

--Aziz Ansari hosting the MTV Movie Awards is likely to make me find out where the hell MTV is at on my channel guide.

--Writing of channels I may have to find…How does TV Guide get the rights for Curb re-runs? Last November that deal was struck and details are coming out about the arrangement. Apparently each 30-minute episode is going to be going into an hour-long slot. A big part of the extended program will be panel discussions regarding that particular episode. Susie “f’n” Essman will host these with various people filling out the panel week to week. Interesting. Less interesting? TV Guide also bought the rights to Ugly Betty.

--Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s >>>> Free Pastry Day at Starbucks.

--Of course Milton Bradley was thrown out of consecutive spring training games.

--Beatings during a Flash Mob? That doesn’t sound right. Oh it was in Philadelphia? Well then.

--For the first time in a long time I watched more than 5 minutes of Dancing with the Stars since the alternative was the Rockets and Bulls 3rd quarter. The Rockets played that quarter about as well as Buzz Aldrin danced. Aaron’s first half must have been brought to you by whoever did Pamela Anderson’s hair. Jordan Hill showed more grace in rolling his ankle than Shannen Doherty did in whatever she was doing out there. Vinny Del Negro was about as crazy emotional as Kate Gosselin who actually described herself as “crazy” in a crazy person’s voice. She’s self-aware, be afraid, be very afraid. Missed Erin Andrews, but something tells me her video will be popular online today…the dancing video.

Ashly Costa (formerly DelGrosso) has had to dance with Harry Hamlin, Master P and now Buzz. I think she has grounds for a lawsuit.

--There’s some real good stuff in Caprica (not that you’re watching), but there’s also a lot of stuff I’m fast forwarding through on one arrow. Anything with Amanda and her brother – that’s a fast forward. Anything with Clarice – that’s a fast forward. Anything with Esai Morales/Adama is getting close. Esai doesn’t wear this role well at all. This week the ever increasing stupid trend of a mid-season finale.

--The Rockets are trying to make this late season push for the playoffs, but it’s kind of hard when the five teams immediately in front of you are a combined 36-11 in March as of Sunday night’s games. If Shane Battier’s Rockets career is done, then thanks Shane. For a Duke guy who enjoys karaoke a little too much you’re pretty damn likable on and off the floor.

--Mila Kunis in this month’s GQ. Word.

--Saw Brian Zygo tweet about Vinnie Jones trying to get Beckham to join a remake of Victory. Zero need for this as the classic still stands fine on its own. I think it was watching Pele’s bicycle kick that got me to join soccer. I think I lasted a week before I thought the idea of bouncing a ball off my head was the stupidest thing my 6-year-old ass had ever heard of.

--I don’t watch, but from what I gather American Idol is down this season. I mean, Miley Cyrus is your “mentor” to the top 11?! That must be educational for the group.

--Bucks 15-2 since picking up John Salmons at the trade deadline. W, T, and F doesn’t even begin to accurately describe that mark.

Questions, comments or if you just realized you haven’t had a Lone Star night in almost a month and that’s just too long…


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Are you still apart of 1560 The Game? What happened to Southbound Foods?

  2. Oh yeah. Just preempted last week cause of the NCAA Tournament. Back this Saturday. Thanks for listening

  3. Another good Justified. Now I'm ready for Givens to get transferred to Charming and go head to head with SAMCRO.

  4. Still have to watch Justified this week.

  5. Danny-

    Pacific Part Two was great. That night battle scene was epic. I noticed you mentioned about the transition to the states and the pacific then you have to be concerned about Part 3 because it looks like it all takes place in the states.

    Justified does have potential. There are some funny dynamics at play on that show...especially the one between his ex-wife and her now husband.

    Ahhhh..you must not have watched Spartacus yet...good good stuff. Talk about plotting and deceiving....wow. Lucritia is just one woman you don't want to get cross..especially when it comes to Crixus.

    Trying to get into Caprica. I'll give it sometime.

    The Predators trailer is good. Looks like I might actually go see that at the theater.

    I know you stopped giving love to 24 but the past two episodes have been classic 24. I had no idea ole girl was on the inside..that completely threw me off...I'd pay money to see her and Lucritia throw down in the arena....

  6. I think Part 3 is in Australia as well. It's not I don't like scenes away from fighting. I just think it's a little jarring to spend 30 minutes engrossed in night battle and then a few minutes of Sledge back home mixed in.
    I'm a Spartacus behind. Crazy fn show.
    I'm slightly regretting giving up 24 since the last two eps were apparently instant classics.
    Thanks for reading

  7. Caprica is really hit or miss, but hopefully this mid-season finale delivers

  8. Daniel8:15 PM

    Matt Ufford at Warming Glow has been talking about Basilone since they started showing the trailers for "The Pacific". I never really read up on him, but holy frak was that incredible. I want to be him when I grow up. I had to rewind and watch that sequence 4 times. Get goosebumps just thinking about it.

    That Muse show might be the best concert I have ever seen. Nice that they threw in a little "Back in Black" at the end of "Hysteria". That was the fourth time I have seen them and they just keep getting better.

  9. I started reading up on Basilone some, but only halfway because I didn't want to know how he dies. Incredible stuff. I love when Warming Glow does "just the bad ass parts" for Pacific and Sobs of Anarchy.

    I will never miss another Muse show. Fantastic concert. I bet the stripped down show at Stubbs that weekend was cool too.


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