Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There it is - kick it!!!

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--I knew there was a reason I stopped writing hardly anything about the Texans.

--Why wouldn't you click on a link of Paula Deen getting smacked by a ham? Classic reaction from her husband there at the end of the clip, just standing there ho-hum.

--Alicia Sacramone and Brady Quinn?!

--Sunday was one of those days made for RedZone Channel or whatever it’s called. Six of the nine noon games came down to the end including Browns/Lions which I wouldn’t have wished up my worst enemy. And yet it had the most improbably, crazy ending than maybe any game this season. And, of course, Detroit won and, of course, it wasn’t televised in Detroit.

--Remember that time you were 13 and you approached a prostitute asking for sex, but turns out she was an undercover cop? Me neither, but one 13-year-old boy in Mobile, Alabama does.

--I made it through all six episodes of The Prisoner, but I have no idea exactly what I was watching. I think I liked it. I liked Hayley Atwell, that’s for sure.

--Trade-raped?! The League is killing it every week. Gotta love an Antonio Gates appearance.

--Police in Peru have cracked down on a gang and gotten confessions from three members. So what was the gang up to? The usual, you know, killing fat people for their fat which they would then sell. Apparently the Hey Fattie Come Here I Have A Candy Bar Gang would cut off the victim’s head, arms, legs and then remove the organs. Then the pleasant task of draining the fat into tubs and they would have themselves some big ass containers of liquid fat. The gang members told police they were getting $60,000 per gallon of that fat from European cosmetic companies. And just like that we see how a compromise can be made between Charlie Weis and Notre Dame on the money they’ll owe him once they can him.

--So we’re using “tweckle” to describe the act of bashing a speaker through Twitter while they’re speaking?

--There’s disgusting and then there’s this…

--Chuck is coming back much earlier than originally thought. Instead of March it’ll be January 10th.

--Not that it’s worth the insanity, but IKEA is offering up free breakfasts this weekend. I can't believe freakin' Kohl's is opening up at 4am.

--I don’t think I mentioned it last week, but that Lost season premiere on February 2nd will be two hours (crosses fingers for half-hour flashback of Shannon).

--Dammit Riggins! You’re not supposed to give up Friday Night Lights time for movies. This is not a good sign.

--There’s gonna be a Mall Cops show on TLC?! Because Paul Blart and Observe and Report were so interesting and made billions of dollars?

--Not a good road Dexter is going down this season despite the awesomeness of John Lithgow’s scenes.

--Crazy Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller?! If you’re wondering yes he’s still in the league. With Bulger out Boller will be the one carrying your team to fantasy football glory.

--The way the Broncos have been playing lately I think I’m looking more forward to Hawks/Magic Thanksgiving night than Giants/Broncos.

--I checked out of FlashForward a couple of weeks ago, but apparently they've temporarily stopped production to strengthen the writing. Little late now.

Questions, comments or if you’re dreading hearing all the Texans/Titans talk from your relatives on Thursday…


  1. What a crappy year for the Rams. First they suck, second they are almost bought buy Rush. Then third, Bulger goes down and he is replaced by Boller who is naturally dating the family values/amatuer porn queen Carrie. Hopefully DA stays away from the craziness.
    you figure with the kid being 13 he would be familiar with Craigslist.

  2. no kidding, craigslist would have saved him a lot of embarrassing Thanksgiving dinner table conversation.


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