Thursday, December 17, 2009

All of y'all get off the wall. Have a ball and get involved with...

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--F U Fidelity. Interesting story on Fanhouse about a guy in Westlake who played fantasy football with other employees and Fidelity canned him. It’s not like he was spending his entire work day with this like some people I know (I’m looking at you Danny). Apparently he was a great employee and quick riser and I’m sure he won't have trouble finding a job. I just hope he, at least, had a good season.

--Apparently the number of times you can call a married couple you barely know to request a threesome is five. Because the 6th try got Anna Bambino arrested for breaching the peace. And let me tell you Anna BAMBINO fits this MD 20/20 drinking hoss to a T. Gotta love that Anna’s interests on her My Space are paranormal activity and ghost hunting.

--I thought I was not gonna visit Syfy until Caprica started, but a best of season 2 of Chuck marathon a few days before the season 3 premiere will have me at Syfy soon enough.

--Yes the Germans have done a lot of despicable things, but at least they’re trying to turn around their reputations by helping all of mankind, emphasis on “man.” Researchers say that staring at women’s breasts is good for men’s health and actually increases life expectancy. Who am I to argue science? Dr. Karen Weatherby, “Just 10 minutes of staring at the charms of a well-endowed female, is roughly equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out.” Of course getting the well-endowed female to allow this purely healthy exercise is a whole other thing. Here’s the link you want to send to your significant other.

--Oregon State dropped Eastern Washington from its schedule next season to open up against TCU? Nice job Mike Riley. Oregon State’s non-conference slate next season includes TCU, Boise State and Louisville. Praise the Beavers.

--It is insane that Chris Johnson has about 350 more rushing yards than the next highest rusher (Steven Jackson). Six yards a carry is also pretty stupid as is as many runs of 20+ yards as Steven Jackson and Adrian Peterson combined.

--The three lowest yards per carry totals for the top 40 rushers? Steve Slaton (3.3), LT (3.2) and Larry Johnson (3.1).

--Strong list from the always strong blog running down his top 18 movies of the decade. I woulda had City of God #1, but #2 makes it a worthy list for that selection alone. put out a list of the Top Ten Most Annoying Characters on TV. At 10 we find Jim and Pam and while I’d like to vehemently disagree I kinda can’t. It’s just the direction they’ve gone. I’ve never watched How I Met Your Mother, but surely Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney isn’t the 8th most annoying character on TV?

Rita at 7 and I can think of at least 4 other Dexter characters that could have taken Rita’s place. Mark Benford of FlashForward at 6 and I couldn’t agree more. True Blood’s Bill at 3 and I sort of agree. At 1 we get E and Drama, which makes this list a home run in my book.
Oh and they came out with a second list, but Modern Family's Manny is on it so to hell with that one.

--Make a note…Life and Times of Tim comes back to HBO on February 19th.

--Californication went downhill for me as soon as Hank stopped juggling the three ladies and that whole lunch/duel episode was the worst in the show’s history. Having said that Rick Springfield and Kathleen Turner knocked it out the park every time. It was also about time Karen found out about Mia.

--Can’t forget about Eva Amurri who rightly topped Mr. Skin’s list of best celebrity nude scenes of 2009.

She was followed by Jessica Biel and the lovely Amber Heard (still need to see Informers).

Anna Paquin 4th. Then some chicks from the likes of My Bloody Valentine 3-D and Friday the 13th. 10th was Malin Akerman in Watchmen.

--DeSean Jackson’s 8 TDs of 50 yards or more in a season ties the record currently held by Crazy Legs Hirsch and Devin Hester.

--If you liked Tosh.0 and it was pretty good, well you get 25 episodes of Tosh beginning early next year.

--Why yes apparently Allison Stokke does have competition…

--Yeah, Iron Man 2 might be good.

--It was stupid when Street tried to sue Coach Taylor for not teaching him how to tackle, but that’s TV which from what people tell me is not reality. In reality we have the Cerdas in Queens with 15-year-old Alina and her moms suing the city’s Education Department and her softball coach. Why? Because Alina broke her ankle trying to slide. I mean how was she supposed to know how to slide if coach didn’t teach her and only said watch the other girls. Was Alina supposed to learn how to slide in her previous seven years of softball? Of course not. Ri-dic-u-lous.

--Yes Courtney Love the mature thing to do is rail on your daughter on your Facebook page just because she’d rather live with her grandmother than you.

--I liked The Freshman, but I'm not sure if USA is going to be able to do it justice in series form.

--Reason #1 I wish the Maloofs would say to hell with it and buy the Astros….The Kings had their first dollar beer night this week. Out-standing exclusive scoop by someone named Sean Pendergast.

--We have finally have a date for the awesomeness that will be HBO’s The Pacific – March 14th.

--Guy Fieri hosting a game show on NBC?! Ummm, I'll pass.

Questions, comments or if you’re looking forward to March 18th for the first day of the NCAA tournament with a nightcap of Muse at Toyota Center…


  1. That Iron Man trailer is the sh@t. I just hope they don;t fall into the old-Batman trap of having too many chracters. The list on Filmdrunk is good if you taken in his also rans. I cannot stand Wes Anderson. It's like that hip band that everyone supposedly loves but they really know they blow. Think The Strokes.

  2. Well if too many characters give us the likes of Scarlett Johansson, I'm okay with it.
    I like Wes Anderson...Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Tenenbaums...liked them all. Not crazy like-like, but like nonetheless.

  3. Daniel3:02 PM

    Iron Man 2 does indeed look awesome. I will be checking out Avater in 3-D tomorrow. Hopefully we get "Aliens" Cameron and not "Titanic" Cameron.

    You gotta start giving a warning before the FNL posts for those of us that don't have Direct TV. I am trying to stay away from the spoilers before it airs on NBC.

  4. Two months ago I woulda said no way in hell am I watching Avatar in theaters, now it's just a question of before the new year or not.

    You're right about FNL. Stupid ass NBC. I've just been watching them online. Typical great stuff


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