Thursday, December 03, 2009

Let your back bone flip but dont slip a disc. Let your spine unwind just take a risk.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Why wouldn't you click on a link to a profile of Omar or a summary of a two day conference on the social aspects of The Wire. Of course that conference took place in the UK.

--Your No Sh** Reply of the Week is from the Texans fan base to NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira who admitted the Jacques Reeves pass interference was a bad call. NO SH**!!! The worst pass interference call I’ve ever seen. I sit near the bullpen in the end zone they were running towards and there was zero interference just Jacques running ahead of the receiver step for step.

--Just shut up Ron.

--Your Philanthropists of the Year come to us from Marietta, Ohio. ‘Twas there that someone donated a two-gallon metal jug to Goodwill because you know there’s always a shortage of two-gallon metal jugs this time of year. Of course when it was opened a pound of mistle-juana was in it. It was an anonymous donation, but the cops would be more than welcome to take someone’s claim on it and it’s Ohio so someone will come forward to claim it in 5, 4, 3…

--And that’s the way Sue sees it…

--The good version of Kitchen Nightmares debuted on BBC America this week so keep an eye out for a quality Gordon Ramsay show.

--Oh NPH is there anything you can't do?

--C’mon College Snuggies, how ya not gonna have a UH one? I mean Delaware, East Carolina and Appalachian State are represented why not the Coogs?

--Damn, first Mad Men’s season finale set a new bar for season finales and now Sons of Anarchy got about as close to that bar as I imagine any show will get for a while. Scott commented here a few weeks ago that Sons was trying to be The Shield, well I think we got a Shield-esque finale. All of the storylines perfectly dovetailed into 90 minutes of controlled mayhem with twists and turns leading to a did-that-just-fn-happen final scene. I don’t believe a close-up scene of rats feeding on a dead pigeon has ever led off any episode of television and yet I should have expected it from this show. Never have I hated a fictitious law enforcement official like I hate that biya from the FBI. I take that back I hated Kavanaugh from The Shield slightly more.
RIP Half Sack

--Last week it was Lem on Sons of Anarchy and now Lie To Me is having a mini-Shield reunion. Mr. Orange (I could go by, you know, real actor names, but who would know who I'm talking about?) will welcome Aceveda, Danni, Corrine, Billings (accused killer) and then two guys who got the worst of it - Lem and Ronnie. Ronnie got so screwed by Vic.

--Things I don’t want to die of…complications from cosmetic surgery on my butt. Happened to a former Miss Argentina when the liquid “went to her lungs and brain.” That doesn’t sound pleasant.

--Wait Diane Kruger and Pacey?!

--We head to San Francisco for a story that will one day soon be a terrible movie. Elena Aronson was on the bus going to work back in the spring when a crazy man sat down next to her. Crazy man stared at her teeth and made the not creepy in any way comment, “(You’re) teeth are beautiful, like the moon and the stars. I want them.” Yeah, Elena decided to get the hell off that bus. That’s the point her mind goes blank. When she snaps out of it she’s outside the bus, on her knees and blood is gushing out of a spot where her two front teeth used to be. She still hasn’t regained her memory of what happened or if she got hit or anything. She did manage to give the police enough details to provide a sketch of the crazy man so who knows how this will end. Sounds like something from Dexter. Give us something like that Dexter and not something like more romantic relationships nobody cares about.

--Congratulations to Heroes for actually killing someone off for realsies. Bye bye Nathan Petrelli. Now if we can just get rid of Claire.

--Greatest American Hero on Hulu now?! I’m there. One of the best intros ever…

--The Clippers have an Iranian Heritage Day?!

--Whoa, whoa Bon Harris, the front man for Nitzer Ebb, has done some work composing for Top Chef? BURN! BURN! BURN! BURN! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! (damn it feels good to get that out) Apparently Nitzer Ebb is going to open for Depeche Mode on its tour to relive the late 80s and there’s nothing wrong with that.

--I can’t believe I would say something like this, but I don’t think I’m in favor of an 18-game regular season. Should they reduce the preseason by a game or two, oh hell yeah, but 18 regular season games seems a little excessive. I like college football being the appetizer for the NFL. And if teams have seasons wrecked due to injuries now I don’t see how adding two games is going to help. Not to mention that’s two more Sundays ruined by Brad and J-Money? J-Lo? doing Texans pre and post. OMG, that’s two more 20-17 losses too. What’s that? Two more weeks to win money in fantasy football? Never mind, I’m in.

--I’m not saying the British have their priorities more in order than Americans. But I am saying that on Yahoo!’s end of year searches that WWE was the third most searched item here while in the UK it was job center. The rest of each of the lists is filled out by the subjects you’d expect although not making the top 10 surely searches Erin Andrews set some sort of one-day record.

--Perky Jerky?!

--Earlier this week The Hollywood Reporter ran its list of Top 10 TV Shows of the Decade, which didn't include The Wire so yeah. Anyway its much more interesting list is the Top 10 Most-Watched Shows of the Decade. And by "interesting" I mean WTF America?! At 10 we have Michael J. Fox's last regular appearance on Spin City with 32.8 million viewers. Loved that show and Carla Gugino, well that goes without saying. Next is the finale of Everybody Loves Raymond. At 8 we have the 7th season finale of yawn, Frazier. Next up a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? A Grey's from 2006 that was right after the Super Bowl was next. The 6h season premiere of American Idol (Sanjaya/Jordin Sparks). Some ER back in 2000 drew 39.4 million viewers...never saw an episode. Sadly at 3 is the Joe Millionaire finale which 40 million people wasted their time on. The next show leaped up to 51.7 million viewers for the first Survivor finale. The most watched episode of television of the decade was Friends with 52 and a half million viewers.

--He may make more mistakes than he did in his younger days, but how can you not like listening to Dick Enberg? Next year the tens and tens of Padres fans will get Enberg as their play-by-play guy.

Questions, comments or if you’re the chick who didn’t sleep with Tiger…


  1. I pulled the DVR plug on Heroes last month. This season was better than last but the damage to my care was too great.

    On average I watch 0 minutes of local news a week. If they had a Sue's corner segment though, I wouldn't miss a minute.

  2. I can pretty much watch a whole episode in 5 minutes so I kind of keep up. The circus angle is good, but when it gets away from that, well...

  3. What did you think of the new scrubs? I was not impressed.

  4. Haven't had time to watch it yet, but between the low expectations going in and what everyone is saying I'm not exactly making it a priority. At least not while I still have Steven Seagal: Lawman on DVR.


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