Monday, November 30, 2009

Now Let me get some action from the back section. We need body rocking not perfection.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Can’t fire the players, so see ya Gary. Let the record reflect you never made it to the playoffs after you kicked Nuno and me out of practice.

--Congratulations to Matt and Adam for making it to morning drive even if it is on a station called 790 Sports something or other. Honestly I’ve rarely found occasion to hit 790, but now this is occasion. With those losses 610 is pretty much dead in the water. Yeah it has contracts with the Texans, Rockets and Longhorns, but it also has shows with John Lopez, Brad Davies and whichever retread it just hired in the last 5 minutes. Matt and Adam were the heart (the good part, not the dark part) of 610 for years and were the guys making 610 visible in every arena, stadium and park in Houston. They’ve worked their asses off to get morning drive (They even attended Comets games. True story.) and I’m glad they’re getting this opportunity. I was surprised at some of the hate directed their way on the chron’s articles concerning this and then I remembered these are people commenting on a newspaper’s website. If you ever doubt your intelligence or maybe even your child’s take a few minutes to read comments on or really any newspaper site around the nation and you’ll instantly feel better about your mind grapes. This move makes me slightly understand people who a week ago were saying, “I want the Texans to win, but Vince to throw for 400 yards and 3 TDs.” I want John and Lance to win, but Matt and Adam to throw the radio equivalent of 400 yards and 3 TDs. If 610’s strategy is to make itself irrelevant and even lamer, well mission accomplished.

Ahhh, good times.

--Mad Men was this year's best season finale. Sons of Anarchy had this year's best penultimate episode. Great stuff, not the least of which was seeing Lem from The Shield joining the crew.

RIP Lem. F U Shane.

--It amazes me that enough people think something like Old Dogs is such a good idea that it actually gets made. Couple of the better one-liners from Rotten Tomatoes reviews:
Cinematical: Exactly as funny as you'd expect a movie to be that stars John Travolta and Robin Williams as two bachelors who must suddenly take care of precocious 7-year-old twins, and that was directed by the man who made Wild Hogs.
NY Post: Old Dogs does to the screen what old dogs do to the carpet. It's unfortunate that only the latter can be taken out and shot.

--Fizbo = awesomeness. I'm not sure if any show has been consistently funnier week to week than Modern Family.

--Only reason you need to get Netflix on PS3...entire original Battlestar Galactica series and to a slightly lesser extent every Voltron.

--Seriously the Titans are about to go 10-6 aren't they? I didn't expect to see more Colts/Manning jerseys on Sunday than Titans/VY jerseys last Monday.

--Not a lot places in America more hardcore than Detroit and Baltimore. But if any city deserves to stand next to those it’s obviously Dover, Delaware. A couple of roommates were arguing the other night over the last can of Coke. Only one way to settle a soda argument in Dover. Yep, Glocks…except one roommate forgot his so he was shot in the chest and didn’t get the sweet taste of victory, which in this case was a can of Coke. The shootee is still alive and should be part of the new I’d-take-a-bullet-for-a-coke ad campaign.

--Pete Carroll run up the score by throwing a TD bomb with a 21-7 lead in the final minute against UCLA? No you must have him confused with someone else because the Pete Carroll
I know was all pissy with Stanford for going for two late in its beatdown of USC. In his defense what the hell was UCLA calling timeout for when USC is lined up in victory formation?

--A Shining sequel?! Interesting. Shining is one of the many cases of the book >>>>> movie.

--The Hollywood Reporter came out with its Top TV Shows of the Decade and it doesn’t include The Office (either version) or The Wire so why bother? I’m bored, that’s why. At 10 we get Modern Family. Look I love Modern Family, Manny kills with a look or a single line like Creed does, but a half a season and it’s a top show of the decade?! Lost is next and of course I’m fine with that though I’d have it higher. At 8 we get 24, which has had enough awful seasons to erase the couple of really good ones. Next is 30 Rock and no argument there. Mad Men would probably be my number 2 (Wire 1 of course), but it gets 6 here. Love the picks at 5 and 4 with Shield and Damages though just two seasons of Damages isn’t enough to earn decade status over other deserving shows. Curb at 3 is fine by me. Never saw one minute of The West Wing which is at 2. And predictably the Sopranos is number 1. Eh list, but it could have been worse. It could have included reality TV or According to Jim. Writing of Lost, here's a Spanish promo that kicks the crap out of whatever ABC has in mind for the final season promo...

