Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Bust a Travis Bickle when I feel that I'm getting pushed. Don't step to me or you're gonna get mushed.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Would it have killed the Oscars to have some Steve Martin banjo action?
Never expected the winner for Best Documentary Short to bring back visions of Kanye/Swift. Mom blocking with a cane FTW. Salon has the back story on that odd moment.
Ummm, why was Edward Scissorhands in the horror montage? I guess if Twilight is included then why the hell not?
Oh and suddenly Cannonball Run isn’t good enough to get Farrah Fawcett in the death montage? Well la-dee-da.

Loved the John Hughes tribute complete with a what the hell happened to Judd Nelson moment. Molly Ringwald with straight hair looked just as odd.
Gotta love Sandra Bullock winning an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year and actually showing up to personally receive said Razzie.
Watching the Oscars really made me want to check out Woody Harrelson in The Messenger.

--I don’t know how this/last season ends, but someone else is leaving Friday Night Lights. So long Landry.

--Video of the Week. Lost’s opening credits get the Baywatch treatment. Could have used more Maggie Grace.

And of course a Lost encyclopedia will be published in August.

--Nice hair Ron.

--Zach Galifianakis’ best was the piano bit in the monologue.
“I liked dark comedies. That’s why I like the Wayans.”
“That is so Raven.”
Mostly downhill after that with a few scattershot laughs, but it was still SNL after all.

--Best thing I watched all weekend was the Bird/Magic documentary on HBO. Magic casually talking about his trips to the Playboy Mansion are classic. The footage of them on the same USA Basketball team waaaay before the Dream Team was really cool to see. Larry let his guard down about as much as he ever has in any interview. What a competitor. What a di**. Good stories from Cornbread Maxwell as you’d expect.

--The Oscars were as predictable as can be. Can’t say the same for WEC 47. Holy crap, Miguel Torres and Brian Bowles both lose?! You could tell that cut freaked Miguel the F out and it was pretty much over at that point. Bowles was over as soon as he broke his hand. Jens Pulver’s career has been over for a while now, but Jens hasn’t been listening to people. It’s been sad and only getting sadder Jens, just walk away.

--One day when I'm inexplicably rich I will own the arcade Discs of Tron. Until then I’ll get by watching Tron: Legacy...I just have to wait 'til December.

--Our Only In Florida Story of the Week comes to us from the Keys. Megan Barnes was driving with her ex-husband on the way to see her current boyfriend. Okay, that sounds a little awkward. So Megan wanted to get ready while she was driving because she’s efficient like that. Lipstick? Eye liner? Powder? Nah, she wanted to shave her bikini area while driving. So yeah, her ex-husband attempted to steer while this was going on. Fail. They wrecked the car. Oh and a day before the wreck Megan was convicted on a DUI charge and had her license revoked for five years. For good measure Megan and ex tried the ol’ switcheroo in the car so that he was driving. Yeah, that didn’t work out either.

--“We just pissed down our leg the last six minutes.” That could have been uttered by Rick Adelman after more than a dozen games this season, but that solid quote comes from Flip Saunders after the Wiz blew a lead to the Celts.

--In Only-In-Kentucky News…Toni Tramell was arrested for public intoxication and as she was changing into her cool, new prison clothes she decided to make a point to the female officer watching her. So she squirted breast milk into her face. Point made. Third degree assault on a police officer charged.

--If you watch one Shane Battier karaoke video today make it this one. What’s not to like? "New York," "Ice Ice Baby," "Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys"…

--Demetri Martin out as Paul DePodesta in Moneyball and Jonah Hill in?! That's good, Jonah really needed the work.

--Brooke Burke is your new co-host of Dancing With The Stars. Thankfully it wasn’t Kathy Ireland. Why she was on the Oscars red carpet show I have no idea.

--I didn’t think there was much doubt, but NBC is picking up its entire Thursday comedy lineup for another season. Community just keeps getting better and better as does Parks. Nice little video of the cast of Community getting the news. Office really needs to think about making next season its last.

