Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not like a fever not like a cold. The beats are clear the rhymes are bold

Quick Hitters and Random Thoughts

--First the Dynamo lose to those whiny Galaxy girls, now Ricardo Clark isn’t coming back? Not a good week.

--Rockets 0-3 in the first game of back-to-backs and 3-0 in the second game of such situations. Consistently unpredictable, your 2009-2010 Houston Rockets. Love ‘em.

--Leighton Meester in GQ is not a bad thing…

--There’s a Bible Bee?! Hell yeah there is. Daniel Staddon took home the $100,000 prize. What’s he gonna spend it on? Well duh, he’s gonna ask the Lord “for advice.” To win he recited the first 20 verses of the 5th chapter of Ephesians and the 21 verses of Psalm 145. That’s it? You wouldn’t guess that the contestant field was mostly made up of home-schoolers or maybe you would.

--Former Remote Controller Ken Ober died?! Why doesn’t MTV air re-runs of this? Or does it and I just don’t know because I assume it’s only Road Rules/Real World Challenges, The Hills and Jersey Shore?

--In something that sounds like a flashback on Dexter…An 11-year-old boy near the Teets (short for Teton Valley, no? okay, my bad) was at home babysitting his younger sisters when a bear decided to hang out on the front porch like a skater at a convenience store. The boy tried to get the bear to leave, but you know how stubborn bears can be especially when the opposition is an 11-year-old. So the boy decided to even up the odds a little bit and get a gun. He went outside said something cool and memorable to the bear like “the game is the game” or something and shot the bear dead.

--Glee must be getting popular as Lea Michelle garnered Big Lead featured lady status.

--Comedy Central is going to offer up a new stand-up show beginning in January. John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show will be hosted by John Oliver. Good thing they already had a John Oliver working for Daily Show. That makes things convenient. Hopefully it doesn’t interfere with his Community service.

--If you’re keeping score at home, “unfriend” is your word of the year and yet its spell-checked as I type it.

--Five offensive TDs in their last 15 games. Nice going Browns.

--Of course Channing Frye is the first player to have three games of hitting at least 6 three-pointers.

--There are dorky dads like Phil from Modern Family and then there are dads like d’Armond Speers who only spoke Klingon to his son from birth to age 3.

--Everyone synchronize your watches...Lost's final season premieres on February 2nd at 8.

--File away: The best Gordon Ramsay show, Kitchen Nightmares, has its season premiere December 2nd on BBC America. Why people watch the American version is beyond me.

--And then there were four, finally. Jen, Beardy and the Voltaggios making it out of Vegas was as inevitable as 1112 slicing up 909, right? No one is watching The Prisoner, huh, just me I guess. I’ve yet to wrap my tiny brain around what exactly is going on, but I sure like trying and the direction from the music to the shots is really strong.

--Forbes came out with its list of Hollywood’s most overpaid actors. No surprise considering his last few, but Will Ferrell tops the list. Maybe something about playing the same role each and every time? Land of the Lost losing money and getting studio execs fired probably didn’t help. He’s followed by Ewan McGregor and Billy Bob Thornton. Eddie Murphy and Ice Cube round out the top? bottom? five. The final five (must watch BSG: The Plan soon) are Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Jim Carrey. I can’t remember the last movie I’ve seen any of these people in.

--If I was ever going to give Two and a Half Men two minutes it woulda been this week with Tricia Helfer guesting. But like most of America I was riveted by the Ravens/Browns. Did finally watch BSG: The Plan. I wasn't expecting much, didn't get much, but anytime I get a frackin' fix I'm gonna get a frackin' fix. Oh and a big F U to Brother Cavil, but damn Dean Stockwell owned that role.

--Celebrate Conchords, New Zealand is the least corrupted nation on earth.

--Wait, there’s a gonna be a fourth Pirates of the Caribbean?!

--Dammit Will Arnett, I have enough to watch without you joining Parks and Recreation. The only thing better than that would be Fred Willard on Modern Family, but that’ll never happen (spoiler alert: it’s happening).

--If for some reason you’re not watching football on Thanksgiving Syfy (still a stupid name) is having a James Bond marathon.

--20-freakin-12 for the next Star Trek? Might as well make it a reboot, geez.

--America your wait is over…Hammertime’s first season is out on DVD.

--Coca-Cola habanero potatoes?! Outstanding.

--Nothing better for a hangover than a Bloody Mary especially if it's topped with an oyster.

--Hey man...

--We head to the Ozarks for our Tasin of the Week. ‘Twas there a 10-year-old girl wasn’t in favor of taking a shower so she curled up into a violent, yelling ball on the floor. Her mom wasn’t too happy with her so when police arrived after a domestic disturbance call moms told the cop to tase if he needed to. One kick to the groin and the cop needed to. It was a short tase that barely lasted a second and she was under control after that. Despite the fact mom gave the cop taser permission and despite the fact he got kicked in the groin there is now a big investigation into this.

--Jay “McNown”? Ouch.

--Great note in ESPN’s college football blog the other day about Virginia Tech entering the weekend 0-10 in coin tosses. Apparently it’s a 1 in 1024 shot of losing 10 straight tosses. 1 in 2048 in losing 11 straight. There is a line on this somewhere, right?

--I’ve missed the last couple of seasons of Aqua Teen, but an ATHF Xmas show on December 13th? I’m down. I had no idea there was a Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas CD. Carl does “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”? Very nice.

Questions, comments or if when you saw Landry “punt” it reminded you of when you hit your lineman in the a$ with a punt in the flag football league your team was routinely playing the role of East Dillon in…


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    There was no doubt MLS wasn't going to have the Galaxy lose. I've wathced the replay over a hundred times and still can't find the "foul" that cost us the game winner in regulation. Oh and a Donovan penalty....didn't see that coming. MLS needs its massively overpaid pretty boy to have success to validate something.

  2. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Also, Rico leaving isn't all bad. I think Cameron would make a great holding midfielder.


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