Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've Got The Brand New Doo-Doo Guaranteed Like Yoo Hoo. I'm On Like Dr John, Yea Mr Zu Zu

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--You loved him. You hated him. He was the best of times. He was the worst of times. So many promises made. So much unfulfilled promise. So many oohs. So many ughs. So many time he opened his mouth. So many times you wished he’d shut it. It was an inevitable end to a rollercoaster that had far more downs than ups. A sincere good luck to Tracy McGrady. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more conflicted about a Houston athlete.
Now for Darryl Morey's greatest trick. Getting rid of McGrady without absorbing bad contracts while still getting someone of value. Hopefully he starts the press conference after the trade with, "Ta-Da!"

--The Just STFU Award of the Week goes to Jets coach Rex Ryan who had this to say about beating Indy’s backups and now perhaps facing Cincy’s backups, "There's very little credit that our football team's given and that's unfortunate. It bothers me a little bit. You have to earn everything you get in this league. Whether you're playing against a starter or backup, whatever." Whatever you had to beat Curtis Painter and may have the tough task of beating J.T. O’Sullivan. So yeah you get “very little credit.” I do credit you for beating the Texans in Week One. I know the Texans are a better team now, but they didn’t prove it head-to-head and that, well that just sucks.

--Gotta love seeing Boondocks coming back early in 2010.

--There will be plenty of time for bitching and moaning in the offseason, but right now it’s win and watch for the Texans and that’s going to be a welcome change from the previous seven Week 17s this franchise has seen.

--Tom Brady comes into Reliant slipping a little bit. He didn’t even have more touchdowns than incompletions (4 of each), the hack.

--An addendum to the age-old rule of "just keep your daughter off the pole." Also need to keep your daughter out of the New York Reality TV School.

--I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to a movie more in 2010 than Christopher Nolan's Inception. Runner-up: Youth in Revolt.

--No Matt Bonner, Diamond Dallas Page is still more relevant than you. Where oh where is the lovely Kimberly Page?

--Things that make sense usually don’t happen and yet Comedy Central isn’t bringing back The Jeff Dunham Show…weird.

--Evidently the duck phone is hard to find right now because everyone is buying it after seeing it all the time on Jersey Shore which has still yet to properly credit Silver Spoons for bringing the duck phone its initial popularity.

Duck phone not pictured, but Erin Gray is!

--Why wouldn't Tag Heuer have Tiger on the front page of all eight of its web sites last Friday? Oh wait, yeah...

--Lance is in the list mood and he starts with his Top 10 Television Characters of the last five years. I'd have a tough time keeping Don Draper or Omar out of the top spot. I don't know if I'd take Locke or Ben from Lost.

--How very manly of you Colts. Can’t wait to watch you lose your first playoff game (please let them lose their first playoff game).

--How awesome are the NFC Playoffs going to be? The Saints won 13 straight and yet no one is heading into Week 17 on more of a cold streak. I guess I’ll stick by my Super Bowl pick of the Packers to come out of there, but you can’t sleep on the Eagles.

--Seriously Tony Parker, Doug Christie thinks you’re whipped. Of course, this coulda been your idea...

--I’m not sure I want to live in a world where The Soup won’t air Tyra Banks “highlights” because there will be no more Tyra Banks Show. Oh well, I guess more room for Wendy Williams “highlights.”

--Wednesday. December 30th. Showtime. Full Color Football. Record. Watch. Repeat. Five times (5 parts).

--Happy birthday to me, Important Things with Demetri Martin returns February 4th as does Sarah Silverman which doesn’t do much for me.

--Interesting (depressing for St. Louis fan(s)) note from Howard Balzer regarding the 45 active Rams last Sunday. 30 of those players were 6th or 7th round picks or just plain undrafted.

--Mike Leach must have forgot where his inner pirate was. If Texas Tech wanted to treat the bowl season with the dignity it deserves it would name Coach Taylor its coach for the Alamo Bowl. We’d at least be guaranteed a dramatic and crazy finish.

--Seems like it’s been nearly a year-long wait, but the 2nd season of Breaking Bad apparently will come out on DVD come March 9th.

--The sexiest nerds of 2009. Felicia Day got a B.A. in mathematics at UT?! Of course Rick Fox is dating the sexiest nerd of 2009.

--Special Teams much A&M?

--I finally got caught up on Weeds. Kind of a meh season even with the crazy final scene. Weeds and especially Californication need to think about one more season and calling it a series. If there’s one thing British television gets right it’s ending series before they become stale, repetitive or a caricature of itself.

--Have a good New Year and thanks for visiting this spot on the series of tubes in the year Two Thousand and Nine.

Questions, comments or if Santa gave you two tickets to see U2 in Anaheim next summer…

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