Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Foot on the pedal never ever false metal. Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--The Rockets and Sixers are tied for the league lead in losses (9) after leading by double-digits.

--A 7% ticket price increase for improving from 8 to 9 wins? 12 wins doesn’t sound as good as it did before.

--I finally got around to Paranormal Activity and it was worth the wait. Great, intense stuff and I would have been happy with either ending. We’ll see if anyone is happy with a sequel.

--Sons of Anarchy has an IRA storyline so why wouldn't they invite Conan to be on the show.

--Best News of the Week: No PCL tear for Clint Dempsey.

--Leonardo and Bar back together? Oh those crazy kids.

--Fred Armisen and Elisabeth Moss (Peggy Olson) are married?!

--If you feel like watching a depressing, yet very good movie go with Sin Nombre.

--Aziz Ansari’s one-hour special airs again on Comedy Central Friday night. My recording screwed up, but from what I can tell it’s hilarious. Not that you need me to tell you Aziz is ridiculously funny. His tweet the other night:
woops. got wasted last night and drunk texted $15,000 in donations to haiti relief efforts.

--The Globes could have used more Ricky Gervais whose best line when introducing a presenter was no doubt this gem:
"Don't get me wrong, I like a drink as much as the next man, unless the next man is ... Mel Gibson."

--I know the Grizzlies are improved, but you’d think the Suns would be able to snap their TNT losing streak against Memphis. Nope, now 18 straight L’s on TNT for Phoenix.

--I gave 24 four hours and I’m sure now I’ll go back to watching every third hour or so like I have the last couple of seasons. Mykelti Williamson as head of CTU is the worst casting decision for the most poorly written character in the history of the show. He can’t act, but hell they only ask him to be a completely incompetent, excuse-making leader. As you soon as you saw Herc playing a cop didn’t you think, “well what’s this dumbass gonna screw up now?” Oh Herc. Nice little Aceveda cameo too. Your yearly “trouble at home for a CTU agent on his or her’s most important day of work ever” responsibility falls to Dana/Katee Sackhoff. Ehh, she should be more like Starbuck and less like a brainy analyst. As for Jack, well that ax kill may have been his best yet.

--Onion on Lost fans – Gotta love the headline: Government to implement same measures as when it dealt with Wire fans.

Final Season Of 'Lost' Promises To Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever
--I know you were turned down more often than the other UT, but Chan Gailey, Buffalo?

--Sad Fail of the Week comes to us from across, and actually in, the pond. Martin Bromage’s goal was to fly around the world to raise money for charity. His 11,000 mile trip and 49 years of life started in England and finished in the English Channel.

--No more Marissa Miller with Victoria’s Secret?! TMZ says those rumors were false. Move along.

--All bets (and sometimes body parts) are off during a sister fight. Bobbie and Sandra Smith were visiting a friend when Sandra smacked Bobbie. Bobbie responded in a calm, rational manner and bit off a third of Sandra’s nose. The cops were kind enough to save it in case it can be reattached. The charges are crazy including mayhem, the cutting off or out or disabling of a tongue, eyes, ears, a nose, limb, organ or other body member and assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. Is that all? No. Also aggravated domestic violence, resisting or obstructing an officer and malicious destruction of police property. That’s all.

--Now look what you did you fatties in Huntington, you made The Naked Chef cry. I hope you tubs o' lard are happy now. He was just trying to help.

--Burn Notice with the lovely Gabrielle Anwar, always awesome Bruce Campbell, and that other guy is back this week.

--Quote of the Week comes to us from Cy-Ridge senior Austin Knight. Austin and 3 other classmates decided to spell out C-L-A-S-S with their t-shirts. The formal photo went as planned, the informal photo went as planned…if the plan was to spell out A-S-S. Austin’s excuse, “C and the L ran off.” So just laugh it off with some detention? Nah, you want to overreact and do something like three-day suspension and $135 fine which will pay to touch up the photo. Justice served.

Questions, comments or if you can’t f’n raise your new f’n monitor at f’n work so you have two reams of f’n paper underneath it…


  1. I went to watch Paranormal Activity when it was only showing @ AMC studio 30 and only midnight showings for three nights. That was the way to go on that movie no doubt, lines were outrageously long but it was worth it for me. Me and my wife got home and i know she was shitting bricks as for me i was too but tried not to show it to her. I was home about 3 am that night and i literally couldn't sleep i kept hearing all kinds of squeaks and other noises the mind is very powerful and as bushwick bill would say " my mind was playing tricks on me homey". Speaking of Bushwick, i ordered Midgets vs Mascots id give it a 30% tomatoemeterwise, had a couple of funny moment and let me just say Gary Coleman isnt a Midget down there if you know what im sayin. I also just now signed up with netflix and damn i have been back in the 19th century for a while spending my gas & time going to blockbuster,paying late fees, etc. Where have you been all of my life Netflix? I noticed you didnt mention pants on the ground or LT's electric glide last week but them f'n songs will own you for the rest of your day no doubt! I literally couldn't get that mother f'n tune out of my head " pant's on the ground, pants on the ground......... Keep them coming Dan, id hate to tell lance this but his blog aint got shit on this son! Oh & keep swinging it high!

  2. Anonymous11:17 AM

    Have you given white collar a try? Pretty good show.

  3. Appreciate you reading. I didn't post the awesome LT because I assumed everyone saw it 18 times already, not saying watching 19 times is bad though. Between Watch Instantly and Streaming to X-box and ps-3 you can't beat Netflix. Though there's zero chance of me checking out Midgets v. Mascots. Swing high!

  4. No, I read a good review. You like?That'll be one of those I'll have to check when summer reruns hit

  5. Anonymous9:47 PM

    I agree with the bad casting in this season of 24. Plus if Starbuck is a big time CTU agent couldn't she just make her ex disappear?
    Texans raising the prices will backfire when they have a worse season next year

  6. Yeah I'm not buying Starbuck's weak subplot at all

  7. Anonymous9:02 AM

    White collar is well written and has a good cast plus it has that chic from save by the bell. You hear about the new movie sly Stallone is making called the expendables? It's a who's who of action type people. Bruce Willis, jet li, Jason staham,sly, Arnold, stone cold,dolph f'n lundgren, Mickey rouke, and Eric Roberts. If they could somehow get chuck Norris in there people's head would actually explode from the awesomeness.

  8. Thx for the White Collar info.
    Yeah Expendables cast is a who's who. It just needs Tarantino directing.

  9. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Need clarification on this:
    I think Owen's brother, whatever-his-name-is Wilson, has finally found his calling in phone network commercials. It's where Z-list actors like himself go to die, right? The fact that he actually knew Lima was the capital of Peru is stunning unto itself. He's the uncontested king of throwaway, forgettable performances in (no thanks to him) a handful of otherwise decent movies.
    But here's what I can't figure out; why is a (theoretically) rising star like Ellen Page pitching for Cisco? Didn't she get the memo?

  10. Agreed on all accounts. Luke has done some stuff I like such as Bottle Rocket and Idiocracy, but yeah watching a bloated Luke Wilson shill like this is the bottom of the barrel.
    And Ellen Page in these equally awful Cisco spots are inexplicable to me. It makes you think maybe the offers aren't rolling in. Or in all likelihood in both of these cases AT&T and Cisco are driving dumptrucks of cash up to their houses each day.

  11. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Luke Wilson's view of "dumptrucks of cash"...

    AT & T: "Luke, the best we can do is free phone service for a year. Take it or leave it."

    Luke: "I'll take it."

  12. lmao.
    i can see that. maybe we'll see the conversation in his Biography or E True Hollywood.


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