--Yeah, Tiger in the year 2009 I’m sure you can keep this matter private. Just say whatever happened. No big deal, you’re not gonna lose endorsements, you’re not gonna lose fans, you’re not gonna be perfect. No one is. So just get it out in the open and that’ll be that. It’s not like a major is coming up soon or something and this is gonna be some huge distraction. Gotta love Tiger or his people telling the cops on three separate occasions, “um no, Tiger’s not feeling well officers so he can’t come out to play today, sorry.”

--Seriously Mr. BCS why did you think if you started a website, Twitter and Facebook that people were going to start liking you?

--Remember a guy named Rafer Alston? He used to be Skip To My Lou back in And-1. I think he played for the Rockets and was a fan favorite. Anyway he had a good quote about the firing of Lawrence Frank after New Jersey’s 0-16 start. Skip, “He wasn’t dealt a royal flush. He was dealt a pair of 2s.”

--Another winner basketball quote from Minnesota’s Damien Wilkins after the T’Wolves won for the first time since opening night. Damien, “We had a lot of confidence coming into the locker room at halftime. We were only down 14.”

--Derek Jeter Sportsman of the Year?! Not bad for Minka Kelly going from a Scrub (albeit a funny one) to a Sportsman of the Year. Scrubs is back Tuesday night with two episodes on ABC.

--I know the reward is just a trip to Tennessee, but c’mon Coogs win the C-USA Championship anyway.

Questions, comments or if you spent entirely too much time on Monday reading JR Gonzalez’s excellent Bayou City History blog on the Chron’s site…


  1. I'm very happy for Matt & Adam. There nightshift show was great. I would rather see them doing that for 1560 but I know morning drive is the mountain top in that business.

    As I tweeted to Sean, very Charlie Caserley of Gavin Spittle trading Matt & Adam for John Lopez.

    I would definitely have Always Sunny in Philadelphia in my top 10 and probably Dexter.

  2. Not even Casserly would make that deal...probably.

    I need to catch up on Sunny though I have watched a couple of episodes this season and can see why so many swear by it.

  3. Nice 610/chron rant!

    Speaking of quotes...

    "It was the second round of my UFC 94 fight against Nate Diaz. He was sort of on my back near the cage and he kept yelling, '209 Bitch! 209 Bitch!' and I looked up and there was like 3:12 left on the clock. Later on I said to my coach, 'Dude this guy can't even tell time! He kept yelling '209 Bitch!' Then he told me that 209 is Stockton, California's area code - not the time left on the clock! I had to laugh."

    - Clay Guida

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  5. Good to hear from you Jared - the only person to reply to each and every comment on his Chron blog. Couldn't have been easy, but at least the pay was good, no?
    That quote sums up Clay and Nate perfectly

  6. Let's see, in the past year 610 has lost you, Adam, Andre, Matt and Wex. They replaced them with Lopez, Barry Warner and Brad Davies. Even Matt Millen thinks this is a bad trade.
    Top 5 with the top two being interchangable
    The Wire
    The Shield
    30 rock
    Chappelle Show
    Jared is gone from the Chron? Ridiculous. His blog is what I missed the most when I started my boycott of that rag a year ago.

  7. Brad Ausmus and Adam Everett think 610 has a low batting average over the past couple of years.

    I haven't really checked out the new guy's MMA blog, but Jared's was a daily stop because it was updated daily with solid stuff.

    GREAT call on Chappelle. Definitely up there.

  8. I found your blog through Jared's and yeah it was really impressive how Jared answered every freakin' comment.

    I guess I'll start listening to 1560 and 790 in the mornings now. I really like 1560's morning show but Sean and John in the afternoon are painful. It seems like they only talk about handicapping.

  9. If you're not taking advantage of the handicapping magic of Tony "The Hatchet Man" Valentine then you just hate money.


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