Monday, November 16, 2009

It's never old school all brand new. So everybody catch the bugaloo flu.

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--Stay classy Bud. I hate you.

--What else can you say about Manny Pacquiao? C’mon Floyd we all know you don’t want this, but boxing needs this so freakin’ bad. The money will be there, make the damn fight! It will be a good 2010 if we get this and Brock/Fedor, but I’m not holding my breath.

--Don't worry January Jones. It wasn't your fault SNL sucked last week.

--I’m glad we didn’t have to pay to watch Couture/Vera. Can’t wait for Saturday. I’m looking forward to Koscheck/Anthony Johnson more than anything else.

--I gotta put up with Bruce Bowen on ESPN now?!

--Pau Gasol on CSI: Miami. Yeah, that’s about right.

--Does it get better than Patriots/Colts? I mean it's not Ravens/Browns, but it ain't bad.

--The Prisoner's six-episode run goes through Tuesday when I'd imagine they'll replay all six hours. Ian McKlellen kills it.

--Don’t you hate it when you’re at Sonic and you’re tired. So when someone knocks on your car window you, of course, hand them a $20 and expect your cherry limeade and tots. But nooooo, it’s a cop and they say they aren’t a car hop and you just hold the $20 there so they can take it and give it to the car hop, but they don’t and insist you have a problem because there’s a used syringe, a spoon with a white powdery substance and other paraphernalia in your car. Don’t you hate that? Veletta Newman of Elizabethton, Tennessee feels your pain.

--Could Chris Johnson be taken over Adrian Peterson come next year? Or maybe Chris slots in right behind MJD who has that awful trait of being a team player what with smartly kneeling at the 1-yard-line. MJD: "To my fantasy owners, I apologize. I have myself today so it was a tough call. But whatever it takes for a victory, that's all that counts." Back to Chris Johnson, seriously it’s Week 11. He’s had 170 carries and he’s still averaging, AVERAGING, 6.4 yds a pop. He has 16 runs of at least 20 yards. In all of last season only AP topped 16 runs of at least 20 yards.

--No one has worked harder for two rushing TDs than Steven Jackson. I know a lot of guys are having great seasons, but few are more valuable to his team than Steven is to the Rams.

--Out of the top 35 rushers only two RBs don’t have a 20+ yard run….Joseph Addai and Larry Johnson.

--After his bye and those monster Wayne/Moss weeks Andre Johnson slid to 3rd in total receiving yardage. He still leads those guys in yards after catch. Know who leads the league? Dallas freakin’ Clark. Dallas also averages more yards per catch (12.0) than the likes of Larry Fitzgerald (11.2), Steve Smith (11.8) and Anquan Boldin (11.8).

--Did think going into the season that Chad Ochocinco was going to have a good year. Did not think come Week 11 Heath Miller would have more catches (47) than Chad (46).

--Quote of the Week comes to us from Spain where the Extremadura region has started up a sex ed program that teaches young people about “sexual self-exploration and the discovery of self-pleasure.” Their slogan is, “Pleasure is in your own hands.” Apparently Extremadura is not the richest of regions, but they have that going for them. Pilar Rahola of La Vanguardia newspaper with the quote of the week, “Extremadura should be pleased with itself. It may have the most unemployed young people in Spain, but they will be the best at masturbation.”

--Guy Fieri Road Show – “concert-style cooking tour with a DJ and onstage mixologist.” Yay.

--100 Greatest Quotes from The Wire. Enough said.

--Writing of crazy Wire sh*******************t. The President of the Chicago School Board was found floating dead in the Chicago River?!

--WWII in HD on History Channel every night this week. Out-freakin-standing!

--Former Owl Jarrett Dillard broke an ankle and is out for the year in Jacksonville.

Questions, comments or if you played FIFA 10 late Saturday night for the sole goal to get a red card kicking the crap out of Beckham…whiny ass Galaxy…


  1. Anonymous7:46 AM

    You had to know MLS wasn't going to let the Galaxy lose. I told my buddy specifically that we would have a goal called back and Donovan would take a penalty. What do you know?!?!? We won that game in regular time.

  2. If you had called blackouts you should go to Vegas immediately. Ridiculous and now Ricardo Clark is leaving? Great


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