Thursday, January 07, 2010

Strictly Hand Held Is The Style I Go. Never Rock The Mic With The Panty Hose.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Life isn't fair Part MMXXLVIIII: Leno will be back at 10:30 after the Olympics according to the always reliable TMZ while Conan will either be pushed back a half hour or fired. What do you expect from a company that can't figure out what to do with a great show like Friday Night Lights?

--The worst part about the BCS isn’t that it doesn’t provide a playoff, but that it’s on Fox. Worthless pregame, awful announcers, terrible coverage, Chrises Myers and Rose and unnecessary crowd shot after unnecessary crowd shot after unnecessary crowd shot.

--Wait so you’re saying Yates is good? 100-12 at the half good? Gotta go see these boys. And as a Cougar alum I can’t tell you how happy I am Michael Young’s son, Joseph, is going to Providence. Ugh.

--Why wouldn’t there be an ESPN 3D in time for the World Cup? Good luck with that. Although if you show Brazilian’s female fans you can put them in any kind of D you want and it’ll get ratings.

--Awesome News of the Week: NBA Jam for Wii.

--Wait Greenlee is alive?!

Ryan can't be happy she's with one of The Bachelors.

--Ten Things to Do After the Fantasy Football Season. Personal favorite is #8: Get involved in a daily moves fantasy baseball league, your wife will beg you to play fantasy football only.

--Only 12,775 women, Warren Beatty?

--Whoa, whoa White House. I know you’re not thinking of a State of the Union speech on the night Lost premieres on February 2nd. I didn’t think so. Less than a month before the beginning of the end of Lost. I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated anything on television more than this season of Lost…well maybe Conveyor Belt of Love. Whoever put this together, thank you.

--If you’re Jayson Williams and eight years ago you shot and killed someone, then tried to cover it up and then somehow you’ve yet to spend time in jail wouldn’t you try to avoid any behavior that’ll get you sent to prison? Behavior like, oh I don’t know, a DWI at 3 in the morning after crashing into a tree?! The brilliant Williams decided to see if he could get away with it again so he smartly slid over into the passenger seat after the crash. Un-be-lieve-able. Almost as unbelievable as the fact he’s still facing a retrial on that reckless manslaughter charge. Maybe for the 10-year anniversary of the killing and cover-up he’ll get to spend an hour in jail.

--Golden Girls on someone's face. That is all.

--Writing of repeat idiot offenders….Charles Rogers was arrested Tuesday on an outstanding warrant. Bless you Matt Millen for taking him instead of that guy named Andre Johnson. You’re all right in my book Matt.

--Great read on Gordon Ramsay who was very close to his own Kitchen Nightmare. Must read for any Ramsay fan.

--Esquire says Rachel Weisz is the most marriable woman on the planet. Who am I to argue?

--Gotta love the Chron’s SciGuy Eric Berger:
Friday's forecast low at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, near where Robert Scott launched his fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1911, is 21 degrees.
It will probably be colder in Houston.

--Like waffles. Like Star Trek. Don’t feel the need for Star Trek images on my waffles. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

--Pepsi throwback cans are a good idea not that I’ll ever drink one. I tried Pepsi when Marty McFly was pimping them 25 years ago and I wasn’t impressed. Yes, I liked Back to the Future a lot and still vote for Goldie Wilson for mayor every election. Very nice Future nod on Chuck in the first episode of season two with "Power of Love" blasting as he woke up. And then to top that off a little Flight of the Conchords with Sarah. No way I catch up before season three begins Sunday.

--It’s official (because Twin Galaxies says so), “Costanza’s score” has been beaten on Frogger. Pat Laffaye earned 866,980 points in one game.

--Congratulations to AP Defensive Rookie of the Year Brian Cushing who may or may not be on Twitter. I can’t remember how that all ended up playing out.

--Dogtown and Legend of Z-Boys out on Blu-ray this week and that is outstanding news. I highly recommend it.

--Mmmmm Strawberry crab…

--Awwww….Katy Perry and Russell Brand engaged.

--It’s one thing for it to reinvigorate WCW 15 years ago, but Hulk debuting on TNA last Monday drew over 2 million viewers for the show’s highest rating ever. Incredible. And, of course, now I have to watch.

--There’s shocking and then there’s JaMarcus Russell being spotted in Vegas after being excused from the team’s final meeting for “personal reasons.”

--Really, ABC? Give Carlos Mencia a sitcom?

--Sam’s Club vodka?!

--I really don’t care to blame either side at this point. All I know is that if Floyd/Manny is truly off (I still think it’ll get done eventually) then it’s a sad time for one of my favorite sports. Yes, even sadder than Holyfield/Botha being delayed. Apparently the only news play boxing will get will be because Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere are the oddest couple of 2010.

Questions, comments or if on your cleanse you’ve gone four days, so far, without solid food and completely clean and sober and somehow you’re still functioning…

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