--I have zero problem with a tax on soda. But you start taxing pizza and we will have words.


--A film version of HBO’s Rome?! Oh hell yeah.

--Really Lindsay Lohan?! You’re gonna sue E-Trade because one of their babies in the commercials is a milkaholic named Lindsay?!

--Dustin Hoffman AND Nick Nolte in David Milch’s Luck on HBO?!

Questions, comments or if you can’t believe it’s finally Pacific week!


  1. Scott Whitt:

    If you go to middleeasy.com they have a pic of Torres and you can see how bad that cut was. If they put a tax on soda I could probably finance a school on my own.
    Zack G's comedy central special was hilarious but he is so weird I can understand why the SNL stint was not good.

  2. Damn it's not easy posting comments from an iPhone.
    Anyway, yeah it was a bad cut that started gushing immediately. With such reach and height advantages I expected him to roll.
    Zach's special was very good and he is very weird. I imagine it'd be hard to try and write for him. Especially difficult to just plug him in their regular, usually crappy skits.

  3. Any thoughts on the Paquiao vs Clottey fight? Im not even sure if i am going to watch it, PPV for Paquiao vs Clottey? Really? Sounds like it should be an HBO After Dark if you ask me. Should be an easy knock out by Manny (P.E.D) Paquiao; allegedley.

  4. My thoughts exactly. Clottey is good, strong, with a great defense, but you have to be great all around to beat Pac. I think Clottey will look like he did againt Cotto except he's going to be getting tagged a helluva lot more often. He's frustratingly patient and that's not going to change. Pac wins in a fight I don't think I'm even going to buy. Never thought I wouldn't buy a Pac fight

  5. That Baywatch/LOST video was epic.

    I wouldn't give up on The Office just yet simply b/c I felt that last season was one of the best they've done both from a comedy standpoint and overall storyline(s) standpoint. The writers of that show have always been good about being self-aware and subverting expectations (take the Jim/Pam thing for instance) and while this season has been lacking, I think they have it in them to right the ship. Now, if next season is subpar again, then I think you may be onto something.

    That being said, shows that definitely need to just give it up: Californication and Weeds. I would have said Dexter except that finale pretty much saved that show for me. Maybe I'm biased against Showtime or something?

  6. I'm in no way giving up on The Office. I'd just much rather it go out a season early than a season late. Hopefully the Jim/Pam/Baby stories don't get too much play.
    I agree with you on the Showtime series. I thought last season of Californication was really weak and nothing near the first two seasons. The characters and plot don't lend itself to four or five seasons in my opinion. While I'll watch Weeds no matter what I wouldn't recommend the last two seasons to people. Dexter's kick in the ass ending should rejuvenate the series. Gonna be hard to top a guest star like John Lithgow though. He was fantastic.

  7. The Pacific this Sunday and Breaking Bad next. Good times. I need some good Sunday viewing to wash that turd Big Love left behind this season. I've put Big Love on probation and dangerously close to being thrown in the trash heap with Entourage.

    Have you checked out How to make it in America yet?

    I can recommend the movie Hunger. If you see it I'd like to know what you think.

    Starting on The Shield tonight. I hope it lives up to the hype.

  8. I hadn't even thought about having Pacific and Breaking Bad both on Sunday nights. Sundays just got a whole helluvalot better.

    I never got into Big Love, but from what I understand this season kinda went overboard with the crazy.

    My brothers told me to give How To Make It In America a shot and I might as well since I gave up on Ricky Gervais Show and fast forward through most of Funny or Die Presents.

    I'd never heard of Hunger, but the IRA is involved? Oh hell yeah. I went to Northern Ireland 20 years ago and it was an eye-opening experience.

    Shield will deliver.

  9. If you like documentaries here's some good one's I've watched the past couple weeks: Beer Wars, Second Skin, The Conscientious Objector, I like Killing Flies.

  10. Thanks. I love docs. Hopefully some of these are on Netflix Watch Instantly


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