Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've got the D double O, D double O style. Here we go again because it's been awhile.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Injuries I don’t care to ever see again…Joel Przybilla’s ruptured tendon and dislocated kneecap. Derrick Roland’s leg broken in two places.

--Elf >>>> A Christmas Story

--If you hadn’t heard apparently Sharpstown Mall will soon become PlazAmericas…not that you’d go to either.

--Floyd is such a little bi***. He never intended to fight Manny. I don’t even want to write about it.

--Always sad to see octagon girls get fired especially before the holidays...

--One of those movies that if I stumble upon I'm not leaving it...Grosse Point Blank. Gotta love the days when John Cusack made good movies, Jeremy Piven was tolerable and underexposed, and oh Minnie Driver. Helluva soundtrack.

--If you missed WEC 45 over the weekend you missed a helluva show. Scott Jorgensen used his karma from his appearance on Takedown to beat Takeya Mizugaki in three entertaining rounds. Anthony Kjokuani executed one of the most vicious kicks to the head I’ve ever seen on his way to destroying Chris Horodecki. Nice job by Donald Cerrone overcoming two point deductions and getting Ed Ratcliff to tap to a rear-naked choke in the 3rd round. Still need to catch up on the weekend’s Strikeforce card.

--Time really must heal all wounds if Bret Hart is going back to the WWE.

I can't remember what I watched last night, but I'll never forget any second of the night in that picture. Classic.

--Teacher of the Week comes to us from Arizona. ‘Twas in Phoenix that a music teacher took 40 of her students, that’s right her students to a Hooters after a performance. Her argument being that was the only place to accommodate such a large group. The district put teach on administrative leave.

--Win or lose please at least let the Texans play in a halfway entertaining game these next couple of weeks. That was bru-tal.

--Brett Favre was very good to me much of my fantasy year, but damn it felt awful rooting for him since I don’t like him all that much and I certainly don’t like Brad Childress. So if they’re arguing and the Vikings are falling apart after foolishly already giving Childress an extension, well ha ha.

--Quote of the Week comes from Brandon Jacobs after he got into a fight with D’Angelo Hall and then Albert Haynesworth joined in. Jacobs, "[He is a h]uge dude. I'm not scared of anybody. Nobody. You put your pants on the right way, same way I do. You bleed like I do, you stand over the toilet and you piss like I do. I'm not scared of anybody. At all." You stand over the toilet and piss like I do?!

--Caught some of a rerun of No Reservations with Bourdain visiting The Rust Belt of Baltimore, Detroit and Buffalo. I saw the last two cities, but missed Baltimore which apparently had The Wire’s Snoop showing Bourdain the sites and sounds, which presumably was gunfire.

--'Tis the season for kids to play the hell outta video games. This example is from Roxbury, Mass. Apparently Angela Mejia's 14-year-old son has a problem turning Grand Theft Auto off. So, of course, being the mom she could pull the plug herself at 2:30 in the morning or she could call 9-1-1. Yeah, she wouldn't be mentioned here if she pulled the plug herself. So the police responded and convinced the teenager to turn off the game and go to sleep. The boy on what the police said to convince him, "'chill out and go to bed.'" Nice police work there Lou. Parents need a game or app in which the goal is to successfully get their teenager (or teenagers for the more difficult levels) to turn off the video game they're playing. Good practice.

--There are misguided kids and then there’s this 4-year-old boy. The wee lad was found drunkenly, no seriously, drunkenly wandering the streets of Chattanooga with a beer in one hand and a little girl’s dress in the other (I assume on his way to buy cigs and get a tat). He stole the dress from a neighbor’s Christmas tree. The simple explanation from his 21-year-old mom, “he wants to go to jail because that’s where his daddy is.” Anyone want a guess what state this happened in? Correct, assuming your first guess was Tennessee and I'm sure it was.

--Damn Bulls, you can’t hang onto a 35-point lead against the Kings?! Good luck seeing 2010 Vinny.

--I’m not sure what the hell the Satellite Awards are, but the likes of Jane Lynch, Breaking Bad, and Kristin Chenoweth won so these awards are clearly legit.

--Maybe it’s because when I was a kid it was a BIG f’n deal when Domino’s opened up in my neighborhood, but I’ve always liked their pizza. I had no idea they changed the way they make their pizzas, but you can taste the change and this change was good. And very, garlicky and you can’t go wrong with more garlic. I treat garlic like Paula Deen treats butter except not in a sexual way.

--I haven’t even made anything yet, but I love the ratio app.

--Turtle and Jamie-Lynn Sigler no more? Wow, who coulda seen that coming?

--The question is why did it take until now for there to be a TMZSports?

--Your Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day of the Week comes to us from Jackson, Michigan. ‘Twas there Daniel Orban was in his hunting stand the other day when he felt some sharp pains. Usually he would take some prescribed pills and it would be all good. Except this time said pills weren’t with him in the hunting stand so that’s a problem. He called 9-1-1 and told them he was having a heart attack. By the time help responded they found him dead, not by heart attack though. Apparently as he was getting out of the stand his muzzleloader went off and fired one right into his chest. That’s a tough way to go, gun in one hand, heart pills in the other.

Questions, comments or if you took your razor thin fantasy football playoff loss like a man…a weeping, drunk, delusional, broken man…DAMN YOU FEELY FOR GETTING NEGATIVE POINTS.....DAMN YOU FAVRE...DAMN YOU FALSE START THAT TOOK AWAY FRED JACKSON'S TOUCHDOWN....DAMN YOU PEOPLE WHO WERE SITTING AT OUR LUCKY TABLE..


  1. You need to see the Strikeforce show, assuming you did not catch the replay Wed. Everyone was enjopyable, plus we get to se King Mo. That guy is a license to print money. I enjoyed thWEC and Cowboy need that sub bad. Point deductions aside I thought he lost the 1st and I don;t know how to score a round when he drills someone in the nards 2 times. I think Ratcliff's body said "forget it" because he did not do much after the last hit.

  2. Daniel12:15 PM

    Too bad you missed the segment with Snoop. They went and ate lake trout.

    Movie I saw this week that you need to check out: "It Might Get Loud." Documentary with Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White talking about guitars, their playing methods, how they learned to play, etc. Good segments of them jamming together on each other's songs. Kind of surreal seeing the three of them playing "Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground" together. And "(500) Days of Summer" is awesome as well.

    Happy Holidays.

  3. yeah, that was tough to score, but cowboy lost the first and started steamrolling after all the nutshots (compound word?). all in all a good card and apparently the strikeforce card was too not that i watched it yet. love it when the dvr gets wiped.

  4. damn i have to catch that No Reservations.

    i can't wait to get It Might Get Loud, probably should have christmas gifted it for someone. looking forward to 500 Days of Summer. i liked Paper Heart more than i thought i would. all the cameos from various comedians at the beginning was cool.

  5. Sup Danny,

    Just wanted to say i am a big fan of your blog. This blog is the SHIZNET! Keep your inner pirate and swing your sword high.

  6. Thanks for reading and calling in.
    Keep that sword swinging high!


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