Monday, January 25, 2010

We got into the cab - the cab driver said. He recognized my girlie from the back of her head.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Best. Conan. Art. Ever.

When I was watching the last show and Tom Hanks came on I was thinking it was a nice nod by Max Weinberg and crew to play "Lovely Rita" for Tom's wife. What I wasn't thinking was that "Lovely Rita" was gonna cost NBC half a mil.

--Finally a couple of nice playoff games in an otherwise NFL postseason wasteland. Jets and Colts was fun for a bit until Peyton Manning showed why he’s going to go down as the best quarterback in history. Vikings/Saints delivered on its promise going in, assuming that promise was Fox showing Deanna Favre after every other play. Crazy game with a ton of borderline calls and in overtime those reviews. Saints and Colts should be one helluva game. If I can make one fruitless request to E-trade, please stop the baby commercials. It’s old and tired although it does make me appreciate babies who’ve yet to learn to talk.

--Great quote I saw on ProFootballTalk regarding a tweet from New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist Jeff Duncan: “How crazy is it in New Orleans? A cop just drove by me on Canal street incessantly honking his horn in celebration. It’s 9:45AM Monday.”

--Reason to live: One more week until the beginning of the end for Lost.

Fight of the Year 2006.

--Just go away Pro Bowl. You somehow made yourself less relevant by eliminating any Super Bowl players and having the likes of David Garrard and that one guy who played half a season, Vince something or other in the game.

--I’m all for helping Haiti and sent my little money text, but c’mon Comedy Central you aired that telethon and that took off Aziz’s comedy special. Re-air that sh**!

--You can’t get anything past those inedible candy sweethearts that will now feature the message: tweet me.

--I never get tired of people calling the police when their pot gets stolen or they get screwed over on a drug deal or in this case a prostitution deal. ‘Twas in Marlborough where Robert Smith paid $150 to an unidentified person (pimp?) in exchange for sexy time with Jeanna Mercure. Apparently that never happened as Robert waited until the next day to call police to tell them how he paid for services and was never serviced. Yeah, he was arrested as was the lady of the night.

--How awesome did Phil’s home entertainment system remote look? Something that seems that complicated can’t help but be fantastic.
“The snowflake button makes it cold, cold, cold. Set temperature makes it hold, hold, hold.”

Claire walking around in bra and panties with an open robe on was a nice look that they should feel free to repeat.

--It’s hard to believe the summer is over on the Jersey Shore. It seems like just yesterday that they were fighting with each other, fighting with others, having sexy time with each other, having sexy time with others, the duck phone was ringing with crazy Israeli chick on the other end, Vinny was being boring, The Situation was being all Situationy, Snooki was getting KTFO’d, Ronnie and Sammi were fighting-making up-fighting and Angelina was being the biggest biyatch the shore had ever seen. How those screw ups sucked me in I’ll never know, but it was fun every second of the way. And if you haven’t spent an hour checking out the Jersey Shore Soundboard, well you work too hard. As strong as the first season was I doubt I can be persuaded to watch a second season. Apparently The Situation and Pauly D are leading a holdout of the cast for more money. Yes, they’re making MTV a ton of money and giving it exposure, but seriously $10,000 an episode for a 12-episode season and a $5,000 signing bonus isn’t enough?! Don’t overvalue yourself Situation, wait that’s how you got there in the first place. Do what you gotta do, but think about how many ‘roids and tans $125,000 can get you.

This would get me to follow a second season storyline.

--Office comes back from a long holiday break with a freakin’ clip show?! Are you kidding me? Community, 30 Rock and even Parks and Rec is kicking the crap out of you this season Office. Oh and Office is off the next two weeks, but does return with an episode directed by Jim/John Kraskinski.

--A reboot for "We Are The World"?!

--The Rock’s best acting is happening right now as he tries to shill and act proud and excited for what looks like an unwatchable for all ages Tooth Fairy.

--I thought Drag Me to Hell was supposed to be an all right movie from Sam Raimi. And then I watched it.

--Of course Terry Bradshaw is going to start doing a Vegas show.

--Good to hear Corey Hill is back and with a win no less. Just thinking about that kick that shattered his tibia and fibula and made his shin do something a shin shouldn’t do….shake it off.

--Drudge Headline I have no desire to click on:
Cops: Dog sitter killed pet during ‘improvised surgery’

--Just when you think The History Channel can’t get any less what made The History Channel good in the first place – Larry the Cable Guy gets a show on it. You used to be cool History Channel.

