Friday, March 05, 2010

Cause I'm a high plains drifter the best that you can get. A strapped shoplifter a pirate on cassette.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Rob Lowe to Parks and Rec?! Wait, Adam Scott too?! That’s good for Parks, but bad for Party Down. Apparently he's already done most of Party this season, but if there's a third season it's probably no more than two episodes or so.

--Classic Office.
“Who wants to live in a world where they’re single and Stanley has two lovers?”
“Just like Clooney.”
“The hospital will provide dictionaries. Bring a thesaurus.”

--Hilarious Community this week with the Abed storyline blasting pop culture references left and right. I had no idea there was a black Can’t Buy Me Love (Love Don’t Cost a Thing). The Don Draper lines Abed used on Alison Brie were awesome. Bag-el.

--Daily Show Highlight of the Week.
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--Neil Patrick Harris a lead in the Smurfs movie? Sold especially now that I know the director is the guy who did Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Helluva resume there. Remember when the smurf gang was going to kidnap you back in elementary school? Or was that just my school?
Can’t wait for NPH v. Will in Glee.

--Of course, J-Woww is in the process of trademarking J-Woww.

--Here’s to a speedy recovery for Stuart Holden who broke his right leg this week. Hopefully he’ll be ready by the World Cup.

--Loving this Happy Hours app from the Houston Press. I Heart the 80s trivia app also free and totally rad.

--LMAO at this line from Pro Football Talk:
"DE Jason Babin might be a Redskins target in free agency."
Who targets Jason Babin?

--Nice selection of the lamest banners around the sports stadium landscape. No pic of the Fan banner that hung for Comets fans. Former Rocket Randy Livingston immortalized in a banner for the Idaho Stampede with whom he spent a whopping five years. The Washington Mystics have banners for their back-to-back WNBA World Attendance Championships.

--Wedding of the Week comes to us from Hyannis, Massachusetts. ‘Twas there Marissa married Timothy Keene. Awwww. Apparently Keene’s ex and her son were at the Town Hall as well. So newlywed Marissa decided it would be best to run them over because that’s how you solve problems on your wedding day. Fortunately she failed and the couple got to spend their wedding night in separate cells. All this over Timothy – a registered sex offender. Women, can’t live with them. Can’t run over them. Can’t get them to understand a 22-year-old marrying a registered sex offender 15 years her senior may not be a good idea.

--As if Havoc wasn’t enough (and it wasn’t) apparently Anne Hathaway is going nude in another movie.

--The only surprise is that it took somebody this long to reboot Police Academy.

--Benjamin Linus - prison guard?

Questions, comments or if you can’t believe we’re just two Sundays away from The Pacific…


  1. Where the hell can I get my hands on the Twilight cookbook?

  2. Awesome. I'm glad they stopped playing games with Andy and Erin despite the potential of Erin/Kevin. I'm always down for 2nd dinner.

  3. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Who targets Jason Babin? Why Charlie Casserly of course. Have the Skins hired him away from CBS?


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