Monday, January 04, 2010

Well, It's The Taking of The Pelham, One, Two, Three. If You Want A Doodoo Rhyme Then Come See Me.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I honestly thought the Texans were going to do it with a little help from their friends. Unfortunately one of their friends had to be JaMarcus Russell who is setting the quarterback position back years every snap. As for the Bengals, well, good luck in the playoffs. Way to back up the tweets Ocho. Houston made it a difficult longshot proposition through no fault of anyone else except the Texans in the mirror. Next year it’s playoffs or housecleaning, for real this time. No, really, right Mr. McNair?

--If there's one guest host who can actually get me to watch an entire SNL, without waiting til Sunday to see if anything viral happened, it's Sir Charles. Sir Charles hosting this Saturday.

--I'm all listed out, but I can make room for a Top 10 Cooking Shows of All-Time list. I'd have Good Eats a helluva lot higher than 10. Alton's cooking books are as educational as his show. I've never really made Bizarre Foods appointment television, but it checks in at 8. It may have been old and stale for awhile now, but Emeril deserves a top 5 spot. Instead he gets 6. I like Martin Yan's, "Yan Can Cook" at 4. Julia Child's show at 2. And the no doubt number one cooking show of all-time....original Iron Chef. Gotta love it.

--I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is not a more helpless feeling in the world than watching UH try to tackle someone, anyone.

--Ouch the Barefoot Contessa turned down Jennifer Garner’s request to appear on her show.

--It’s not enough to get me to watch, but Jane Lynch is going to voice a character on The Cleveland Show.

--Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko?! Sure, why not?

--I don't like breaking bad news, but if you've been living under a rock and haven't heard...the fight has been postponed. Stop teasing us Evander Holyfield and Francois Botha! The public demands this fight!

--James Toney wants in UFC? I'm thinking he means IFOCE.

--I can watch hours of Jersey Shore and yet five minutes of Real World DC was five too many. I guess I don’t have a problem especially if the New York Times is defending The Situation and Co. with reasons like “Maybe Jersey Shore Will Finally Kill Off The Kardashians.”

--Two nights of Chuck begins Sunday and that’s a very good thing. Syfy has its season two Chuck marathon on Thursday beginning at 5 pm.

--Gotta love the NFL. Last season’s top four teams that earned byes all missed the playoffs this season.

--Worst actor/most annoying character in the world Kevin Connolly and Chloe Sevigny?!

--Denver, how do you start 6-0 and not make the playoffs? Not to mention you have Jabar Gaffney. Good thing the Texans were right about that no-talent hack WR who could barely get over 200 yards receiving in one game.

--Interesting article from the NY Daily News on the woman who helped bring Tiger’s world crashing down.

--Finally got around to watching District 9 and it was as good as just about everyone said. Sharlto Copley was outstanding as Wikus. This is a rare occasion where I don’t groan that there’s going to be a sequel. I still need to get my ass to the theater for Avatar.

--MMA is on a nice little roll right now after the WEC, Strikeforce and UFC put on great shows. In the case of 108 expectations were low, but entertainment was high. I’m not sure if anyone has a more fitting nickname in MMA right now than Paul “Semtex” Daley. Incredible knockout of Dustin Hazelett. Valiant effort from Joe Lauzon in a loss to the always fun Sam Stout whose takedown defense was much better than I had thought it was. How Sam got out of that rolling arm bar or whatever that was is beyond me. Gilbert Yvel didn’t punch and kick a ref so that was nice. As for the main event, well it wasn’t the most exciting fight, but Rashad did what he thought he had to do to win. It worked even if he almost got KTFO. Maybe if Thiago had actually followed up his near knockout blow with something instead of preening he’d have walked out the victor.

--I watched Dynamite!’s show last week as well. I thought my DVR screwed up when it showed 6 hours worth of recording for that show, but I didn’t anticipate some of the entrances taking 30 minutes like Akihiro Gono’s which was gold. Gegard Mousassi and Alistair Overeem looked great, but it’s not like they were fighting guys with pulses.

If Adrian Street had been in MMA.

--Rihanna and Matt Kemp?!

--How atypical a season was this for the Pittsburgh defense? It took until Week 17 for the Steelers to get an interception from one of their cornerbacks.

--Rita/Julie Benz is moving on to Desperate Housewives? Ugh, even if it is as a stripper.

Questions, comments or if you made it through one day of the “master cleanse” and you’re pretty sure you don’t need the other 6-9 days of it…


  1. I also watched district nine (9) and didnt know what to expect. But since rottentomatoes had it rated pretty high it was a must watch for me and i thought it was awesome. I hope they come out with a sequel. As for avatar, i to need to get my a** and watch that but at the imax, heard it was awesome @ the IMAX. Rashad didnt look to impressive in the fight it looked like to me he was worried of Silva's power so he did go to the takedown alot and fought a smart fight. But i sure hope he beats the living sh*t out of Rampage because after watching the Ultimate fighter i can not stand that Selfish Douchetard Rampage.Once again great blog Danny, (Take It Eazy!)

  2. Looking forward to Avatar more and more. I don't know why, but I was expecting a lot more out of Rampage coaching-wise, but he didn't do jack. I think Rashad fell in love with his stand up after demolishing Chuck and Forrest. The way he fought Thiago is less entertaining but it'll get him wins. Thanks for reading.

  3. Daniel4:16 PM

    Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah on Chuck) might be the most under rated hottie on the planet. How that chick is not a household name escapes me.

    Sharlto Copely will be playing Murdoch in the new A-Team movie. Pretty geeked about that.

    I was more fired up about Avatar than any other movie in a long time. If you see it, only do so in IMAX 3-D. Visually it was the most amazing movie I have ever seen. I guess $300 million can't buy an original story though.

  4. People are just late (like myself) to the party on Chuck. She was 94 on Maxim's Hot 100 last year. One spot ahead of Padma who were both some 50 spots behind Avril Lavigne and Lily Allen, yeah okay.
    Someone told me about Copely as Murdoch in what is just perfect casting.
    IMAX 3D is the only way I want to watch/experience it. Others have told me it's just fine regular or just 3D, but for this deserves the full treatment. I've also heard that complaint about the story, but I think the visuals will make up for it.

  5. Just read up on the manny vs mayweather update and turns out Mayweather is the little Bi*** in this case. His side hasnt even commented on the situation. Word is he almost got into to it with Rick Ross as well at a casino. Boxing needs a guy like Dana White, if he says you are going to fight him then you fight or hit the road. How did boxing get to the point where the fighters dictate everything themselves and try to make up their own rules. EFF U MAYWEATHER!! I SWEAR I CAN NOT STAND THIS BLEEPING GUY! Also heard Longhorn Scott this morning that guy is a total arrogant annoying Douchetard. " Let me just tell you this Danny you just lost all your credibilty " signed Douchetard Scott. I actually hope Longhorns get their asses kicked just because of Douchetard Scott. Keep Blogging Dawg, this shiznet is legit. Thanks for bringing Kimberly Page into my life, where is this hott a** Biaaa at?

  6. I've always hated on Floyd and he never gives a reason not to. His greatness in the ring is unquestioned except the greatest challenge of his career is sitting there for him if he wants it. He clearly doesn't. Otherwise he wouldn't try to change the rules. But at this point I'm tired of it all and should have known that fight wouldn't happen.
    I didn't hear Longhorn Scott and somehow my life has gone on.
    Thanks for reading and the last line from Page's wiki is: "Kimberly currently lives in Utah, working in marketing and interior design."
    So there ya go.


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