--Because the English are crazy…at one of Holiday Inn’s London locations you can begin to request a “human bed warming service.” A Holiday Inn employee is lucky enough to get paid to wear an all-in-one sleeper suit and lay in your bed for the next five minutes so you don’t jump into bed and...get frostbite?

--We have to wait until April 27th to get the 30 for 30 doc on Ricky Williams. Gotta prop ESPN on this endeavor as all of these have been entertaining and interesting. I can’t imagine anything is going to top The U’s doc though.

--No Thank U Berry Munch, Girl Scouts. You lost me at cranberries.

--Here’s hoping this season of Damages (starts this week) is more like the first season and less like the second.

--Gotta love useful free apps like PowerLyrics. Whatever song you’re playing on your iPhone, just hit the Lyrics app and you get the YouTube video of the song along with all the lyrics instantaneously.

--I’m not really sure why Andy Dick would choose to do shows in West Virginia, but he did. Regardless of where’s he’s at, he’s still Andy Dick so he got himself arrested and charged with two counts of sex abuse in the first degree which is code for Dick grabbed a couple of men’s crotches which is for Andy is code for Tuesday.

--Detroit was this close to turning things around, but I just don’t see how it can now that Derrick Coleman has been fired as the sports commissioner for Detroit Public Schools.

--The Emeril Lagasse Show on ION?!

--RIP James Mitchell/Palmer Cortlandt.

Questions, comments or if your stupid dog just became a father and celebrated by shredding your Netflix return envelope…


  1. Parks and Recreation is much better this season. Louis CK and Will Arnett both killed in their guest appearances.Of course,I'll watch just about anything with with Rashida Jones or Aubrey Plaza.

  2. This season Amy Poehler and her role went from a caricature of Michael Scott like in last season. And it's one helluva supporting cast. Aubrey kills every scene as does Aziz and holy crap Ted Swanson probably has as high a PER (TV needs more Hollinger stats) as any other character on TV.

  3. Anonymous7:17 AM


    Great blog, and I need some advise. I like to live my TV viewing life 3-4 years behind the times. I've recently knocked out every episode of Deadwood and Entourage. What would you suggest I check out next? I'm a big fan of comedies/dramas...


    Irish Mike

  4. Thanks for reading.
    So many options. If you like your HBO like Deadwood, I think Rome is every bit as good. Can't go wrong with Curb Your Enthusiasm or the one brilliant season of Summer Heights High. Breaking Bad is great and you can probably knock out both seasons before the third begins in March or so. Dexter a great option as well just to rattle off several.

  5. Oh and I just assume you know nothing is better than The Wire or Mad Men

  6. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Im gonna check out Summer Heights High next. You're the second person to recommend that to me. Your thoughts on The Shield and Flights of the Concord?

  7. Can't go wrong with Vic and the boys on The Shield. What a fn journey Strike Team goes through all those seasons.
    I love Flight and the first season is outstanding from the first song they play. But the second season is much more miss than hit.
    Jonah on High will be one of your favorite tv characters of the year

  8. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Great! Thanks for the advice. Let me run something else by you. I've always had a goal to write a movie at some point in my life. I think I've got a decent concept on a mockumentary about Four college buddies who are about to graduate. They're all going through the interviewing/internship process, but they are having a rough time landing a respectable job due to the downturn in the economy, ect.. With money running low, and their final months rent coming due, the group enters into a local golf tournament at a local Country Club. They proceed to cheat their way into winning every event category in the tournament. After the big pay day, they decide to take a years hiatus to travel the country cheating/hustling their way to the top...I call it Crash Course.

    What do you think? Wasting my time?

  9. Hard to go wrong with mockumentaries. The cheating would need to be really creative. A year's hiatus is kind of a long time to show in a movie, but I guess there ways to work that. If you're serious I'd email Chance or Frank at the station seeing as how they actually made a real movie and all.

  10. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Bad ass. I just checked their movie. Those guys are pretty talented...I'll shoot em an email.


  11. Just got through with season one of Dexter and i am Hooked! On episode 3 of season two, and this show is so awesome i cant say its better than the wire but its just as good only in a different way. Once i get thru with dexter im jumping on to Mad Men. When does season 5 of dexter start?

  12. Just try not to think about Dexter and his sister Deb being married. Weird seeing them lip lock at the Globes. My guess is season five will start in September but I'm just guessing.


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