Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The next think she said, "My place or yours? Let's kick some bass behind closed doors!"

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I was late to the Dr. Horrible bandwagon and by ‘late’ I mean watched it three hours before watching prequel Horrible Turn on Monday night. Out-freakin-standing on both accounts. I can’t say enough about the job that Chance, Frank, and the rest of the producers did on the movie. From the dialogue, to the songs, to the acting it was a perfect and more than worthy prequel to Dr. Horrible. Great, hilarious stuff and I don’t think anyone will need to drink Love Potion Number 10 to agree.

--Nice job America nearly one million more of you watched Khloe and Lamar get married than Mad Men’s season finale. Things are looking good.

--Dear Tracy, STFU. Signed, Houston.

--Whatever Derek Jeter your championship is still second in Lyla’s heart next to the title Dillon achieved winning state so don’t kid yourself thinking you’re more important to her than Riggins.

--Seriously how do the Colts and Patriots enter this game with identical 83-21 records since 2003?

--One thing that eventually will work but hasn’t yet is a sports news themed comedy a la Daily Show. But The Onion Sports Network and Comedy Central teaming up will change that.

--And I thought Sons of Anarchy pushed the boundaries on what you could say on FX. The League don’t give a f***. And thank God we finally found another role for Nadine Velasquez.

--Ugh, you ever have one of those days where you can’t get the KIDS Incorporated song out of your head. Oh, me neither. Why does my brain hate me? Shut up brain, nobody asked you.

--V’s one hour premiere put the pedal to the metal and zipped right through basically 75% of all the storylines the original miniseries contained. I’m not complaining, well Scott Wolf I could complain about. However, if Scott Wolf is in a scene then that means Morena Baccarin is likely in the scene and that’s not a bad thing. If I had one wish I’d love for Michael Ironside or Robert Englund to have a brief cameo. Apparently there’s already been a change at the top with Scott Rosenbaum taking the showrunner executive producer reigns from Scott Peters. That doesn’t seem good after putting only four shows in the can in a 13-episode first season. Rosenbaum does have executive producing credits with Chuck and The Shield so at least that’s good.

--About the only bad thing switching from DirecTV has been losing Friday Night Lights. Mike Leach guest spot = gold.

--What a waste of a Top Chef last week. Back to the fun this week. It’s your time Robin.

--I’m not sure what Flaunt Magazine is, but it had me at Rachel Bilson…

--Seriously Chris Johnson, 6.7 yards a carry through Week 9 is just sick.

--Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the Glee soundtrack has overtaken Kid Cudi as my album listening choice on my iphone.

--Who cares what the show is about, but USA putting Sarah Shahi in any pilot is a good move…not that I’ll watch it. I will, however, let it sit on my dvr a week before I delete it without watching.

--The first line from the NY Daily News story pretty much says it all:
“The Queens woman who mutilated her father and burned his penis on the stove has been taking a cooking class in jail. “
So why did she burn it, wasn’t cutting it off enough? Nope, she learned from reading up on John Bobbitt that organs can be reattached. That despite the fact her father was already dead before she even preheated the pan. And yeah the dad did some horrific things to his daughter and deserved his fate if the allegations are true and I’m thinking they are.

--Note to Community: You best always have Abed and Troy in the closing scene. Always.

--I’m not a Tweeter, but know how popular some tweeters are like Sh** My Dad Says. The guy already sold a book based on this and know CBS is making a comedy around it. CBS putting on a show based on a twitter handle that includes a four-letter word, yeah, this’ll work.

--If you weigh over 500 pounds, you feel ill, you’re losing consciousness and a doctor tells you to take your fat ass to the zoo because the hospital’s x-ray machines can’t handle your size, but the zoo has the proper equipment. Well you take your fat ass to the zoo. Thomas Lessmann of Germany didn’t and yeah he died 13 days after his doctor visit.

Questions, comments or if you had a Horrible Monday and you couldn’t ask for anything more (well maybe a prequel to how Raheel, KJ and Malik’s characters came about those ritual dances)…


  1. No mention of Fedor? It's too bad that Jake Shields sucked all the energy out of the arena before. He should not be allowed of free TV again.
    I am done with SoA. They want to be The Shield so bad but it ain't working. Jax needs to be a better actor for it to work.

  2. Yeah that Shields fight was bo-ring. Fedor was Fedor. Incredible. Now hopefully one day we get him and Brock.
    I still have two episodes of SOA, but I've loved it all season...well except seeing Peggy Bundy brutally raped. That wasn't a fun scene


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