Friday, November 13, 2009

We got into the cab - the cab driver said. He recognized my girlie from the back of her head.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Holy sh**. When I busted on America the other day for the Kardashians: Wedding having nearly a million more viewers than Mad Men's season finale I wasn't being fair. I hadn't actually watched the Kardashians Wedding and the true, blessed love shared between Lamar and Khloe. I mean of course they have to get married on the 27th because as Khloe said 7 is her favorite number and guess what guys? There are 2 of them, hence 2-7. OMG?!?! And as Lamar said when they came back from New York they were on United 27. OMG 27?!?

--Ain’t no way Dynamo losing to the Galaxy.

--There’s busted and then there’s Sean Hannity admitting Jon Stewart was right about his show airing wrong footage of a rally in order to make a health care protest appear more crowded than it really was. Not that Hannity provided an excuse other than to say it was “inadvertent.” No, what it was was hilarious.

--I already miss you Mad Men. What an awesome episode to finish the third and I think best season. Yeah, Don and Betty are getting divorced, but Don got back together with Roger and that’s a good thing. The only (non Joan) scenes I like more than Don and Roger are Don and Conrad Hilton. That was a nice run by Connie this season. Great to get Joan back, but I was hoping for a Sal comeback as well (stupid American Tobacco). And no Paul kinda sucks. Either way Sterling Cooper Draper & Pryce had to leave before their feet became eternally stuck in the “D” in CPOD. A fantastic season from start to finish with periodic fireballs of emotion raining down on the 1963 parade. Where do we go from here? Well besides picking up every Emmy possible.

--Speaking of distant history…really NFL?! The Who is your Super Bowl act? What year did I wake up in?

--I’ll take Pacquiao over Cotto. Should be a helluva fight though. But it just comes down to it being Pac and I don’t go against Pac and Freddie Roach.

--Far be it from me to defend Robin, but Eli made one of the most disgusting looking dishes ever. Although in his defense Circus Circus was the worst possible draw. And it just gets sadder and sadder watching Jen crumble. Seeing them at the Bellagio, Mirage, etc. is really making me itch for another Vegas trip before football season ends.

--If you haven’t seen any of the Sammy Sosa pictures from the last week or so consider yourself lucky. I mean really Sammy if a cosmetic cream is doing that to you then maybe it’s not working.

--Pete and Jenny from The League are married in real-life (whatever that is)?!

--Seriously SEC officials, the playoff umpires are laughing at you. And how are they not using replays on HD screens?! It is 2009 right? Just checking.

--If you’re keeping score at home it’s no longer JR Smith, it’s Earl Smith.

--You ever think you see your dog under your car so you reach underneath and pull out a five-foot alligator attached to your hand? Me neither, but Joseph Cannistra of Florida did. That probably stung a little.

--Note to Joe Perry, if Steven Tyler leaves Aerosmith then yes Aerosmith is breaking up.

--Stupid CMAs preempting Modern Family this week.

--Is there anything remotely interesting this year in Dexter beyond Trinity who they keep backburning?

Though I am remotely interested in her.

--I didn’t realize how much I missed Friday Night Lights until I watched the first episode. Nice to see my man Wallace rise up to play for Coach Taylor. I knew Bodie and Poot didn’t really kill him. Now if I can just find some East Dillon merchandise online…

Finally Riggins is taking education seriously.

--If you’re looking for Thunder Collins he’ll be in a Nebraska prison for the rest of his life plus an additional 110 years. You may remember Thunder from such murders as the murder of drug dealer Timothy Thomas and the attempted murder of another man. Thunder was trying to rob some dealers last year after a string of good times including domestic violence and an alleged shooting. Thunder maintains his innocence, “It's hard for me to show remorse ... for a crime I didn't commit.”

--The “breaking point” for Brooke Hundley was when Leno joked about her looks?! Jay Leno? Someone is watching Jay Leno?

--Let’s see a writer, Marti Noxon, whose credits include Buffy, Dr. Horrible and Mad Men will remake Fright Night? Sounds like the perfect person for this to me. Loved that movie.

Questions, comments or if you can’t believe you really got into an argument with your girlfriend because she wanted to finish watching the Kardashians wedding and you wanted to watch The League or FlashForward or paint dry or the dog lick himself or anything except the f’n Kardashians…


  1. Here's the thing. No matter how bad Eli's dish was Robin's continued presence on the show was getting to be sad. As Colicchio noted, she was like a really good home cook with none of the training or technique of the remaining chefs. It was time to put her out of her misery.

  2. Agreed. She lasted longer with less talent than anyone ever had. I was out this week but the crew interviewed Robin on Southbound Food (plug alert). It's on tomorrow morning at 11am or I think the podcast is already up on

  3. The Who wha??? half those dudes are dead and one of the living ones can't hear anymore. I'm looking forward to the Kingston Trio next year.

    I can live with Betty and Don splitting up as long as January Jones is still on the show. Way too little Joan this season. Oh and btw kudos for leaving that dbag Kinsey behind at the cpod.

    I just got in to FNL watched all 3 seasons on netflix streaming the past week and a half. I need my ass kicked for being so late to this party.

  4. I liked Kinsey but who knows what's happening next season. January J. isn't going anywhere.

    NBC fd up FNL with it's scheduling but it has always deserved a bigger audience. Welcome in


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