Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts
I don't know why you'd be here if you haven't seen Dexter's finale yet, but just come back another day.

--How f’n insane was Dexter’s finale?! I mean what a f’n ending. Just depressing, ballsy, disturbing and sets things up for the most anticipated season of Dexter ever. There are so many directions they can take this. I hate to see Julie Benz go. I know not everyone loved Rita and yeah she could be a whiny nag sometimes, but I always liked the role she played in Dexter’s life. So many ways to interpret what happened and predict what will happen? Will we ever see Rita or Trinity like we do Harry? Will I ever be able to hear “Venus” and not think Trinity is about to kill me? What about the kids? How far will the show jump in time? Pick up right there in bathroom? How can Dexter not be the prime suspect? How long until white Doakes (Quinn) ends up like black Doakes? So many directions the writers can go, but they have a helluva task to make next season live up to the Trinity storyline from this season. Not surprisingly the finale drew Showtime’s biggest audience ever (54% higher than last year’s finale). Julie Benz correctly in an interview on EW.com that the show “is finally getting the audience it deserved from the beginning.”

--And that’s it, no third season for Flight of the Conchords. Probably a good idea considering season two wasn’t anywhere close to season one.

--Pride and Prejudice and Zombies had me at “Zombies” so the addition of Natalie Portman is just icing.

--Jack Black on Community?! Loved seeing Anthony Michael Hall last week. What a 'stache.

--When Glee does come back for the rest of season one…in four months…which makes perfect sense…Broadway veteran Idina Menzel will be part of the cast. She’ll be the coach of Vocal Adrenaline which, as you know, is the best show choir in all of Ohio.

--Pitchfork has its top 100 songs of 2009.

--Wait how can MTV pull the Snooki punch from Jersey Shore?! I can't believe Snooki and The Situation are getting pretty much an entire Conan show Tuesday night.

--Quote of the Week comes to us from Jermichael Finley when he was talking about how much he hearts his role in Green Bay’s offense, “It's more than love. It's, like, I almost just want to be married to it.”

--I thought the Roy Williams in Dallas was thin-skinned, but clearly the Roy Williams in North Carolina has him beat. I mean, really, you’re gonna point out to security the guy in the crowd who told one of your players at the FT line, “Deon don’t miss it.” What a girl.

--There’s been a lot of chatter on ProFootballTalk about Bernie Kosar taking on more of a role with the Browns. After watching him on The U it looks like Cleveland isn’t going to turn it around anytime soon. Back to The U, great stuff. I can’t imagine we’ll ever see the likes of those teams again. Loved the coin flip when the Miami guys were barking at the Sooners. And can you ever have too much Luther Campbell? Of course not. He was doing that interview in a strip club right? Who dresses Dan LeBatard? No doubt the best quote came from Randall Hill who ran through the tunnel at the Cotton Bowl against Texas and came out of said tunnel firing off his six-shooters:
"It's not my fault I ran down that tunnel to celebrate. It's not my fault that the architects of the Cotton Bowl designed it so there was a tunnel behind the end zone I scored in. It's not my fault the doors were open so I could run down the tunnel. Blame Craig Erickson for throwing the pass. Blame the Texas cornerback because he wasn't good enough to cover me. But don't blame me for running down that tunnel."
One more thing, Andre Johnson is a BMF who may not display the bravado and attitude of Irvin or Thomas or Blades, but just about every player from the U in the NFL got a chance to speak in the doc except for 80. I forgive you Billy Corben and I'm about to post this and take the next couple of hours to watch Cocaine Cowboys.
Fantastic GIFs from SeventhFloorBlog.com

--How annoying is Paulie Malignaggi? So damn frustrating watching Juan try to fight a guy who wants to dance, pose, talk, and basically anything except throw down. Yeah, it’s the only way he can beat Juan and you do what you do to win, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

--UFC 107 delivered some incredible performances and I don’t know which of the three was more impressive. BJ Penn destroying Diego Sanchez although how Diego managed to make it out of the first and into the fourth is beyond me. That cut was one of the worst I’ve ever seen. Frank Mir’s destruction of Cheick Kongo standing and then on the mat surprised a lot of people because Cheick was so pissed at Frank’s smack talk, all of which was true. Kenny Florian made Clay Guida tap and I never thought I’d see Clay Guida tap. Great show and now we have a long wait until another card that’ll deliver a night of fights like that.

--For what it’s worth McNulty/Dominic West thinks David Simon’s Treme is going to be better than The Wire. Yeah, um no way.

--A miniseries on The Kennedys on History Channel next year? Where will they find time with all those other history-related shows like Ice Truckers. Monsterquest and Axmen?

--Why wouldn't you click on a link to 2009's Top 10 Food Network Foodgasms?

--Really Golden Globes? Thomas Jane from Hung gave one of the five best performances by in an actor in a TV comedy or musical? Just give the best performance by a supporting actor in a TV drama to John Lithgow now.

Nice to see Jane Lynch nominated for Glee. Silly to see Entourage as one of the five best comedies on television. For Eric alone it shouldn’t be allowed to be nominated for anything. The biggest screw job to me was Breaking Bad. I was easily one of the five best television drama series this season. Bryan Cranston has already won Emmys and yet can’t get a GG nom? It’s Lithgow’s category, but Aaron Paul/Jesse should have been nominated over William Hurt or certainly Jeremy Piven. Can’t wait for Breaking Bad to come back and give us something to watch on Sunday nights again. Oh and Katey Segal deserved a nom for Sons of Anarchy over Anna Paquin and the lovely January Jones.

--What do you mean A-Rod and Kate Hudson are no longer singing "Tiny Dancer"?

--Anyone else not digging Fanhouse’s new layout?

--True Blood has its new cast additions including Alfre Woodard as Lafayette’s mom which is just perfect. And apparently Tara’s relationship angle, that I’ll no doubt hate, will involve a vampire.

--Why wouldn’t Denver be the first city to have a marijuana restaurant? Ganja Gourmet sounds like it could be on Food Network.

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  1. The gash BJ put on dirty Sanchez in the 5th round was very Marvin Eastmanish.

  2. I thought BJ might not be motivated and Diego's crazy intensity might have made it his lucky night. Nope. We had Sam Hoger in studio and he was sold on Diego winning too. Nope.

  3. Guida did tap to Huerta on a Fight Night a while back. His was the only fight I did pick right? K_Flo's standup has gotten a lot better. As bad as that cuts was the worst I saw was K-Flo against Chris Leben on the TUF semi's. It curved like a C around his eye.
    I looked at the Pitchfork and I only recognized 4 songs. I am too metal for Pitchfork.

  4. I forgot about that Huerta fight. Good stuff. He's been subbed several times actually but I hadn't seen them.
    Florian is so impressive and beyond BJ I'm not sure who is gonna beat him.
    I just don't listen to enough music period to recognize a quarter of pitchforks list but that list will get me to Pandora some of what sounds good.

  5. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Two seperate Glee references in one post?......ok I'm done throwing up and can continue to read the rest.

  6. Wait, don't leave now! I'm about to post the video of the football team dancing to Single Ladies. Kris Brown may as well give it a shot


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